Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Tips

Treasure Hunt [Summer 26]
Talk to Godwin in the Plaza and he will send you out to find a book called Sunset Road, an item he's hidden inside of Carmite Cave. The prizes you can select from will depend on how quickly you can find Sunset Road.

* Before 20 minutes = 200,000 G and 2000 Lumber
* 20 - 50 minutes = 100,000 G or 1000 Lumber
* 50 - 80 minutes = 50,000 G or 500 Lumber
* 80 - 100 minutes = 10,000 G or 100 Lumber
* 100 or more = 1000 G or 10 Lumber

If it's your first time placing in the tournament then you can choose to receive an Empty Bottle instead of money or wood. You are only rewarded with one bottle. In following years you'll only be able to choose one of the other two prizes. If you do complete the search in less than 20 minutes you won't get the option to choose the bottle.
Book Location

The nice thing about the book is its hidden in the same location every year! The book can be found on the 2nd floor of Carmite. From the staircase, run past the Save Spot and then follow the southern pathway until you reach a dead end with a machine that generates Ants. Investigate the rock at the end of the hall to pick up the book. You can then teleport out (or run if you must) back to Godwin and then give him the book. Be careful not to miss when handing him the Sunset Road or else you'll have to go back to Carmite for another copy.