Saints Row 2 Unlockables

To unlock the homies listed below, fulfil the corresponding requirement listed.
UnlockableHow to unlock
One FollowerComplete Prologue, Mission 4
Two FollowersConquer 25% of hoods
Three FollowersConquer 50% of hoods
Johnny GatComplete Ronin, Mission 11
Legal LeeComplete Fight Club, Level 3 (Prison)
PierceComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
ShaundiComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
TobiasComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 3
TroyComplete Fight Club, Level 6 (Prison)
Vehicle DeliveryComplete Escort, Mission 3 (Red Light District)
Jane ValderamaMug 50 people
Zombie carlosafter the brotherhood mission Red Ashphalt call eye for an eye (5555966)