Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Tips

Okay. This is a guide for the Boss of Misty Bloom Cave.

Weapon to use:Cyclone blade(2 areials and a wind crystal.)
Items to bring:2-3 myestery potions, sleep or eat yourself to full RP. 4-5 Paragons would be nice too.
Stradergy:Okay. Stay at one of the four points it comes up, and charge attack. When it comes up, hit it! Then whack it a few times. If it summons the creature, stop everything and hit it! It is very hard to beat this boss with this creature hitting you frequently. The notes can be avoided by not bothering and eating Paragons, or just running to a difrent spot. But I brought 9 paragons, and 2 myestery potions. The water laser is easy to dodge. When it turns red, it will try to heal. Hit it once to stop the attack. Once it's red, don't stop moving, and hit it when you get the chance. It'll go fast with the cycole blade.