Rune (PC) Cheats

Rune cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Rune Cheats

Activating Cheats
To activate in game cheats, you need to hit the TAB key to bring down the console, and then type CheatsPlease. After this, you can then type in any of the following cheats:

GodGod Mode (invincibility)
GhostNo clipping mode
WalkTurns on clipping mode
Summon [ITEM NAME]Spawns an item

A handy trick is to bind your keys to certain cheats. To do this, you need to edit the User.ini file. Simply use a text editor (Notepad or Wordpad) and bind a key to CheatsPlease and another to God (or any other cheatcode). For example, to bind CheatsPlease to key X and God mode to key G, just have this line in your User.ini:


When you play the game, you can then hit X to activate cheat mode, and then hit G to activate God Mode.

Spawn Items
To spawn items, you first have to activate the cheats, as above, and then the TAB key to access the console. Use the Summon [ITEM NAME] cheat to spawn the items as per the below guide:

Item NameItem Spawned
DwarfBattleSwordDwarf Battle Sword
DwarfWorkSwordDwarf Work Sword
RomanSwordRoman Sword
VikingBroadSwordViking Broad Sword
VikingShortSwordViking Short Sword

Item NameItem Spawned
DwarfBattleAxeDwarf Battle Axe
GoblinAxeGoblin Axe
HandAxeHand Axe
SigurdAxeSigurd Axe
VikingAxeViking Axe

Blunt weapons
Item NameItem Spawned
GoblinBoneClub Goblin Bone Club
DwarvenBattleHammerDwarven Battle Hammer
DwarvenWorkHammerDwarven Work Hammer
RustyMaceRusty Mace
TrialPitMaceTrial Pit Mace

Item NameItem Spawned
DwarfshieldDwarf Shield
GoblinshieldGoblin Shield
VikingshieldViking Shield

Item NameItem Spawned
RuneofHealthHealth Rune
RuneofPowerPower Rune