Runes of Magic review
RoM Review

The good:

Its new, and gets updated very regularly. The graphics are quite good. It has amazing content for such a new game: Probably over 1,000 quests and many monsters to kill, as well as a wide variety of skills.

You have a choice of 6 classes: "Knight, Warrior, Rogue, Scout, Priest, Mage" each with there own unique skills. Once you achieve level 10, you can get a secondary class, which you will be able to train up like your primary, and use the moves of this class too. You can also access "Elite Skills" which are a combination of the types of skills your two classes have. Soon two more classes are due to be released.

Most things are simple and clear to do. There are plenty of events or "instances" that you can do in a group with friends, these are immense fun and I recommend you try them, especially ones such as "Forsaken Abbey".

There are also separate PvP and PvE servers, so if you enjoy PvP then there are servers dedicated for just that, or if that isn't your thing then you can stick to PvE servers and never have to bother fighting other players.

You can have your own house, to store things and decorate, and you can join Guilds. In guilds you can speak with other members of the guild, and access a guild castle, which can have many activities. They dont send you many e-mails, other than mainly to give you free stuff. Soon chapter 2 will be released to give extra classes. Best of all, its FREE!

The bad:

Unfortunately, it does get quite laggy, and some quests keep getting glitched and become impossible to complete. It takes a long time to download, and takes up alot of space (between 2 and 3 gigabytes). When you have this open, it will also make any other programmes you have open lag too, and their server maintenance updates stop you from accessing it for a few hours most weeks, although this is to make the game better.

In reality, to complete the game you are most likely going to want to spend some real life money to buy things from the "Item shop" else it will take you a very long time to complete and max all skills and get the best armour you can. Quite a few features are difficult to understand and quite awkward, things like the "Arcane Transmutor" are difficult to get the hang of, and the dual class system can be awkward to follow, many will find it difficult to train their secondary class well having done most the low levelled quests on their primary.


I have covered most of the review parts in "The Good" and "The Bad" all i have to say is, try it, its a great game and free, if you dont like it just uninstall it.

I gave the game a 4.1 because it is a fantastic game, it will keep you entertained for hours, however there are still problems with it that will hopefully be fixed in the near future.

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