Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Cheats

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Cheats

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This isn't really new to me, but I notice it isn't on this site. An old friend told me the way to get these cheats a while back.

Go to the SETUP screen. Hold down L, R, ALL C Buttons, and Z. Doing this will give an extra option - "CHEATS"

In "CHEATS", you will find many different cheats, which you have to unlock. To unlock these cheats, keep pressing L, R, ALL C Buttons, and Z. Different cheats requires you to hit these buttons a different amount of times. Sometimes you might only have to hit it once, although others might take 5 to 10 times.

Among these cheats are...

Super Speed 
Resurrect in Place 
Car Collisions 
Car Mines 
Burning Wreck 
Inside-Out Car 
Invisible Car 
Invisible Track 
Super Tires 
Suicide Mode 
Killer Rats 
Game Timer 
Frame Scale 
Tire Scaling 
Fog Color 

Stunts codesubmitted by almost angels
To access the stunts cheat hold down all 4 c-buttons then press A,R,Z,L,A,R,Z,L, then press A,R,Z,L.


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Hidden Cars
TAXI-The Taxi is a locked car that dose well on Midway and Seattle. You need 3 Keys to activate this car on one track. Rating: 4.0

HOTROD- The Hotrod dose well on Las Vegas, New york [Both] and Midway. You need 6 keys to activate per track. Rating: 4.1

FORMULA- The Formula dose welll on Las Vegas. you need 9 keys to activate it per track. Rating: 3.7

PROTOTYPE- The Prototype dose well on Half Pipe and Crash. You need all 12 keys per track to activate. Rating: 3.9

ROCKET- The Rocket dose not do well on any particular track [-] You need to complete a circuit to activate. Rating: 4.6
Note: The Rocket dose move while airborne.

MOUNTAIN DEW- The Mountain Dew is a funny little dragster with Mountain Dew logos all over in, and it dose well on every track including Stunt. [It's very easy to get alot 2 wheels]You need to get all 4 Mountain Dew cans per track to activate. Rating: 5
Object List

What are Objects?

Objects are just things to look for, and you can
make a scoring system.

<On all Tracks>

1. Planet Follywood
2. Waikiki Buisness Plaza
3. Waikiki Police
4. 3 Surf Boards, and umbrellas
5. A prototype car on display, with the number 12
6. 3 Elvis signs
7. A place selling Bamboo Furniture
8. 2 Cheps Cafes
9. 2 Gios Pizza
10. A spotted building with a Jackpot $1,000,000 sign
11. Water Tower
12. A sign that's eithier a Cara, OR SF Rush sign
13. Wall Street
14. Scrolling Stock Prices
15. A permanent Mountain Dew can
16. A row of cones, without bottom parts
17. Aloha Stadium
18. STADIUM sign
19. Dodger Stadium
20. Airport Tower
21. Slot Machine
23. Large Danger Sign
24. Firecrackers going off
25. Miketown
26. Holywood Sporting Goods
27. Wax Musieum
28. A large "Shelly" fuel sign next to a key
29. LA River
30. A place to Cash Checks
31. Carnals Real Estate
32. 3 Bail Bonds
33. Places Selling Star Maps
34. ZOO Sign
35. Late Night with Rush 2
36. Pork Palace
37. 2 places with Fresh Pizza
38. 3 Baseball Diamonds
39. USS Arizona Memoriol
40. Sunset Blvd.
41. Blue Cube
42. Park Signs
43. Office with chairs, and desks