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It's a real Whopper


What is next-gen? Is it just a case of more processing power pumped into graphics? Larger and larger explosions? Some would argue that a truly next-gen game makes use of the mammoth power of a new console to produce not only a better-looking and sounding game, but an entirely new experience.

GTA4 did that. Love it or loathe it, (And opinion is certainly divided), it wasn’t just GTAIII with better graphics. Everything from the physics, to the storyline was given a huge sense of weight. Gone were the videogame conventions of bonuses for doing wheelies, and fighting off hundreds of keystone ko...


a more user friendly sandbox game

The good:

Online multi-player, co-op, crazy amount of customization, more user friendly than GTAIV, mini-games and fighting styles. Even though I feel the music is not as good as the first game, the music is still good. Unusual achievements.

The bad:

although the graphics aren't bad by any means, they haven't really improved since the 1st, some small glitches here and there. The police in this game are some of the most annoying ever, but unlike GTAIV you have a gang to help you out. They shortened the list of radio stations. Before it was like 14 stations, now its like 9 or 10.


The first thing that came to mind when I played this was GTA:San Andreas, my personal favorite of the GTA series. Thats not a bad thing, it feels like they took GTA:SA and expanded it and put their own funk on it.

A big plus is that every vehicle is unlocked from the get go. Cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats and jet ski's are there for the taking and very easy to use.

Another big plus is that everything that you can own is customisable. Houses, cars, clothes, jewels, your characters personality, your gang and their personalities as well. You can even change your fighting style and do a...

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