RuneScape Guide to 99 Fishing v1.03
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RuneScape Guide to 99 Fishing

by Dogsbaby   Updated to v1.03 on
Guide to 99 Fishing
Version 1.03
By: Dogsbaby
Created February 19th, 2007
Last Update: July 30, 2009

A Guide to show you how to fish, where to fish and (Most importantly), what to fish.

I. Table of Contents 

I.     Table of Contents
II.    Introduction
III.   The Guide Begins
IV.    Costs
V.     Getting the levels
VI.    Fish needed for 99 Fishing
VII.   Money Per Hour
VIII.  Fishing Exp Per Hour
IX.    Cooking your fish
X.     Fishing Tools 101
XI.    Random Events
XII.   Fish Prices 
XIII.  Fish Information
XIV.   Fishing Guild
XV.    Fishing Trawler
XVI.   Fishing Skill cape
XVII.  Versions
XVIII. Contact Information
XIX.   Final Words
XX.    FAQ
XXI.   Copywrite

II. Introduction

Fishing is a great skill to train, for a number of reasons. A lot of money and
exp can be gained from fishing. Not just  fishing exp, but cooking exp if you 
choose to cook your fish. Most people walk away from 99 Fishing a few million 
gp  richer - not to mention, being able to fish and cook sharks can save a lot
of money when you Quest, PK, or train  combat. Fishing can be an extremly     
valueable tool for any combat player, so it is worth training it and cooking  
up to  99.                                                                    
This guide will explain how to get your Fishing up, whether it be to 40 or 99, 
and will also answer a lot of your  common questions you may have. To those 
who haven’t used the skill a lot, this guide will be a great help to you.

III. The Guide “Begins”

To start off, I will go through what you need and how much it will cost (if 
anything). You are going to need a bit of  cash, if you want to get 99 
fishing faster. But you can do it on f2p or members for nothing. I will also 
go into how much cash you can make from this, you can make a LOT of cash if 
you just fish for the right fish.

IV. Costs
Feathers for 76-80+ fishing: about 35,000 feathers if you only want a little 
over 76. 50,000 should be good for 80-85.

Now, buying them at about 4gp each at the Grand Exchange, it is 275,000GP to
about 350,000GP. Fishing 1,000 lobsters  will pretty much get the money for 
feathers to 76 fishing.

Bait: Only around 100, shouldn’t be more then 500gp.

You will also need a few different tools, such as a fly fishing rod, big 
fishing net and any other tool for the fish  you choose to catch.

That’s what you'll be buying. Maybe a rod or lobster pot, but those are only
1gp each, so it won’t cost anything  really.

V. Getting the levels

Now its time to get 99 Fishing! Starting from 1 it will be a long road, but 
you can do it!


1-20: Here it’s pretty easy. You will have to fish for shrimp, and you'll get
 shrimp very slowly. Only fishing shrimp,  it will take 448 shrimp, which is 
about an hour, give or take. But you can fish for herring at level 10. So you 
could  fish 448 shrimp, or fish about 116 shrimp, then buy 112 bait and go 
fish for herring. 

After herring, CONGRATZ! You can now fish for trout!

20-40: OK, now you've been fishing for about an hour? Now you'll fish for trout,
and soon salmon. Start off by going to the Grand Exchange and buying 1k feathers 
at roughly 4gp each. Now that you have the feathers,  its time to go for 40 
Fishing. Go to the fly fishing spot in Edgville or stay in Lumbrige. After fishing
for 656 trout  you will have 40 fishing! Stay here to get 60+ even up to 99 
fishing... or go to Karamja...

40-99:  Get 60gp and go to the island of Karamja. Here you can fight lesser demons
 or fish for tuna, lobsters, and  sword fish! To get to 60 fishing it will take a 
little over 3,000 tuna. It’s a long way to the bank, so get ready to  run. Or sell 
to the general store. You won't get much for them, but its better then nothing.

20-99: Well, you could also do the fly fishing way in F2P. It will be slow, but 
possible. Buy a number of feathers, as  much as you can afford or just 5k and then
sell the trout/salmon after fishing. Then head to either Lumbridge or  Barbarian 
Village. It will take 260,000 to 186,000 feathers from level 20. Take it level at 
a time and it will go. When  you hit 62 you might consider going P2P for Monkfish,
or even go P2P for faster fly fishing at Shilo Village. Or you  could stay F2P and
still get 99 Fishing - but be warned, you WILL need P2P for the Fishing Skillcape!
But you still can  get 99 Fishing F2P, so don't worry.


1-20: Pretty much the same as f2p. Most members will have 30-40+ fishing by this 
point, but it really doesn't matter.  Just fish for 448 shrimp, it will take around
an hour. Or switch to herring at level 10 after fishing for 116 shrimp.  Get 112 
bait and fish for 112 herring. Gratz! You can now fish for trout and man, it’s going
to be a long road, but you  can get 99 fishing from trout!

20-76: OK. Get about 35,000 feathers and head to Shilo Village. Levels will fly by 
in the beginning, but just keep  fishing. I used over 100k feathers from 75-99 Fishing.
It will take about 26,000 trout/salmon to 76, and those 35,000  feathers should take 
you to about 78, maybe 79 fishing. At that point you can fish for sharks! I do not advise
fishing  them yet though… I’ll explain.

76-99: Keep on fishing for trout and salmon or try lobsters or monkfish. You could even
try Sharks. There are lots of  things to fish now, even give the trawler a try and get 
some sea turtles. Be warned about Sharks however. Unless you  are 80 or higher in Fishing,
it is not worth your time. Maybe it is if you like sitting at a fishing spot catching  
nothing, but I find it worthwhile to get 99 Fishing first, off salmon and trout, then to 
try and get 99 Fishing off  sharks alone.

62-99: This is a new way to get 99 fishing. Just do “One Small Favor” and then “Swan Song”,
to gain access to the  Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Here you will be able to use a net to 
catch a kind of fish called “Monkfish”. These things  are ugly and I wouldn’t personally 
eat them in real life (If they exist that is), but they are excellent for Fishing,  for both 
exp and money. First, they are about the speed of lobsters. Not bad. They also have higher 
exp then lobsters  (120 exp for Monkfish, versus 90 exp for Lobsters). And the final bonus? 
They sell more then lobsters! Same speed, more  exp, more money. Excellent.

- To get to 99 fishing you will need...  -

- From level 1:

1,303,444 Shrimp

- From level 20:

260,600 Trout

- From level 40:

259,945 Trout
162,466 Tuna
144,414 Lobsters

- From Level 62:

254,013 Trout
181,438 Salmon
158,758 Tuna
141,119 Lobsters
105,839 Monkfish

- From Level 76:

233,960 Trout
167,115 Salmon
146,225 Tuna
129,978 Lobsters
97,484 Monkfish
106,346 Sharks

- From Level 90:

153,762 Trout
109,830 Salmon
96,102 Tuna
85,424 Lobsters
64,068 Monkfish
69,892 Sharks

As you can see, you could make millions of gp! Good luck on 99 fishing fellow fishers, I am 
99 Fishing. I would highly  suggest fishing trout and salmon to 80-90 fishing, and then 
switching to monkfish. This is the best way to get 99  Fishing, time wise. Sharks will always
win the moneywise part, but monkfish and fly fishing are the best approach to 99  Fishing.

VI. My Money Per Hour

Want to know how much money you can you can make per hour? Here's what I make per hour:


1. Sharks: I get 50k-100k per hour, that’s 50-100 sharks per hour.
2. Monkfish: I can make around 50k an hour, while maintaining decent exp.
3. Lobsters: I have made 50k an hour; I could probably make 100k now at 99 Fishing.
4. Fly Fishing: The least money per hour out there, however, I think it is still the best exp. 
I have met plenty of  people fishing there, and I still see some high level fisherman like myself.
No doubt it’ll remain one of the best  ways.
5. Sword fish/tuna/other: Not sure. Email/PM me if you know

That’s the major fish that make money! I suggest not cooking fish, as prices fall when you do so, 
but then again, free  cooking exp is always nice. Meh, your choice, not mine.

VII. Fishing Tools 101

Name: Small fishing net
Use: To check shrimp and anchovies
Cost: 1gp

Name: Fly fishing rod
Use: To fish for trout and salmon (feathers).
Cost: 1gp for the rod, 4-10 each for the feathers.

Name: Fishing rod
Use: To fish for herring, sardines, and pike. Uses bait for all 3.
Cost: 1gp, about 3gp per bait.

Name: Harpoon
Use: To fish for tuna, sword fish, and shark.
Cost: 1gp, no bait.

Name: Lobster pot
Use: Fishing for lobsters
Cost: 1gp, no bait

Members only:

Name: Big fishing net
Use: to fish for your own pet fish!
Cost: 1gp

Name: Oil Rod
Use: To fish for Lava eels, used in hero's quest
Cost: 1gp for normal rod, put oil potion on it

VIII. Random events

*Some of these have been removed by Jagex. But I'll leave them up for the newbies who don't 
have to deal with these  pests.*

Big fish: A big fish (more like a HUGE fish) comes. You will try to fish it, but I have not 
fished it so far. It sort  of 'eats' your fishing tool but will spit it out a few feet away. 
Note you will try to run after the fish even through  its gone. Just run over and pick your 
fishing tool up!

Whirl pool: Your fishing spot will turn into a whirl pool and you can lose your fishing tool! 
Just find another spot to  fish, in about 10-20 seconds the whirl pool should disappear.

River troll: A river troll will come out of the water shouting "leave my fishies alone!” It 
will be level 50-159,  depending on your combat level. Just run or put up a fight with him. 
After you run away, he'll disappear back to his  home in the sea, or if you beat him he'll 
drop feathers or bait. Useful if your fly fishing and you kill one - free  feathers!

IX. Fish prices

Want to know the prices of fish so you can plan out how much you'll make? You've come to the 
right place! I've put the  current price of fish. Note: I will try to keep it updated but I 
can't promise anything. These are outlines of the  prices. Most of the prices are outdated, 
but I will try to fix them. I also included a "sold often", to indicate if  that fish if often 
bought or sold.

Also note, with the addition of the Grand Exchange, you can easily find the prices of fish there,
or even on the  Runescape Homepage, by clicking “Game Guide” and then Grand Exchange. Try that 
and compared prices.

* Means members only

Name: Shrimp
Price: 3gp- 9gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Karambwanji*
Price: 10-20gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Sardine
Price: 5gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Anchovies
Price: 10-20gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Herring
Price: 8gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Mackel*
Price: 30gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Trout
Price: 30-50gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Cod*
Price: 25gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Pike
Price: 40-60gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Salmon
Price: 45-70gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Slimy Eel*
Price: N/A
Sold often: Untradeable, so No.

Name: Tuna
Price: 50-100gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Cave Eel*
Price: 50gp each
Sold often: No

Name: Lobster
Price: 200-250gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Bass*
Price: 180-250gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Sword Fish
Price: 250-300gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Monk Fish*
Price: 290-320gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Shark*
Price: 1000gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Sea turtle*
Price: 1k gp each
Sold often: Yes

Name: Manta Ray*
Price: 1k-2k gp each
Sold often: Yes

X. Fish Information HQ

Here I will include all the information I know on these fishies!  
* Means member only

Name: Shrimp
Tool needed: Small net
Level to fish: 1
Level to cook: 1
HP healed:

Name: Karambwanji
Tool needed: Small net
Level to fish: 5
Level to cook: 1
HP healed: 3

Name: Sardine
Tool needed: Rod and bait
Level to fish: 5
Level to cook:  1
HP healed:  4

Name: Anchovies
Tool needed: small net
Level to fish: 15
Level to cook: 1
HP healed: 1

Name: Herring
Tool needed: Rod and bait
Level to fish: 10
Level to cook: 5
HP healed: 5

Name: Mackel*
Tool needed: Small net
Level to fish: 16
Level to cook: 10
HP healed: 6

Name: Trout
Tool needed: Fly fishing rod and feathers
Level to fish: 20
Level to cook: 15
HP healed: 7

Name: Cod*
Tool needed: Small net
Level to fish: 23
Level to cook: 18
HP healed: 7

Name: Pike
Tool needed: Rod and bait
Level to fish: 25
Level to cook: 20
HP healed: 8

Name: Salmon
Tool needed: Fly fishing rod and feathers
Level to fish: 30
Level to cook: 25
HP healed: 9

Name: Slimy eel*
Tool needed: Oil rod and bait
Level to fish: 28
Level to cook: 28
HP healed: 6-10

Name: Tuna
Tool needed: Harpoon
Level to fish: 35
Level to cook: 30
HP healed: 10

Name: Cave eel*
Tool needed: Oil rod and bait
Level to fish: 38
Level to cook: 38
HP healed: 10-12

Name: Lobster
Tool needed: Lobster pot
Level to fish: 40
Level to cook: 40
HP healed: 12

Name: Bass*
Tool needed:
Level to fish:
Level to cook: 43
HP healed: 13

Name: Sword fish
Tool needed: harpoon
Level to fish: 50
Level to cook: 45
HP healed: 14

Name: Lava eel
Tool needed: Oily rod and bait
Level to fish: 53
Level to cook: 53
HP healed: 14

Name: Monk fish
Tool needed: Small net
Level to fish: 62
Level to cook: 62
HP healed: 16

Name: Shark
Tool needed: Harpoon
Level to fish: 76
Level to cook: 80
HP healed: 20

Name: Sea Turtle
Tool needed: Trawler mini game.
Level to fish: 79
Level to cook: 82
HP healed: 22

Name: Manta Ray
Tool needed:  Trawler mini game
Level to fish: 82
Level to cook: 91
HP healed: 22

XI. Fishing guild

The fisher guild is a huge dock with almost every fish in the game! Complete with its 
own bank, fishing shop, range,  and a few fishing tools on the ground, and its bank 
and fishing docks are very close together! This is by far the best  place to fish any
fish, even sharks! Found in Hemster, just west on the road from Camelot, its near 2 
good teleport  spots, the Ardougne teleport and the Camelot teleport. This means it is
easy to get to and from the guild. At the shop  you'll find some bait, and a bunch of 
fishes! The bank is one of the few banks I know of that you can light fires in!  Chop 
some trees from the near by forests and you can cook your fish really fast! Very useful
if you've just fished 1k  lobsters and need to cook them fast! You can not get into the
guild until level 68, or 65 with a fishing pot or one of  the fish pies. The other pie 
will raise your level by 5 levels, allowing you to enter at 65. I suggest sticking with
Catherby before level 68, but hey, its your choose.

XII. Fishing Trawler

Found in Port Khazard, northwest of Yanille and south of Ardougne, the Trawler is a fun
game to play with friends or  random strangers! Bring along some cash, a few friends, 
some ropes and get ready to rock 'n fish! You will need ropes,  swamp paste, bailing 
buckets and some good friends or plain old strangers. Be sure to check out the themed 
world for  this, by looking until you find one titled "Fishing Trawler". It will make 
things easier if you don't have friends who  fish.

Note: Swamp paste is made by using swamp tar (Found in the Lumbridge swamp) with flour 
and then cooking it on a range.  You can also find it on the Grand Exchange.

Talk with the Cap'in, and he will let you on boat. Tell your friends to follow you on; 
remember, you have 1 minute to  get on. Get ready - it’s not an easy Mini-Game by any 
standards. First, once you get on the boat, MAKE SURE NOT TO  SINK! How do you do that? 
Well, you will have to repair the boats floor, along with bail water and fix the nets 
upstairs. Have a few people just fix the floor and bail water when there’s nothing to 
fix. Another person should run up  and fix the nets, fix the floor and bail like hell! 
It will take 10 minutes or so, but you can do it! Be warned, if you  fail you die! No, 
you just end up in the water with no where to go. Jump in a barrel and float to shore – 
you’ll end up  around Port Sarim.

Did you win? Gratz! Now go check the net behind the boat. If you can't see it, people 
are probably swarming it, so just  follow them. Depending on your fishing level, you may
end up with just lobsters or a few sharks, or you may end up with  Sea Turtles and Manta
Rays! Both are worth a nice amount, I can generally pull off 100k a trip. If you didn't 
get  anything good, go back and train your fishing level up.

XIII. Fishing Skill cape

So you want to know what the skill cape is like, huh? Well, I’ll explain. It is a blue 
cape, with yellow trim (If you  own any other skill capes), with a hood. 

The emote: You appear on a pond, fish a goldfish like thing and then throw it over your
head. This emote is funny if  someone is behind you, as you appear to be throwing fish
at them.

XIV. Versions

1.0: First ever version! Start on December 7th 2006 and finished February 19, 2007. Lots
of updates planning now, plan  to add more detail to every part and update how I’m doing
with fishing, also updating prices.
1.01: First update, finally! Fixed some grammar mistakes and such, also update with other
helpful hints on getting 99  fishing. This was all finished November 20th, 2007.
1.02: Second update, nearly a year after the first and approaching two years since the 
creation of this guide. All I  can say, wow. I fixed plenty of mistakes that I can’t believe
I missed before.
1.03: Third update, wow. 2 1/2 years since I wrote this guide. Made more fixes, added a few
parts. I'm amazed I can  still think of stuff to add and how many errors I'm always finding.

XV. Contact Information

If you would like to contact me, please contact me on Neoseeker (Via Neo PM) or via Runescape PM.

Neoseeker: Dogsbaby 
Runescape name: Dogsbaby23


Q: Will I see more guides from you?
A: YES! I plan to write more about Runescape, and possibly other games I like. Expect this 
guide to have updates every  few months also.

Q: Why do you fish? Why 99 fishing and not 99 woodcutting or something?
A: I have started to like fishing. I am 97 Woodcutting though, so I may write a guide on 
that skill next. Keep watching  for one. :D

Q: What is the best method to contact you?
A: The only way to contact me is via NeoPM or Runescape PM. That is it. I will not list my
IMs or Email. I don’t feel  like getting a Trojan or anything.

Q: Why do you call your self “the fi$h3r 4 lyfe”?
A: I fished for ever at one time. I basically made up that name. :D I no longer fish though… 
I just can’t stand to  train the skill anymore. I like to skill though, so I contiue to raise 
other skills up, hopefully one day having a  bunch of 99s.

Q: Do you own any other skill capes?
A: Yes! I own the Hunter Skill cape as well as the Fishing Skill cape, along with a soon to be 
Woodcutting skill cape.

Q: Do you still play Runescape?
A: Yes! I still do, even after all these years… At last count, it was about 4 now.

XVII. Final words 

Good luck everyone with fishing! I wish you luck with getting 99 fishing, I know it was tough 
for me to get 99 fishing,  so stick to it!

Thanks to:

- JaGeX for making Runescape
- Neoseeker, because you keep me entertained and have my guides on your site.
- My parents for getting me membership and all that other stuff.
- People who PM me, because otherwise I might forget I wrote this guide. Also, thanks for the 
amazing 30,000 views of  this guide. :D I had no idea until I looked. Last I checked, it had 10k!

XVIII. Copywrite St00fz

This FAQ is copyright 2006-2009 Dogsbaby. No one may post this FAQ on their website without express 
permission of the  author, nor may you sell it for profit.

The following Websites are allowed to use my guide:

Others may be added to the list. Please NeoPM me if you would like this guide on your website.