Saints Row 2 Easter eggs

Saints Row Islands Easter Egg
Follow these instructions perfectly and you'll get it. Bring a boat! Important! Dont go to any other islands or break the order or it won't work.
1) Go to Ruins Island (just off the south of prision island go towards open sea) its an island with an acient broken staircase. Climb it and an arrow should pop up. Bookmark it and go its in direction.
2) This will lead you to another island (a lone tree is on top of it) go to the tree. Another arrow will pop up. Bookmark and follow it.
3) Another island, nothing special about it. If done right, you should be well of the map (can't see your beacon in the GPS) Bookmark it, and follow the arrow. Don't worry, last island.
4) Go in its direction 4 a while. U will c an island. Just stand in it, it will vanish. Just look in the direction of the arrows and be suprised.
Heres a vid of it (not mine just on youtube)
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