Saints Row 2 Glitches

Keeping The Cop Uniform
<font size=4>How to get:</font>

Step 1 - Get a friend or someone to host a co-op game for you. Join them.

Step 2 - Start any Fuzz activity.

Step 3 - Fail the mission by killing the cameraman, or kill yourselves.

Step 4 - When the failed screen shows, tell the host to not press any buttons.

Step 5 - At the failed screen, YOU (not the host) press the back button to exit the game, and save.

Step 6 - Load your save and you should have the uniform. Sometimes you may not have the shirt, so you can go to Branded and get one. The badges and radio are stuck to your skin so it will be on whatever shirt you choose.

Step 7 - Save your outfit to keep it in your wardrobe.