RuneScape review

The good:

Interactive with people, lots to do, infinite free trial.

The bad:

Graphics aren't stunning(but its Java, what do you expect, Mona Lisa?), and there's lots of people who think of themselves and scam or hack people.


Runescape is a very addictive online game which now has many players. Not as big as World of Warcraft and it's 3.5 million players, but its still got a lot of players. You can customize the look, and do what you want. Make money, live a life, kill others, or go on quests to do good(or evil) in the world.

There's friends to meet, love to have spawn(and might stay), battles to be fought, and things to be laughed. You got a lot to do in the world. With a infinite free trial, who doesn't mind? With a little cash every month(5 dollars a month) you can access what you get in the free trial, times 25! A giant world to explore, but once you do it all, it gets a bit boring. Still friends are there to help you out. I can't tell you to exactly buy it, but I can say go play it. It gets the 5 out of 5.

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