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RuneScape Guide

by splitshadow   Updated on
Splitshadow's Guide to Runescape

I decided I wanted to write a guide, no reason in particular, other
 than I'm really amazed at how horrible the guides are on Neoseeker.
My name is Splitshadow, and I've been playing since 2005. I'm mostly 
going to cover the skills, because that's what I know the most about.
If you want to use this guide, e-mail me at
Feel free to pm me with questions or comments.

~Table of Contents~
PART 1: Skills
A1. Attack/Strength/Defence
A2. Magic
A3. Ranged
A4. Prayer
A5. Runecraft
A6. Construction
A7. Agility
A8. Herblore
A9. Theiving
A10. Crafting
A11. Fletching
A12. Slayer
A13. Hunter
A14. Mining
A15. Smithing
A16. Fishing
A17. Cooking
A18. Woodcuting
A19. Firemaking
A20. Farming
PART 2: Money Making Techniqes
B1. Other
B2. Skills
PART 3: Mini Games
C1. Pest Control
C2. Castlewars
C3. Barbarian Assault
PART 4: Pking

PART 1: Skills


Skills are most definitely my favorite part of Runescape. They are mostly the point of playing, 
and they can help you earn some cash. So let's get started!

A1. Attack/Strength/Defence:
Well, I would reccommend combat over magic or range, for one simple reason, weapons and 
armor last forever. I think it would be best for a meleer to be balanced, because you level faster.
Now, I think the most efficient way to explain this would be by level.

Lvl 3: Chickens (North of lumbridge)
Not much to say here, make sure you take feathers, bury bones,
and cook the meat.

Lvl 10: Cows
Similar to chickens, kill the cows, bury bones, cook meat, and use the cowhides for crafting.
I would recommend that you do prince ali rescue first.
Lvl 10: Men
If you're p2p, which for the remainder of the guide I will assume you are, the best things to kill are
men. TAKE the herbs and clue scrolls, bury bones, and save the herbs. I recommend you do
druidic rituial before starting.

Lvl 30: Hill Giants
Now you really start getting some xp. Make sure you take the steel arrows and bury the big bones.
I trained to lvl 70 on giants, and the prayer levels help enormously whilst fighting high leveled 

Lvl 50: Flesh Crawlers
If you are bored of killing giants, switch to flesh crawlers, they make some good money. Pick up the
fire runes, herbs, and iron ores and such.

Lvl 70: Ankou
You'll make an extreme amount of money, which you will need to use to buy food at your level, they
drop lvl 3 clue scrolls and blood runes!

Lvl 100: Mithril Dragons
You can get some serious drops here, you can also kill kalphites, black dragons, greater demons,
or tzhaar monsters.

A2. Magic
Well, magic is one of the easiest skills to raise, you can fight with it.. but i dont recommend it.
Magic is the most powerful way of combat in Runescape. Ancient Magicks are ridiculously
overpowered, and you will slaughter everyone with this skill. 

Lvl 1-45: Fight Monsters
Fight monsters mentioned in att/str/def above.

Lvl 45: Teleport to Camelot
Buy law runes, or check the forums to find a person to run ess to entrana for free runes.
*check runecrafting for more info.*

Simply use high alchemy on yew longbows or other items. *check fletching for more info.*

A3. Ranged
Ranged is very very similar to combat, I don't see a need to add that much. 
I would suggest killing blue dragons and fire giants more than if you train combat. NOTE: buy a

A4. Prayer
Prayer is hard to explain in a guide. Basically when you start out, bury all of your bones, and kill 
giants and baby dragons often. Use port phasmyths or a guilded altar if you have access.

A5. Runecraft
As you level up from level 1, just make each new kind of normal rune until you get to chaos. 
Don't make chaos, just get to lvl 44 and then continue on with nature runes, I suggest you skip 
chaos because it is much slower.
*NOTE: On the forums, you can search for "law/nature running," you run taking 24-26 essence to
an elemental altar, and then you get your essence back noted along with 24-26 runes.* 

A6. Construction
I know nothing about construction, sorry, there is nothing really to know, just waste your cash if you
want to raise your total level...
*NOTE: if you get high enough level, the only reward is that you can get 350% exp per bone you 

A7. Agility
Agility is not difficult, but it is extremely boring, just do the courses each time you level up. 
Bring weight reduction armor, energy potions, and food.

A8. Herblore
After you do druidic ritual, you can start the hardest skill in the game. Well, there's not much to say,
just buy all the ingredients. You use too much time getting them yourself, because you could be 
using that time to make money using your other skills.  Use ALL of your dragon teachers, genie 
lamps, and your one small favour quest lamps on herblore. You'll thank me later.

A9. Theiving
Theiving is extremely easy to level up. Start out on cake and silk, work your way up to ardougne
nature rune chest, and blood rune chest, and pickpocket guards and knights.

A10. Crafting
Ok, when you get to level 10 and kill cows, use that to raise your level. Spin flax into bowstrings to
raise money and crafting levels. Buy green dragonhides, make the armor and high alch it. Don't try
to raise your level with jewellery or pottery.

A11. Fletching
Fletching is so simple it makes me laugh.. well just fletch normal and oak logs till you're level 40.
Now that you're level 40, you have 2 options, buy enough willow logs to get to 70 fletching, or 
continue cutting willows and maples if you dont have the money.  Don't worry, you'll get that money
back. Now make yew longbows. (you can buy the supplies and sell for more than you paid!) You can
also alch them and make a small profit depending on the current market. You'll get lots of quick xp, 
and you can make lts of cash. Don't make magic longbows, you get less money.

A12. Slayer
Get a task from the best slayer master you can. If it's too hard, talk to the one in burthrope. No guide
will help you here.

A13. Hunter
Hunter is fun to raise because It's very different.
Lvl 1-53: Yes 53, The birds only, they're the best experience.
Lvl 53-63: Chinchompas
Lvl 63-99: Red Chinchompas

A14. Mining
Lvl 1-15: Mine tin and copper
Lvl 15-50: Mine iron (NOT coal)
Lvl 50-60: Mine coal
Then mine mith and coal, addy and coal, rune and coal, get a rune pick asap.

A15. Smithing
Use all your ores and smith them into weapons and armor and sell. Simple no? If you dont want to,
buy coal and iron, smith into bars and sell for more. Be warned it will take forever but make decent

A16. Fishing!
I love fishing, it takes very little attention. It makes good money and is easy to raise. Always cook 
your fish until you get lvl 80 cooking.
Lvl 1-20: Shrimp
Don't do anything else, It's a waste of time.
Lvl 20-40: Trout/Salmon
Keep those feathers from raising your combat.
Lvl 40-63: Lobster
SELL, and use for food.
Lvl 63-99: Monkfish
Only fish sharks for money, monkfish are better experience.
*NOTE: Complete swan song to catch monkfish*

A17. Cooking

A18.  Woodcutting
Switch with the guidelines, you don't need to skip nething. Maybe cut yews a bit longer than 75.

A19. Firemaking
Burn logs. Period.

A20. Farming
I have no idea about farming, It's a waste of time.


Money making is one of the most important aspects of playing runescape. There are many ways
to make money, and I'll just tell you the ones I have found useful. ALWAYS USE THE FORUMS.

B1. No Skill Requirement:
1. Nature/Law Running
In nature and law running, you take 26 pure essence to a person at the nature or law altar, and 
trade them for 26 noted pure essence and 26 nature or law runes.

2. Bowstrings
This does require 8 crafting but I mean cmon.. that's not a requirement. Close to seers bank there
is a field of flax. Pick flax here and go upstairs in the first building along the path. Spin them into 
bow strings and sell for 150-200 gp each. This makes very good money early on.

3. Merchanting
Merchanting is hard to explain, but what you do is you find items with the biggest range in prices,
EX: 150-250k for an item, and you constantly buy at the lowest price, and sell at the highest. This
makes the best money in the game.

4. Gathering
Some items that take a long time to gather such as bowstrings, flax, planks, water filled vials, and
secondary herblore ingredients, will sell very easily on the forums for ridiculous prices.

B2. Skill Related Money:
1. Fishing
You have three options, fish lobster, shark, or monkfish. I recommend shark as soon as you can.

2. Woodcut
Cut magic or yew logs and sell.

3. Fighting
Kill metal dragons, tzhaar monsters, kalphite queen, king black dragon, or best of all a lvl 87
monster in account security named ankou.

4. Runecraft
Take trips of pure essence back and forth to the nature altar.

5. Herblore
Kill men and id the herbs. Rannar weeds can sell EXTREMELy high.

6. Fletching
Fletching makes good money depending on the market. Buy yew logs and bowstrings, make into
yew longs and either alch or sell to people who will in turn alch them.

7. Slayer
Kill dust devils or abbysal demons to get dragon chain or abbysal whips.

8. Hunter
Trap red chinchompas and sell.

9. Theiving
Makes the least money, steal blood runes or sharks.

10. Mining
Mine coal, iron, mith, or pure ess and sell.

11. Smithing
Buy 2k coal 1k iron, make 1k steel bars, then sell or make 4k cannonballs for more money.
You can also buy mith and coal, make into bars and sell. Also make iron knives and sell to pures
for extreme amounts.

12. Farming
Well, farming is absolutely noobish, but you CAN buy rannar seeds and sell the rannars to make 
a small profit.


Mini games are a fun and sometimes beneficial part of runescape.

C1. Pest Control
Pest control is the best mini game if you're looking for a reward. By winning you get experience
points in any combat stat you want.  

Guide to playing: First tip to know, always get in the low level boat, you get much faster experience.
When you get in the game, don't dawdle, run straight up and fight monsters, until a portal goes 
down, then run straight to that portal, and continue going after portals. Now, if you are at a portal,
and there is a spinner, KILL IT, no matter what you have to kill the spinners, or else they will heal 
the portal. If you're lower lvled (<70), make sure all the gates are closed.

C2. Castlewars
Castlewars is plainly fun, and has almost no rewards, but I would like to say it's a nice place to 
relax and end your day. To get there, you use a ring of dueling. (emerald ring)

Guide to playing:  There are three real things you can do. They are as follows: protect flag, 
protect castle, or attack. First I will cover protecting the flag. Now, the best way to protect the flag
is with barricades, but don't go crazy. Fill up your bag with cades because there will always be 
that noob who doesn't want it there, even when it stops people from scoring. I would advise using
2-3 barricades. 1st: where you enter the flag room. They can get in, but they cant get out. 2nd:
Just outside of the flag room so that they cant get to it. 3rd: Again at that stairwell so it takes a 
long time for them to break free. Here's what always happens. They get into room 2, they break 
down the cade taking some damage from the flag guards, then he goes upstairs and grabs the flag.
As he is breaking through the barricade, he suffers massive damage if not dying. When he comes 
back down, he has one more cade to go through, which will almost always stop him. If he gets 
any farther, try to beat him downstairs and block off his escape. Ancient mages make capturing 
the flag 100% impossible. If you defend, make sure you cary 10 explosive pots in case you mess up
your cades.
I won't go into much detail about defending the castle, because it's very straight forward. Basically,
attack people trying to get in the castle, and carry a few barricades and  therest you should just
 carry all med packs to keep your run and health up . It's a waste to barricade the center, 
but go ahead and barricade the stepping stones. Just kill everyone who goes
 in or out. Don't get ahead of yourself, I'm not done. You also need castle defenders underground,
 and like that crappy song, this ones for the noobs!(girls) Well, all you do is bring a pickaxe and a 
pack of explosives, and use them on the cave walls. When someone on the enemy team approaches,
mine it for them, and when they try to get through, collapse it on the with and explosive potion. Also
try to do some creative things with barricades to stop them from getting through, such as putting
one under yourself. 
Now for the best part! Don't try this if you're under lvl 75 or dont have 43+ prayer. You're an attacker
now, and that means the most diverse pack. I suggest getting at least 6 explosive pots, 2 barricades,
and filling the rest up on med packs for run and healing. I suggest you always go underground.
Well start by blasting your way through the mines and popping up in their castle.Go to the 2nd floor
and put on your melee protect prayer. Go all the way up using your remaining explosive potions
to bust up any cades that stand in your way. After you get the flag, on your way back to the mines,
set up a cade before you go down the ladder. If they bust through it and keep chasing you, drop
ur last cade when you get low on health and run out of med packs, drop it where it blocks their 
path completely. 
NEVER use the catapult people. The next part of the guide, I don't condone, but I think I will explain 
to you. It's called flag holding. You see when some noob takes your flag and dies before he makes it
back to his own base (he has to be closer to his base than yours) you can hold your own flag. 
As log as you dont go back inside your castle, they can't score on you. So rally the troops and 
start making your personal guard. Then just hide and you will most definitely win. I hope Jagex 
changes this soon, as it is very unfair. Ok that's it for castlewars.'

C3. Barbarian Assault
This is the last mini-game that I think is worth playing *I don't consider barrows a mini-game*
This game is incredibly difficult, and I guess I'll try to explain it the best I can. It's divided up into 4
roles, attacker, healer, defender, and collector. Each wave (1-10) you get 5 players. Use the 5th 
player wisely, make it an attacker early on, then switch to healer. Don't bring runes or arrows.
Barbarian assault has some nice rewards, namely the granite plate, fighters torso, and penance 
gloves. (lightness)
Attacker: You call for the collector, you have the 2nd easiest job, all you have to do is kill the 
monsters using the attack style the collector tells you. Tell the collector the egg color with your 
Collector: You have the easiest job. You're only purpose is to call for the attacker. Pick up the eggs
he tells you and call for him EVERY TIME it changes. 
Defender: You have the hardest job. Call for the healer as much as you can. When you start, stock 
up, and drop the food the healer tells you on the eastern runner trap, then drop 2 more leading to
it 4 spaces apart to lure 1 or 2 in. Grab 2 logs and a hammer and close up the two western caves.
Take two more logs because you need them to repair the trap. Keep dropping the food the healer
tells you on the trap, and drop a trail leading them to the trap. When you get down to low food, what 
you can do is drop the food, and when the runner gets close, pick it up, move 3 spaces, and drop 
again. I'm proud of this strategy I made up. It is a myth that the cannon lowers your points when
fired at penance runners.
Healer: You have the 2nd most difficult job. Sorry but you have to call for the defender every time, 
and be quick about it. Thankfully, you get the most points because you get points for healing. Your
jobs are to heal the entire team, and kill all of the enemy healers with the poison food the defender
tells you. This is why in the later games, there are always two healers.
Quick notes: Never join a team with two collectors or defenders. To kill the queen, you must have
killed all the runners,rangers,fighters, and healers. Do the tutorial and read the queen killing book, 
it explains it very well. Never use the horn of glory.

Well that's the end of my guide, I hope you liked it. If you have any problems/questions or comments,
pm me in game, or email me at, also please ask if you want to host my 
guide anywhere other than Neoseeker. Well, thanks for reading!