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I'm just going to take a stroll aaaaaaand now I'm firing rockets at helicopters


Saints Row The Third, along with other sandbox type games similar to it like the well known Grand Theft Auto series, are still fairly new to me. With a Humble Bundle giving me the opportunity to sample this game, along with a bunch of DLC for it, I eventually managed to get around to it. I was initially planning on playing it a little just as a distraction to other games I was also playing at the time. The result was complete abandonment of those games as I lost a lot of time to the city of Steelport. I was not ready.

The best way to describe why I grew so attached to the game is probably to...


There's Just Something About It...

The good:

Full customization on well... everything, really, 2-player co-op, the campaign, the fact you can complete missions in different ways which influences the outcome of the storyline, and nearly everything else.


There's not a way to describe this game. It just has something about it which makes you want to play it. It could be the compelling storyline, it COULD be that you can customize your character into millions of different things to make everyone's unique.
Or it could be you can make your character a toilet.
Yes, that's right. A toilet. A floating, pistol-wielding toilet.

The campaign starts rather... well. On the first few missions you jump out of a plane and have to shoot enemies in the air whilst trying to rescue one of the Third Street Saints. Other things, but later, the campaign involves ar...


We are, we are The Saints - We signed our life away...

The good:

Lots of fun

The bad:

Too immature
Short story
Challenges were a grind
A bit repetitive


I don't know much about Saints Row, a friend of mine had SR2 on the Xbox 360 last year and that game just seemed a bit stupid and over the top and to be honest I can say the same for this game. The story rather bland but over the top, hell it was THAT stupid I can't even remember much of it! Something about The Saints who were once a main bad ass gang have sold out and became media superstars with their own branded energy drinks, making movies and other such nonsense. So for some reason they've been moved into a new city called Steelport which like most sandbox games these days seems like a...


Super Ethical Fun Time.

The good:

The game in general is amazing. The gameplay, the upgrades, the customization. All amazing.

The bad:

The story seemed very short. There wasn't as much customization as in SR2. The change in controls takes awhile to get used to.


I've played this game for quite awhile already. I can't seem to take myself away from it.

The story is very chaotic. You start your takeover of Steelport after a botched robbery. This is where everything as you know it changes. There's a few times where you're offered a choice between doing one outcome or another. While most choices don't affect the story, some do. The only real beef I had with the story was how short it seemed. Just as I was getting into it, the story was over. With only 3 acts, it was over just as it began. Don't let this dissuade you though.

The number of activities makes...

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