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Sacred cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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How to Hack Your Chatacter
How to Hack Characters in Sacred

You can hack your Exported characters in Sacred with the use of a hex editor.

1st step: Open the appropriate Hero**.pax file, where you exported your character.

2nd step: Go to the $597 hex address.

3rd step: The hex string which begins here, is like this:

xx 00 xx 00 xx 00 xx 00 xx 00 xx 00

These values are the values if your characters Attributes. If you modify these, you'll have them modified. (Personal note: I modified the values to C8, which means 200 in decimal.) If your character is gaining a new level, the values of attributes will grow. Unfortunately the Vampiress will lose these modified values, when she turns into a vampire.

4th step: You can modify your character's Level at $5A3. But I don't advise it, because then it's hard to defeat the monsters (minotaurs, wyverns, ghouls, etc.) during the game.

That's all I could get out from it this far.

Have fun!
Thain's Axe of Flames
To find this hidden item, first locate an island in the middle of a river to the north of Mascarell and East of Tyr-Fasul. Behind one of the barns on this island is a hidden path which leads across the other shore of the river. Walk as far north along the shore as you can possibly go and locate another hidden path leading into the nearby forest where you will find the Axe of Flames.

Easter eggs

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Jason Vorhees Gladiator gear
Fans of the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise will want to search the forests to the west of Drakenden for a hidden path which leads to unique Gladiator machete and mask highly reminiscent of the signature gear of a certain fictional killer.
Pac-Man Dungeon
Look for a hidden path in the forest to the west of the town of Faeries Crossing which leads to a dungeon entrance. This dungeon is a maze featuring "dots" you can devour and enemy ghosts which kill you in one hit, an homage to the classic Pac-Man arcade game.


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Disable Codes
Open the console window. Then enter "sys cheats 369" to disable previous codes.
Enable cheats
For both demo and full verions at the console enter "sys cheat=1" to enable cheats mode.
God Mode
Open the console window. Then enter "cheat lord" to receive god mode.

Headless Character
Open the console window. Then enter "cheat decap" to have your character become headless.
Making more items
Do a lan game and drop your items that you want to make more of and save it. Then pick them all up and quit the game and do it again in the same saved game. And repeat it over until you got what you want. and save it for the next time you need them.
Open the console window. Then enter "cheat suicide" to kill yourself.
Open the console window. Then enter "cheat teleport" to be able to teleport.