Saints Row 2 Unlockables

Special Weapons
Complete the following to unlock the rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
AR-50 XMAC SpecialComplete all combat tricks
ChainsawComplete Crowd Control, Mission 6 (Hotel and Marina)
FlamethrowerComplete Mayhem, Mission 3 (Nuclear Power Plant)
GAL 43Complete Snatch, Mission 3 (Downtown)
Hand GrenadesComplete 1 Hitman List
Kobra PistolComplete Fuzz, Mission 3 (Projects)
Pepper SprayComplete Crowd Control, Mission 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Satchel ChargesComplete 3 Hitman Lists
Shock PaddlesComplete Ambulance Diversion, Level 10
XS-2 Ultimax ShotgunComplete Drug Trafficking, Mission 3 (Airport)
Mini-GunComplete Brotherhood, Mission 10