Saints Row: The Third review
We are, we are The Saints - We signed our life away...

The good:

Lots of fun

The bad:

Too immature
Short story
Challenges were a grind
A bit repetitive


I don't know much about Saints Row, a friend of mine had SR2 on the Xbox 360 last year and that game just seemed a bit stupid and over the top and to be honest I can say the same for this game. The story rather bland but over the top, hell it was THAT stupid I can't even remember much of it! Something about The Saints who were once a main bad ass gang have sold out and became media superstars with their own branded energy drinks, making movies and other such nonsense. So for some reason they've been moved into a new city called Steelport which like most sandbox games these days seems like a New York city knock off and the guy you get to play as has to rebuild their reputation getting them back to being the bad ass gang they once were.

Your character really can never be taken seriously no matter what you do with them, there if I recall right was only 3 voice choices to be had for each gender all of which were stereotypes, out of the three I chose the British Cockney voice, even though it sounded ridiculous it was more fitting than the other options. Customizing your character has a fair variety provided you've been to the shops and bought everything, though from what I've heard the customizing is very watered down from the choices in previous games of the series though there's still lots to keep you going.

The graphics in this game are pretty awesome, lots of detail in everything - The game is very bright and colourful and the game flows together rather well. I hadn't encountered many glitches through my time playing the game so at least I can say you won't spend most of the time shouting at the screen because something stupid happened causing you to get killed or fly half way across the map for no reason... The only glitch I did get was during one of the side missions the screen had a weird red X going across it removing my view but after resetting the game it never happened again. The sounds for the game are excellent too, with exception to your character's voice the acting is good, even Hulk Hogan did a good job at his voice over and I can't stand the man, there is a cameo role in it that I won't spoil but you'll know him when you see him that also did a great job. The in game sounds too are pretty sweet and realistic (with exception to a few novelty sounds created from weapons) ...Cars sound like cars, explosions are big and loud and everything is normal and as you'd expect them to be.

With sounds comes Soundtracks - A good variety of songs to listen to, however the radio stations seem to be completely mixed around, I listened to a lot of the rock and metal stations during my play and it seemed like they should've just made them into one station but a few songs on those stations were completely different in genre and didn't belong. The game does allow you to make your own custom soundtrack from the songs on the stations which is pretty sweet but really you will only ever hear the first 5 tracks from that playlist at most if you're trying to do missions or side quests as the game tends to start over the soundtrack for no reason and there's no randomizing button so every time I turned the game on I'd always have Black Veil Brides on as the first thing and after the 10th time hearing it within the one hour you do start to hate the songs you put on the playlist... I know this is only a small flaw but it's one that really grinded my gears.

Let's move along to the things that feature in the game now starting with the gangs; they are rather annoying to say the least with the groups of Morning Star which are like some sort of mafia of S&M by the way they look, Deckers which are Emo looking people who look like they just got taken from The Grid from Tron and Luchadoors which are Mexican wrestlers. Nothing much to say about them except they come after you more often then not for no reason... There's also Police which turn into a specialist team that's story related. Also the gangs can be quite frustrating for one reason that's not story or really much game based which is some of the challenges and trophies require you to get a few things done before a certain point and if not done in time the game has to be completely reset and all data is lost. Fortunately this didn't happen to me but I came close when 95% through the game.

The other challenges that didn't require actually paying attention were rather easy to do but a tedious grind, for example there's surfing for 10 minutes on cars, car hijackings (which amazingly I got right near the end of my playthrough... Hmmm?) wheelie distances, destroying certain vehicles. Delivering vehicles, assassinations; all easy but all boring!

Last off I'll do a little bit on the achievements/trophies; the game is rather easy and can be completed within a short period of time, though a few of them are a grind and most of which are story missions, side mission related and a few on the side are just upgrades and challenges featured within. A lot of my friends were hooked on the game and earned the platinum within a week but to be honest the game didn't keep my hooked enough for me to want to play it constantly for a few days, I did end up beating the game within a few months instead making me enjoy the game more because I took my time with it but really I felt like I should just "get it out the way and have it done with."

So to summarize, SR:The Third is a pretty good game but it's a bit repetitive and a bit of a grind if you're trying to go for the points, I do think I would probably enjoy this game more if I was younger, like a lot younger. I'm only in my early 20's but I feel like I do with the old GTA games, I enjoyed them back in 2001-2004 when I was entering my teen years because I was stupid then but now I feel like the games are lacking something and they're just not for me anymore, I know the game is rated 18+ but I do feel like the only people who will really enjoy this game are youngsters entering their teens and I guess throwing a jar full of farts and slapping someone with a *bleep* along with causing mass murder means it is the age rating it is.

My final score 6/10 - Just because I'm getting old and boring now.

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EricF Jun 3, 12
I really dislike this game too, and am glad I'm not the only one who felt it was just ridiculous. Saints Row 1 was actually very good because it wasn't over the top; I think they must've realised they'd never be as good as GTA, so they made an over-the-top version of it. Of course, the immaturity appeals to such a wide audience but it's not for me either.
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