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The good:

-Stories and Cutscenes
-Easy to Use Interface
-Free Demo

The bad:

-Bad Apples
-Combat triangle


Runescape is a Java based game made by Jagex. Considering the technology, Jagex has pushed Java to its limits. Runescape is an MMORPG That has two versions. Classic, now closed to all newcomers, and Runescape.

Free worlds and Membership:
Runescape uses a very cool demo mode that is its own game in its self. You can make an account and log onto the "Demo" which is the free version of the game, With this mode you get access to a limited number of the features, but are not limited in time you can play.

If you choose to, you can dish a small $5.00 fee a month and get a Membership, with this you get full access to the expansive world of runescape, Including dragon and barrows armors, new monsters, new areas, and over 100 quests to complete, not to mention tons of minigames.

First I will talk about the all important updates.
Jagex updates Runescape with new content Weekly. Most of these updates are for members, but every so often Jagex shows love to the free worlds. The updates span from graphical updates, tech updates, new quests and items, new areas and minigames, or some funny pictures and letters from fellow players. The updates can keep you busy and challenged.

Gameplay in runescape is your basic point and click interface, with easy to use menus. The gameplay also causes alot of interaction with other players along with NPCs. You will find yourself constantly meeting and beating goals, only to set another one.

Personally my favorite part of the game. There are over 100 quests to choose from, With difficulty ranging from Newbies to true runescape masters. After completion of a quest you are awarded Quest points and a reward of items, experience, access to new areas, or New Magic Spells.


The skills are a main focus on runescape. Ranging from Woodcutting, to slaying rare beasts, From hunting odd creatures, to Making potions from herbs. The skills are easy to train, but can become tedious. Rewards for training skills are new abilities, new items, or a stronger character.

The game of runescape could not function with out the items in game. Ranging from armor and weapons, to Herbs and potions, from bows and arrows, to rune stones and staffs. The virtual economy relies on these items. There are a few items considered as "Rares" that sell for outrageously high prices and are the dreams of every avid player.

Many quests have fun stories and include cutscenes that will have you Laughing so hard you fall out of your chair.

The interfaces are designed to lend a hand to any new players and allow easy navigation from your list of quests to your inventory. It helps the game flow at an easy pace. The website also features a forum and a hiscores page to help you in anything you need.

If you can call the free version of the game a demo that is.... The "demo" includes around 25 quests to complete, A vast amount of armor and weapons, Many of the skills, along with a slew of areas and enemies to kill. The free Mode will have you begging for more, that and begging your parents for the $5.00 a month....
It gives a very good taste of the game, but holds enough back to keep you wanting that membership.

It seems more and more players are becoming rude and discourteous in the world of runescape. Many players will throw the word "Noob" at you if you so much as ask for directions. Many players find themselves in arguments and fights at the drop of a hat, wether it is over who gets to kill a monster, or wether they won't agree that another player is right or not. Many players find it funny to rant their racial tentsions in game. Jagex is starting to crack down on these bad apples. Hopefully the situation takes a turn for the better.

Gold pieces are the life blood of runescape, And many players will resort to underhanded methods to get them. Scamming is the act of lying to another player to cheat them out of their hard earned money, It is very common to find players scamming or complaining about getting scammed. With some anti-scamming systems in place it is less likely to happen, but it still does. It doesn't look like its going to change any time soon.

Scammers are bad, but hackers are in their own world of bad... They use fake websites, and key loggers to get info on a players log in and password, then they strike, Logging into the players account and taking any and everything of value. Their are some precautions you can take, and some systems jagex uses to help, but some hackers still make it through.

The combat triangle......The most important placement of the runescape world....At least it was... The triangle balanced the combat styles abilities. Rangers were weak to warriors, warriors weak to Mages, and Mages weak to rangers. But then Jagex released Barrows armor, This made warriors overpowered, then came ancient magiks, this made the Mages able to kill everything easily, The rangers however, are still on the short end of the stick as they are dominated by both warriors and mages...

runescape is a great game, with constant updates, tons of quests, lots of skills, tons of items, and the free demo it quickly sinks in its hooks and won't let you go. But with many bad apples, scammers, hackers, and the fall of the combat triangle, Runescape is declining, and many players find themselves quiting or being discouraged from playing. But with no downloads necessary, along with no need for giving jagex an email address, name, phone number, or address to sign up and make a character, along with not paying a cent, it is still the best MMORPG out there....Just be prepared to be flamed by World of Warcraft players for playing runescape.

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