Saints Row 2 Unlockables

Fulfil the requirements below to unlock the associated car related unlockable.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Akuji's Prototype BikeComplete Ronin, Mission 11
BanditComplete all of the driving stunts
Brotherhood VehiclesComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
BuggyComplete 1 Chop Shop list
Demo Derby VehiclesDemo Derby Level 6
Donnie's VehicleComplete Brotherhood, Mission 2
Gang Customization CarsConquer 15% of hoods
Gang Customization Cars IIConquer 45% of hoods
Gang Customization Cars IIIConquer 65% of hoods
Maero's Monster TruckComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
Medical HelicopterComplete Ronin, Mission 7
News HelicopterComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 3
Ronin VehiclesComplete Ronin, Mission 11
Saints AmbulanceComplete all ambulance missions
Saints Fire TruckComplete all firefighter missions
Septic TruckComplete all Septic Avenger Missions
Sons of Samedi VehiclesComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
The General's BulldogComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
Tornado Attack HelicopterComplete the final mission of the Ultor Epilogue