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The Romancing Saga series sees another Playstation installment with Saga Frontier 2. Utilize the Multi-Scenario System to experience the lifetimes of two different characters. Non-linear gameplay allows you to watch the stories of Gustave XII and Will Knights unfold in the order you choose. Make the best use of the innovative battle modes, and the extensive skills system to find the relationships between the two stories.

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Jan 08, 16 4:58pm
added SaGa Frontier 2 Boss FAQ v1.6
May 10, 05 4:26pm

Personally it's a good game. I like alot but too much waiting an watching if you ask...

May 10, 04 9:10pm

Saga Frontier 2 is another remarkable credit to Squaresoft RPG's. The story is set up...

Massive Attack
Jul 11, 03 9:20am

This game was my second RPG and what made me a fan of RPG's. The graphics may have...

Holy Zeratul
Feb 08, 03 10:51pm

Its about a romatic rpg game. You can choose an event of the storylines between Wil...

Dec 31, 02 6:33pm

This game could be good but little emphasize was put on originality or innovation and...

Aug 26, 02 12:21am

Well I was looking forward to this game for a while because I was such a big fan of...

Kyo Daikun Mk II
Aug 14, 02 12:22pm

Ok, if you don't wanna vest ALOT of time in the game, turn back now, you will HATE...

Aug 07, 02 1:12pm

this game it so great, infact, it is one of the greatest! If your looking for a game...

Apr 30, 02 12:06pm

Average gamers stay away.

This game was like reading a novel the story was good a lil...

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  • North America: Feb 15, 2000
  • Japan: Apr 1, 1999
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