Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Tips

Rosetta is Jean's daughter and she helps her father out at his General Store. She not a terribly helpful person, but everyday she comes to your farm to pick up the items you've placed in your Shipping Bin. Rosetta is very tom-boyish, and is the opposite of Mist. She has very little regard for your neighbor lady to the south as the two of them appear to be rivals.

Birthday: Fall 21
Wife Gift: Corn on Cob
Favorite Gift: Baked Potato
Liked Gifts: Strawberry, Corn, Hot Milk, Omelet, Corn on Cob, Hot Chocolate
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Rosetta is a classic Harvest Moon girl, as giving gifts will increase her Love Points. You can grow Strawberries inside of Carmite Cave and then give her one daily.

Marriage Requirements:

Marrying Rosetta requires you to wander into the 2nd mine, but other then that she's not very difficult.

Step 1: Visit the Library and read up on a book about the legendary White Stone. It'll be in the middle section of bookcases on the 1st floor, in the right area of the right-hand side shelves.

Step 2: Go to the General Store and talk to Rosetta when she is upstairs in her room, usually after 8:00 pm. She'll talk to you about the stone. You'll need to raise Jean's FP up to 3 before you can enter the store after hours.
white stone

Step 3: Head to the Toros Cave. In the ice covered areas on the first floor (Area9) you'll find a large, white stalagmite in the same area with the Little Wizard. Investigate the icy structure to find a White Stone.

Step 4: Give the White Stone to Rosetta.

After you have handed over the stone you can talk to her again and ask her to marry you.