Saints Row 2 Tips

Crowd Control Made Easier
Area Surrounded By Water

One of the areas in which you have to do crowd control is surrounded by water and has a treadmill as the extra money generator. You essentially have to throw the enemies onto the treadmills to gain $1000, however it seems that this is harder than you'd think since they tend to be thrown either too high or too low. A better idea is to instead throw them into the water which will get you $750 per fan that goes in. This can be much quicker at dispersing the crazy fans than throwing them onto the treadmill, since you can simply look towards the water and launch the enemies into the water. There's no need to sprint except when the celeb goes further away from you. You should be able to reach Level 6 in this level with ease.

All Other Areas

For the other areas, it will take far too long for you to throw them into whatever contraption you need to for $1000. Instead you should get a hold of a Baseball Bat (and really only a baseball but, the crowbars aren't as good) and start whacking the crowd around the celeb. This'll be much quicker, especially on harder difficulties.