[edit] Background

The Sabateur is a action game set in German-occupied France during World War II; it follows the story of Sean Devlin, an Irish racecar mechanic, who has been wrongfully labelled as a British spy as he must fight to avenge the murder of his friend and support the French Resistance.

It was developed by Pandemic Studios and published by EA for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

[edit] Gameplay

Color is an important element in the game, the player is able to explore Paris while it is under Nazi control and the areas which are controlled by them are represented in black and white; some items in these areas are in color such as blood, and the symbols of the French Resistance and also various Nazi symbols. These zones have a high number of German soldiers and it is much easier to be detected while doing rebellious activities, the NPCs in these zones must be inspired by the player in order to weaken the Nazi control over the area. The area cannot be completely freed from Nazi control but reducing their control makes movement in those areas much easier; the French NPCs in these areas will actively support the player in fighting the Nazi control.

Stealth is vital in this game and each action the player completes will attract suspicion, if a Nazi becomes too suspicious they will raise the alarm and chase the player until they are dead or until the player escapes. To escape, the player needs to exit the red zone on the mini-map, use a hiding spot until the enemy stops searching or reach a resistance zone on the map; getting too close to a Nazi will raise their suspicion level along with climbing buildings, setting explosives and other abilities.

Besides the main storyline, the map is filled with optional side missions, races and also mini-games; completing these earns the player contraband which is the form of currency used in the game to buy upgrades, weapons and new items. Additionally, the player is free to explore the open world of Paris.

The player is able to upgrade their perks to improve their skills with specific items and actions to become better at avoiding detection or to improve shooting accuracy; combat is a feature in the game and the player is also able to steal kill enemies. Firearms are not the only weapon in the game and the player can melee opponents or steal disguises to sneak past the Nazi's. Ammo can be collect from rooftops where British supply boxes can be found and the player is also able to drive vehicles which can be saved and repaired in garages. On death the player will drop all of their weapons but more can be bought from the various black market merchants that can be located around the map.

[edit] Features

Free Paris from Nazi control – Fight back with rebellious activities and the support for the NPCs as the fight continues to control the different zones

Open world – Explore the open city of Paris and complete the various side missions, races and mini-games

Use Stealth – Avoid raising suspicion and complete liberating activities

Drive vehicles – Drive around the city and save vehicles in garages for later use

Disguise – Hide among the Nazi soldiers to pass through areas unseen

Punishment for Death – Drop all weapons on death and start from scratch again each time

[edit] Players liked:

  • Beautiful soundtrack
  • The stealth mechanics
  • The use of color

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Not enough different types of missions
  • Bad driving mechanics
  • Limited interaction with characters

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Aug 20, 12 1:01pm
i love this game so much and i was wondering is there any games like it TheSaboteur
May 31, 10 7:45pm
One of my favourite games this year. Also the first game I mastered on my Xbox360. =D TheSaboteur
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Dec 14, 09 10:42am

H'okay, another late review. The game came out Wednesday, if I'm not mistaken, but I didn't get the game until that evening. So considering that and other work, I'd say I published it in a decent time frame -- without you know, not sleeping, eating, and all that. Anyway, The Saboteur isn't what you'd call super popular, considering the other holiday blockbusters we've got out now.

Still, it's not a bad game. Worth checking out if the review sparks an interest. Here's an excerpt:
Sean Devlin is presented as our protagonist in a hasty introduction. Within the first few minutes of play, we understand the Irishman is a heavy drinker and lover of fine women, no matter what circumstances life puts him in. After a brief mission to kick things off, a lengthy prologue rewinds three months to show players how the smart-mouthed hero wound up in the Nazi-occupied Paris. Being the wholesome Nazi-hater that he is, Sean wastes no time in exacting revenge against German forces and inspiring the locals. Ever since Sean's life took a dramatic turn in the playable flashback sequence, the game goes black 'n' white. This carries over to present day, and the lone saboteur must inspire the people of France to fight back against their oppressors.

The game feels like the artsy love child of Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed, a marriage of open-world freedom and stealth. Sean can wreak havoc on Nazis and civilians alike, be it punching / shooting randomly at pedestrians or grabbing the driver from a passing vehicle before zooming away in it to run some poor Parisians over. As with GTA, the gaping opportunities for mayhem provide another source for entertainment that inevitably winds up distracting the player from main missions.
Goody, goody, killing Nazis in black and white! Er, yeah. For the full review, grab the link below. Otherwise, goodnight!

LINK: The Saboteur (Xbox 360) Review

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