Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Cheats

Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A 1000-Day War (Bronze)Use a Gold Saint to defeat another Gold Saint
A True Phoenix (Bronze)Remove your Cloth as Ikki
Aldebaran, the Golden Bull (Bronze)Complete Palace of Taurus in the story mode
All I can Rely On...Is My Power (Bronze)Win a boss battle without using a continue (any opponent)
Athena Is Yours (Bronze)Complete Palace of Sagittarius in the story mode
Awaken, Aiolia! (Bronze)Complete Palace of Leo in the story mode
Awakening (Bronze)Pull off a Real 7-Sense move 7 times
Battle of the 12 Gold Palaces (Bronze)Complete Palace of Aries in the story mode
Between Life and Death (Bronze)Complete Palace of Cancer in the story mode
Big Bang Unleashed (Bronze)Use a Big Bang Attack for the first time
Blood-Stopping Master (Bronze)Use Shinoten to save friends 10 times in Tag Challenge courses
Cosmo Skills Unleashed (Bronze)Use all Burst attacks while in Cosmo Burst mode
End of a Legend (Bronze)Finish all stories and stages in story mode (any difficulty)
End of the Struggle (Bronze)Finish 10 Single Challenge courses in mission mode
Gemini's Maze of Illusions (Bronze)Complete Palace of Gemini in the story mode
I Don't Need My Cloth! (Bronze)Finish a course in mission mode with a character who's taken off his Cloth
I Knew You'd Come For Me! (Bronze)Have Ikki appear when continuing as Shun
I'll Remove It Now! (Bronze)Remove your Cloth as Shiryu
Nebula Stream Explodes! (Bronze)Complete Palace of Pisces in the story mode
Pulverizing to Atoms (Bronze)Destroy 100 breakable objects
Quest for Absolute Zero (Bronze)Complete Palace of Aquarius in the story mode
Rend the Skies, Destroy the Earth (Bronze)Use Cosmo Points to raise your abilities
Saga's Divine Madness (Bronze)Complete the Chamber of Grand Pope in the story mode
Saint of Hope (Bronze)Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Normal mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
Saori Rescued (Bronze)Save Athena in the story mode (any difficulty)
Senseless Mastery (Bronze)Win a boss battle without using any 7-Sense (any opponent)
Start of the Battle (Bronze)Finish 1 Single Challenge course in mission mode
The Forbidden Strike (Bronze)Complete Palace of Capricorn in the story mode
The Last Scarlet Needle (Bronze)Complete Palace of Scorpio in the story mode
The Legend Reborn (Bronze)Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode without using a continue (any difficulty)
The Phoenix Rises Again (Bronze)Complete Palace of Virgo in the story mode
The Sword of Libra (Bronze)Complete Palace of Libra in the story mode
The Unwavering Warrior (Bronze)Earn A rankings in 10 stages or courses
Thirteen Years Ago... (Bronze)Finish the Aiolos chapter in the story mode (any difficulty)
To the Galaxies (Bronze)Upload mission mode data to the online ranking
We Will Die Together, My Brother (Bronze)Finish 1 Tag Challenge course in mission mode
We're All In This Together (Bronze)Unlock all characters in the mission mode character select screen
Beyond the Fight (Silver)Finish all Single Challenge courses in mission mode
Dodge the Needles (Silver)Defeat Scorpio Milo without getting hit by Scarlet Needle
Saint of Speed (Silver)Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Hard mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
The Same Attack Never Works Twice (Silver)Use all Big Bang Attacks from all characters
The True Victor (Silver)Win a boss battle without taking damage (any opponent)
Worthy of the Pope (Silver)Win 100 battles against Gold Saints
Axia Complete (Gold)Complete your gallery collection
String of Miracles (Gold)Earn A rankings in all stages and courses
Eternal Legend (Platinum)Collect all Trophies
Secret Trophies-
Black Saint Extermination (Bronze)Defeat all the Black Saints
Praise My Beauty... (Bronze)Defeat Misty
Shina's All Yours (Bronze)Defeat Cassios
Saint of the Goddess (Gold)Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Bronze mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
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