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A Guide to Surviving the Caves! (bosses)
Here are some tips for defeating bosses that I'm SURE you've never thought about:

- Especially for the dragon on the mountain, the safest place to be when a bosses releases its "fire" or "blades" or whatever else in IN A CORNER. This is NOT true for the siren in Misty Bloom, however.

- Eat whatever you have in your pack! Besides withered grass, chocolate, and a maybe few other items, all things you can eat help you with RP or HP.

- You know you'll run out of RP on your way down there, so pack plenty of RP-restoring items.

- When the boss turns red, this is NOT the time to run and hide. Take a gamble! If you couldn't escape the boss before, well, he's going to be moving a lot faster now...
A Guide to Surviving the Caves! (replenishing HP)
We all know that you need potions to survive, right? But did you know about these tips as well?

- Colored grass actually helps restore HP! And, of course, the Tealeaves and Tea help too.

- Weeds are GOOD, although not as effective.

- Withered grass = BAD. It will take away your HP, little by little.

For the above tips, I recommend keeping the stuff you get from your field the first day for Carmite, then getting the rest of your stuff from the cave itself, in the fields. If you think about it, you're only missing out on about 10 G for each Colored Grass, right?
Action Cancel
For players that have a serious reaction ability, and may have accidentally threw, ate, or even performed an Action. By quickly going to the inventory menu before the action ends, it can be cancelled. Very useful if a player accidentaly performs to throw away an item.
An Easy RP-Restoring Plant!
Did you know that Toyflowers restored a fair amount of RP? No? Then start using some! They're cheap, grow fast, and are EFFECTIVE. You'll never remember what you were doing BEFORE you used Toyflowers!
Beaches Open [Summer 01]
Everyone is outside of their houses on this day. There aren't any contests to partake in, but if you talk to everybody you'll raise their friend points. With the marriage candidates only Melody, Sharron, and Mei do not gain any LP when you talk to them on this festival.

Beating Carmite Easy
If you get a small shield from Leo and 2 cheap bracelets from Jean, The enemies in carmite won't do much damage and nor will the boss!
A wealthy, solitary girl, Bianca de Sainte-Coquille lives with her father Jasper. Their mansion is to the east of the Plaza entrance. Bianca is cared for by their maid, Tabatha. She doesn't leave the mansion much so you can always find her inside somewhere. The only times she leaves the house is to visit the Plaza on the weekend, and Melody's Spa late on Friday nights. Since she's so well-to-do, Bianca will never be very impressed with any gifts you might give to her.

Birthday: Summer 08
Wife Gift: Cake
Favorite Gift: None
Liked Gifts: None
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Bianca has no interest in gifts you might want to give, as she pretty much can buy anything she wants. What is important to her is simple conversation. You'll need to talk to her every day, as well as on Spring Festival and Beaches Open day. The Moonlit Eve date and Sacred Night events also will help to increase her LP, but only if you have enough LP required for the events to begin with.

Marriage Requirements:

To marry Bianca you just have to talk to her in the Plaza when she is there on the holiday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. There isn't anything else you need to do besides meet the basic marriage requirements. The challenge to Bianca is in raising her affection, since everyday gifts mean nothing to her.

You must also have Jasper at 3 or more Friend Points.

Big Cook Off [Spring 27]
In the Plaza you'll find Jasper. He is there to tell you what recipe can be entered into the cooking contest. Once you get the dish for the festival, run back to your house and make it with your kitchen. Return the dish to the Plaza, but save your game before you turn it in. There is a random chance that you'll win, so if you aren't crowned the cooking champ just reload and submit the dish again.

* Orange Juice - Buy Oranges from Neumann's Farm
* Fried Potato
* Hot Chocolate - Chocolate from the Bar
* Pump. Pudding
* Pike Sashimi
* Baked Potato

Birthday Presents Glitch
For those who have the tough heroines that they want to marry *coughcough*Mei*coughcough* When it's the person's birthday, just keep giving her favorite gift to her, and she will get love points from all of the gifts. I got about four love points with Mei by giving her maybe...twenty Baked Riceballs.

Note: Since Lynette's birthday isn't on the calender it may not work for her.
Carmite Cave

Greater Daemon

HP: 250
DEF: 6

Toros Cave


HP: 460
DEF: 7

Celmens Cave


HP: 780
DEF: 8

Mounatin Gigant


HP: 999
DEF: 10

Misty Bloom


HP: 1300
DEF: 9

Kasimir Ruins


HP: 1680
DEF: 11

Danann Cave

Battle Tank

HP: 2000
DEF: 12

Greed Cave


HP: 2600
DEF: 12
Carmite Cave: My amazing guide on how to beat it
The first cave is a toughie in any game, simply because you are inexperienced, at a low level and not in possession of that great a weapon. The tricks for Carmite cave are not always that obvious. The best idea would be to make money by fishing as soon as you can until you can scrape together enough money to buy a broadsword, a shield, radishes and have 800g left over.
Go into Carmite cave, and simply dodge all the monsters until you are at any field around half-way through the cave. Plant your radishes here, and simply come water them every day until you are prepared to clear the cave.
During the day, go to the basement of Jasper's mansion and simply search all the boxes until you find one with an empty bottle. Go down to Mist's house, and search the box beside the fireplace to find another empty bottle. Go to Edward (the doctor) and have him make two recovery potions for you.
In the meantime, collect as many medicinal and antidotal herbs as you can, and buy a container of Roundabout from Edward.
In the caves, my strategy is to get to the other side of the mysterious devices so that you can damage them while damaging the monster. If you are sealed, don't eat the Rouundabout yet, because more monsters with a sealing ability are to be found further into the cave.
During your expedition, Ivan will give you a device made for tracking down the mysterious devices, which you should use before going to the next floor.
If a monster poisons you, retreat immediately and eat an antidotal herb. If you don't do this, then your HP will be very low very quickly.
When you reach the boss monster, the greater daemon, you have to remember that the only dangerous part about this fight is the small size of the room. The greater daemon is very slow and doesn't have many attack patterns. Here they are:
Punch: Simply dodge these and try to get in a few hits right after.
Charge: While he beats his chest, see if you can get in a hit or two, and then run away from him when he charges.
Spikes: You can't attack him during these, so simply run in circles until it's over.
At 25% HP, the greater daemon will turn red and speed up tremendously. He will start charging at the wall twice before changing patterns. He will begin stalking you as well, which will only stop if you run close by.
Stick to the regular patterns, and if you must then start hitting him endlessly. He will die, don't worry. And before fighting him, make sure you save as often as you can to make sure that you don't have to restart the cave.
I hope this helps!
Cash for beginners!
Well... not really begginners but close.


Finished carmite cave, beaten lesser demon inside, and plowed 50 squares in carmite cave. Trust me, its not hard, i did it with a lvl 1 spear 14 att, and no herbs.

You need some decent hp, and a cheap hammer, you can get it from Leo after plowing 50 squares in carmite cave, oh ya, and you don't even have to go to the second floor to plow 50 squares .

Anywayz, go inside toro's cave, stay to the south, avoid the poison floor thingys and the monster generater, don't destroy it, its a waste of time if your going to use this.

Go to the rocks in the very first room, south of the monster machine.

You can get iron, bronze, silver, and Saphires.

Smash all the rocks in the room, you should have at least 1 silver, thats 400 gp, not bad, saphires are 700 gp, pretty good!

Exit the cave, go back in and repeat, the rocks will be regenerated, so will the monster generater which is exactly why I told you not to destroy it, the monsters don't wander there unless you intentionally lead them there.

I make around 3000 gp a day, thats way more then I made with crops.

Another good way of making money is selling the wood in your shed thingy, its 50 gp a stake (a piece).

My field was invaded by stumps, i mean over 3 quarters of my field was stumps, I had hurricanes almost every second day! So upgrade your axe with the iron and silver that you got from the last cheat. Cut down those stumps, sell that wood! And use da cash! Hehehe.

Happy mining!
Cheep Cooking Skill Increase
You need: a kitchen, a pot, and a sardine (Catch or buy for 60g).
Failed recipes sill earn you cooking points and this cheat takes advantage of that.
Select the pot and cook ONE sardine. This isn't enough to create anything so it will fail. You will get a "failed combination" message. However since nothing was created you won't lose your sardine.
Doing this repeatedly will increase your cooking skill.
Keep an eye on your energy though- you can still pass out.
After raising your skill enough to cook the "Sardine" recipe purchase as many sardines as you can hold. Go back and make the "Sardine" recipe- then sell it. You will raise your cooking skill and make a bit of cash.
Hope that helps!

Dairy Show [Summer 18]
If you have a Buffamo, take a bottle of Milk and hand it over to Jasper. He will be in the Plaza waiting for you. Handing over a L. Milk pretty much guarantees that you win the contest. You will be rewarded with 50,000 G if you take 1st place, 30,000 G for 2nd, and only 5000 G for 3rd.

Earn More Money by COOKING
It's easy to do, and yet not very many people seem to be doing it...

Some suggestions: Instead of shipping Cucumbers, make them into Pickles!

Make Turnips into Pickled Turnips!

Make Eggplants into Eggplant Curd!

Make Stawberries into Jam!

Use your colored grass to make Relax Tealeaves! (Sharron likes them, too!)

Make Fish into Sashimi or fry them!

There are others, but I couldn't possibly list them all. Just remember these!

Note that not all recipes can be made right away, and some require the bigger kitchen.
Easy Friendship and Love points for Sharron
The easiest way to maximum your Friendship and Love for Sharron is to give her Water and Fire crystals. Do not EVER give her a earth or wind crystal. SHE HATES IT!!
Easy money
(must clear carmite cave) First plant some strawberrys in a 9x9 square on your feild. Buy a seed maker. then collect the strawberrys and put them all in the seed maker. after you do till as much land as you want ( i tilled about 10 9x9 squares) in carmite cave and plant all the strawberry seeds there and water them everyday( i suguest u have a high watering can) after the strawberrys come in pick them and ship them. they are about 200 each so 200 X 10 = 20000 every two days.
Easy Money
Here is one way to get lots of easy money
(Note: You need a seed maker for this to work)
1: Buy Strawberry seeds.
2: Plant the seeds in your field during spring or in Carmite cave.(Note:This works best during spring)
3: Use fertilizer on at least one seed.
4: Use formula A,B or c to fast forward the growth.
5: When the strawberry plant that you fertilized starts to grow strawberries pick it and then turn it it into seeds.
6: Plant the seeds
7: Repeat steps 2-6 until they are lvl. 9 or the season is over
8: Plant the new seeds in Carmite and keep growing them, and get rich!
Easy Money in Toros Cave
Well... you need to have probably the silver hammer to do this.

In Toros Cave, just go around, from left to right, without killing the monsters. At the very end there will be a couple of rocks and a fence blocking your way to a monster generator. These rocks will usually give you silver at random lvl's, from 1-13. By mining these then leaving, going back into the cave and mining them again and using the bath house, you can make around 60,000-80,000 gld. a day. I was able to upgrade my house (not including getting the wood) in around 4 game days. Enjoy!
Egg Show [Spring 23]
Collect an Egg from a captured Kokehoho and bring it to Godwin in the Plaza. If you win you'll receive 50,000 G. Second place is 30,000 G, and last place is only 5000 G.

If you're crafty, you can buy a Small Egg from Neumann's farm and enter it into the contest. Make sure you do this several days before Spring 23, as for some reason the game makes it rain right before the Egg Contest date. If it's raining then Neumann won't be in his shop.

You'll have better chances at winning if you bring a L. Egg.

Fall Events/Birthdays
1st - Mist's Birthday
5th - Felicity's Birthday
7th - Harvest Festival
10th - Mei's Birthday
12th - Tabatha's Birthday
14th - Camus's Birthday
17th - Moon Viewing
21st - Rosetta's Birthday
24th - Wool Contest
29th - Fishing Day
Fast Money!!
First beat the first cave (buy a 1 hand swoed with a 3 combo) then get the hammer from leo(i think)then upgrade your hammer to silver go to the second cave (toros) and skip the first 3-4 rooms you will be in a winter wonderland (lol) now take your hammer and smash the rocks, you will get lvl 9-15 silver (Which sells for 7000-10,000!! a piece).
Felicity is the gentle daughter of Mayor Godwin. She use to be in good health, but about a year ago she contracted a mysterious illness and has been unwell ever since. During the day you can find her inside Neumann's Farm. When the clock strikes 6:00 pm she returns to the 2nd floor of her father's house.

Birthday: Fall 05
Wife Gift: Choco. Cookies
Favorite Gift: Eggplant Curd,
Liked Gifts: Toast, Pizza, Jam Roll, Butter Roll, Cheesecake
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Felicity is a little more challenging than the other girls. Giving her a gift daily will not increase her LP. The only days that presents have any affect are on her birthday, Spring Festival, and the Harvest Festival. To raise her LP you'll have to do a lot of talking to her, especially on the big LP boosting Spring Festival, Beaches Open, Moonlit Eve, and Sacred Night.
Marriage Requirements

The key to marrying Felicity is to discover the mystery behind her sickness.

Step 1: Go to the Library and check out the bookcases. You'll find a book about the legendary Cursed Stone.

Step 2: Head back to the Library after rescuing "Ceci" from Clemens Cave. They'll thank you for saving her and Cecilia will mention that the book about the cursed stone is scarey.

Step 3: In the evening when Felicity is upstairs at her father's house, talk to her about the stone. Felicity will hand the stone over to you. Make sure you have an available slot in your Rucksack to receive the stone. You will need to have at least 3 FP with Godwin and have been given permission to enter his house after 6:00 pm.

Step 4: Take the stone to Doctor Edward. He'll examine the little rock and confirm that it is indeed a Cursed Stone. Edward will dispose of the little rock for you.

Step 5: Return to Felicity and talk to her. Tell her what she received was an evil Cursed Stone. Now that she no longer has the item in her possession, her health begins to return.

Once you've completed the 5 steps, meet up with Felicity on the holiday at the Plaza between Noon and 4:00 pm. You can then propose to her if you've met the basic marriage requirements.

Few Starter tips
At the start of the game when you first get the farm, DONT THROW AWAY THE JUNK! Stones and withered grass will get you a few coins each from the shop and weeds + grasses give you a little bit of health each time you eat one! Even though it sounds like a waste of time, every coin counts and those grasses will help you in the caves.

Happy Gaming!
Fight longer!
when your hp has bean decreasing by a large amount, but you still have RP,heal your hp as much as possible so you can use the hp instead of the small amout of RP you might have!
Find Cecilia and some easy cash!
First, you have to get to the 3rd cave. Then, go to the left side and down. You get closed in, so destroy the machine. once done, go DOWN. (This is also where Cecilia is) You should see some rocks, smash them. You can find:
Scrap iron - 4G
Iron - 50G
Fire crystal - 160G
Sapphire - 700G
Diamond - 980G

then sell this, and: CHA CHING! Instant cash!
Fishing Day [Fall 29]
Fishing Day is a good festival to raise Mei's Love Points. If you have caught some fish, giving them to her will raise her Love Points. No one else in the village seems to have any interest in this fishy day. You can give Mei up to 10 fish, and each fish you hand over will increase her LP.

Forging level up PLUS a lot of money!
Okay, not a lot of cash, but a profit netherless. After you've upgraded your house, follow these steps.

1:Buy a bunch of broadswords.
2:Mine a lot of iron and bronze. (try caramite)
3:Upgrade the broadsword all the way to defender.
4:Sell them to Leo
You can move on to platinum sword, but you need Dannan cave for that, and it's plain inconvenient unless you have a platinum hammer. Of course, two handed swords work too. Don't try it for elemental swords, because it's annoying and time consumming to hit for monseter drops. (I tried doing this for the star saber...took hours in real life.)

Free Empty Bottles
There are 4 available in the game: Check the dresser to the right of the fireplace inside of Mist's house

Down in Jasper's basement, investigate the pile of boxes in the southeast corner
Win the Egg Contest on Spring 23
Win the Exploration (Treasure Hunt) Tournament on Summer 26
Free Rollabouti (wine)
To get a free rare wine for a girl of your choice is go into bianca's house and go down into the basement (keep going straight then down the stairs) then go to the top left of the map and click "a" around the wall then you will say " hey what's this" and then bianca comes down the stairs and lets you have it hope this helps
Get a Kitchen & Fridge on the first day.
This ones easy, usually people think you cannot get a Kitchen & Fridge until Spring 1. Well they're wrong. All you have to do is go to the fishing dock in town, and Sabrina will give you a "Cheap Rod", catching some fish, and using all of the items that you pick up off of your farm, go to Emmet who is open on holidays sell all your stuff and you'll easily reach 2,000 gold, then talk to Ivan who is in the 3rd tier next to the Mayor's house, and buy a Kitchen & Fridge. If you can't make up enough money you can easily make just 1,000 gold from the stuff on your farm which will get you either a Kitchen or Fridge. Enjoy.
Get Rich Fairly Quick....
When you're looking to upgrade your house and find yourself short on money (and growing crops just doesn't do it for you) mining is your best bet. Upgrade your hammer to silver and then go into Toros Cave. There, mine as much as you can, destroying the rocks in one charged hit. You'll get different level sapphires, silver, etc. that you can sell for oodles of money. I usually go out in the morning, then bathe, and then go out again at night. Having monsters farm and water for you helps a lot!
goods in riding a wolf
When riding a wolf you can attack also so this may save your rune points you can a wolf in danaan cave or maybe in toros cave... and when the enemy attacks your wolf will serve you as a shield so you dont to have to worry happy gaming!!!
greater daemon strategy
ok so the two things to always remember when defeating any kind of boss, is to pace yourself and study its weakness, the greater daemon's weakness is easy, when it's enraged it punches it's chest, this is probably the good time to strike it with your sword, BUT ONLY HIT IT THREE TIMES, and when he lands on the ground that means he's about to charge at you...there's no escape to this attack so just run, his second attack is his punches, this is easy enough to do...when he raises his arms to punch you, IMMEDIATELY go for his back and strike him TWO times, his third attack is when you can't hit him, he goes at a corner and punches on the ground, when he does this just run around so you can avoid the popping rocks, when you've hit him enough, he'll turn red, and you'll know he's really angry at you, the only difference with his this and his normal stance is, he punches you faster, and when he charges at you he will try to hit you at least three times instead of one, and when he punches the ground more rocks come out, the only way you can defeat him now is to, hit him ONE at a time when he tries to punch you, and why only one at a time?, it's because he moves faster when he's enraged...REMEMBER PACE YOURSELF!!!
hope i helped <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> if there are any problems or questions you can just follow me on twitter and ask me then jaime_08 is my user name on twitter thanks for reading guys <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Harvest Festival [Fall 07]
Instead of having a large potluck like in previous Harvest Moon games, this time you are giving everyone crops that you've grown on your farm or inside of the caves. The gifts are big boosts to Friendship and Love Points, except of course for Bianca.

Good crops to choose are Cucumbers, Corn, Bamboo Sprouts, and Tomatoes.

how to get fast cash with fish
when you get the fishing rod (CHEAP ONE) you can fish at certain spots like
(1 near the ruins
(2 in the river
(3 the ocean
when you get a cherry salmon. SELL IT!!!!
you will get 10 Gs for each centimeter.
for example: a 10 cm. cherry salmon would cost
100 Gs. that's all I have to tell you for now
Inifinity Check Ups
If you do not have enough to pay for a Check-Up, you can continue to get as many check-ups as you want to cure all your status conditions. This means that you will be able to cure your conditions and then continue fighting. There is no limit to how many you get in one day, but if you get over the amount of Gold you need for a check-up, you will have to pay the Doctor for you check-up.
At the Clinic you'll find Doctor Edward and his nurse Lara. She is always concerned about everyone's health, and constantly worries about your own safety. Lara will pretty much stay inside of the Clinic for the entire week, but on the holiday she will head outside the Clinic for a few hours. She is very dedicated to helping Edward take care of the villagers.

Birthday: Winter 01
Wife Gift: Medicinal Herb
Favorite Gift: Choco. Cookies
Liked Gifts: Strawberry, Pancakes, jams, Donut, French Toast
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Lara likes to receive daily gifts. You could woo Rosetta and Lara at the same time, since they both are fond of Strawberries. Her LP will also increase if you talk to her on Spring Festival, Beaches Open, go on the date from Moonlit Eve, and visit on Sacred Night. She also likes gifts on her birthday, Spring Festival, and the Harvest Festival. Lara is fairly easy to please.

Marriage Requirements:

Lara is not very difficult to marry, but you do need to take some extra steps before she'll accept your proposal.

Step 1: As you progress through the game, you'll eventually come to an event where Cecilia becomes trapped inside of Coemens Cave. You have to find and rescue the little girl as part of the story line, so this step is already taken care of.

Step 2: After you rescue Cecilia from Clemens Cave, visit the Library between 6:00 am and 9:00 am (if Russell has 3 or more FP) or after 4:00 pm, and head up to the 2nd floor. Cecilia will thank you for saving her from the beasts inside Clemens Cave and rewards you with a Lapis Lazuli. Make sure you have an available item slot in your Rucksack to receive the pretty rock from Cecilia.

Once you receive the Lapis Lazuli, take it to Lara and give it to her. You can then talk to her again and propose marriage if she has 10 LP.

Leo's Shop - Axes
Axes: About the equivalent of a hammer but with a blade. The giant Axe weapons can be used to chop sticks, but stumps will still require the powered up strength of your axe tool.

1. Name: Battle Axe
Price: 8500G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: Ball Axe
Price: 22,300G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom

3. Name: Alldale
Price: 70,000G
Season: Winter
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom
Leo's Shop - Hammers
Hammers: Besides your basic hammer tool, you can make special hammers that are high on the damage scale. Hammers take a while to swing but one swing may be all you'll need. Big hammers can be used for mining.

1. Name: Battle Hammer
Price: 7600G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: War Hammer
Price: 18,500G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom

3. Name: Great Hammer
Price: 55,000G
Season: Winter
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom
Leo's Shop - One Hand Swords
One Hand Sword - These are the fastest weapons you can swing. They are good for fighting against anything, and can even be used like a Sickle for cutting grass.


1. Name: Broadsword
Price: 800G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: Long Sword
Price: 2980G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Kamait

3. Name: Wind Sword
Price: 5800G
Season: Spring
Requirements: Clear Kamait

4. Name: Aqua Sword
Price: 9200G
Season: Spring
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom

5. Name: Defender
Price: 19,800G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Kajimill

Leo's Shop - Polearms
Polearms: They are faster than a 2h sword, but can only damage enemies directly in front of you.

1. Name: Spear
Price: 1800G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: Lance
Price: 4600G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Kamait

3. Name: Needle Spear
Price: 7500G
Season: Fall
Requirements: Clear Kamait

4. Name: Water Spear
Price: 13,600G
Season: Fall
Requirements: Clear Kajimill

5. Name: Halberd
Price: 18,000G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom
Leo's Shop - Shields
1. Name: Small Shield
Price: 1200G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: Iron Shield
Price: 1600G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Taurus

3. Name: Round Shield
Price: 2000G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom
Leo's Shop - Two Hand Swords
Two Hand Swords: A larger blade means you can hit for more damage, but the swing time is slower than the 1 handed version. These can be used as a Sickle as well, although 2h swords won't cut multiple squares of grass.

1. Name: Claymore
Price: 2500G
Season: Any
Requirements: None

2. Name: Punisher
Price: 7000G
Season: Summer
Requirements: Clear Kamait

3. Name: Two-Hand Sword
Price: 12,800G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Taurus

4. Name: Gaia Sword
Price: 24,000G
Season: Summer
Requirements: Clear Mistbloom

5. Name: Great Sword
Price: 35,600G
Season: Any
Requirements: Clear Kajimill
Leveling up Skills (Except Communication)
Lumber - With a lv1 Axe, even though you cant cut down the stump, chopping it can still increase it's level

Mining - Charging it at lv2 has a better raise in skill than normal strikes

Fishing - The bigger the fish, the more points awarded in skill up

Swordsman - In the 2nd screen of Carmite, theres a monster spawn on the far left before the stairs, that enemy offers good EXP and skill points in the early parts of the game

Farming - with a hammer, repeating the process of hammering land, then plowing it over and over again

Pharm/Decor/Cooking - with a kitchen/furnace or other suppleis bought from Ivan. with recipe books obtain make disheso r items, it dosent matter if you fail, the level still rises. However failed cooking food will lose its items.

Lots of money
(Note: This is easy but takes awhile to get the stuff you need)
1: Get many strawberry seeds(Note: the higher the level, the more money)
2: get some harvesting and watering monsters
3: till your farm land and plant the strawberries
(Note: You only need to till/Plant in the area your monsters will get to)
4: Sit back and relax, the monsters will water the strawberries and then harvest them when they are ready, So you are free to do other things
Lumber! Lumber! Lumber Everywhere!
Are you having problems find lumber? Well heres a great way to get lots of lumber! In caves just take your axe,avoid the enemys, and cut! And the enemys don't want to touch farming land so they can't hit you! Everyday, go to as many caves as you can and just cut cut cut! You'll have lots in no time! Im doing this trick now to upgrade my house!
A commander for the Sechs Country military, Lynette has a change of heart and helps you out instead. Once the main story line of the game has been completed she moves into Mist's house. During the day she'll be around the roadways of the village, but at night you can always find her at Mist's. Because she is a foreigner to Kardia Village, Lynette is always observing the local villagers and puzzling over their strange ways.

Birthday: Fall 25
Wife Gift: Apple Pie
Favorite Gift: 4-Leaf Clover
Liked Gifts: L. Yogurt, Bamboo Sprout
Disliked Gifts: Strawberry

Raising Love Points:

Lynette isn't any more difficult than Rosetta or Lara. You just have to give her gifts she likes to raise her LP value. She also will boost her Love Points if you talk to her on Spring Fesival and Beaches Open, as well as participate with her on Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night.

You really just have to know where Lynette happens to be in order to give a daily gift. Since she's new to Kardia Village, she spends each day in a new location observing the lives of the rural villagers.

* Monday - In front of Jean's shop, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* Tuesday - In front of Camus' Farm, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* Wednesday - In front of Godwin's house, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* Thursday - In the Plaza, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* Friday - On the stairs leading to the beach, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* Holiday - Inside the Church, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
* After 9:00 pm, Mist's house
* Rainy day - Library, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, Mist's house after 6:00 pm
* Rainy holiday - Inside Sabrina's shop, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, Mist's house after 6:00 pm

Marriage Requirements:

You must finish the main story line of the game before you get the chance to marry Major Lynette. Once that step has been completed, you must also have befriended everyone in the village up to at least 8 Friend Points.

Proposing marriage to Lynette is a little tricky, since the conversation script about getting married can randomly appear when you are talking to her. You just have to keep talking and hope you get lucky enough that you get prompted to ask her hand in marriage.

A commander for the Sechs Country military, Lynette has a change of heart and helps you out instead. Once the main story line of the game has been completed she moves into Mist's house. During the day she'll be around the roadways of the village, but at night you can always find her at Mist's. Because she is a foreigner to Kardia Village, Lynette is always observing the local villagers and puzzling over their strange ways.

Birthday: Fall 25

Favorite Gift:
4-Leaf Clover

Liked Gifts:
L. Yogurt, Bamboo Sprout

Disliked Gifts:

*Raising Love Points*

Lynette isn't any more difficult than Rosetta or Lara. You just have to give her gifts she likes to raise her LP value. She also will boost her Love Points if you talk to her on Spring Fesival and Beaches Open, as well as participate with her on Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night.

You really just have to know where Lynette happens to be in order to give a daily gift. Since she's new to Kardia Village, she spends each day in a new location observing the lives of the rural villagers.

Monday - In front of Jean's shop, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Tuesday - In front of Camus' Farm, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Wednesday - In front of Godwin's house, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday - In the Plaza, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Friday - On the stairs leading to the beach, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Holiday - Inside the Church, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
After 9:00 pm, Mist's house
Rainy day - Library, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, Mist's house after 6:00 pm
Rainy holiday - Inside Sabrina's shop, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, Mist's house after 6:00 pm

*Marriage Requirements*

You must finish the main story line of the game before you get the chance to marry Major Lynette. Once that step has been completed, you must also have befriended everyone in the village up to at least 8 Friend Points.

Proposing marriage to Lynette is a little tricky, since the conversation script about getting married can randomly appear when you are talking to her. You just have to keep talking and hope you get lucky enough that you get prompted to ask her hand in marriage.
Make a whole lotta money
Okay, upgrade your fishing rod to a willow rod. Save before you go out, just in case you don't catch much. Go to the the docks and start fishing. I don't know if this happens with everyones I catch a macarel I catch atleast 4 snappers dirrectly afterwards like a chain. If your chain stops, save at the shell. Then go back to fishing. If you can't catch snappers still, just reset to the point where you saved, at the mystery shell. Keep repeating this until you can't catch anymore. If you have kitchen skills, make fried snapper out of level 4 or lower snappers to make more money. I make about 40,000 a day on this.
This dark, mysterious woman came from a far away land to Kardia Village. She lives at LadyAnn's Inn, where she prefers to keep to herself and doesn't really like to be bothered talking with anybody. On Thursdays she'll go down to the dock at the ocean side. Nobody can tell how old she really is, but if you bring her fish you'll at least get a smile out of her.

Birthday: Fall 10
Wife Gift: Baked Riceballs
Favorite Gift: Baked Riceballs
Liked Gifts: Lobster, Lamp Squid, Lover Snapper, any fish higher than level 26
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Mei is one of the most tedious girls to marry. To raise her LP you'll discover that most gifts mean nothing to her. The best thing to do is talk to her during fesivals, give her a gift on her Birthday, and give her fish on Fishing Day (Fall 29). The max number of fish you can give her on that day is 10.

Since the Misty Bloom Cave is only available in the Winter, catch 11 Lover Snapper (10 plus the 1 necessary for trading) and store them in your Refrigerator. Trade 1 of them until level 80, then on Fall 29 give her the remaining 10 to help boost her LPs.

Marriage Requirements:

It takes a lot of effort, and a good friend who also has a copy of Rune Factory, to meet the requirements necessary.

Step 1: Upgrade your Fishing Pole to level 5 (Sacred Rod), which requires you to collect various bits of items from the monsters. Leo can upgrade your pole a few levels for you, but it's up to you to take it all the way to the last level. The last item you'll need comes off of the plants in Danann Cave, so you'll almost be done with the main story line by the time you get the pole upgraded to the required level.

Step 2: Head to the Winter season Misty Bloom Cave and make your way down to the area before the final boss' room, or the room with the Tricky Mush summoning machine (A5). Charge up your Fishing Rod to its highest power and fish off the docks until you catch a Lover Snapper, a large pink fish.

Step 3: Find a friend who also has a copy of Rune Factory for their DS, and use the Wifi network to trade the Lover Snapper back and forth. Each time it passes from DS to DS it will raise 1 level. You need the fish to be at least level 80, so this may take some time.

Once you have the level 80+ fish, give it to Mei and then talk to her again to propose.

This odd little witch seems to be always happy about something or another. She manages the Hot Springs you can visit to recharge your Rune Points once a day after 3:00 pm. Melody lives on the 2nd floor of the spa. She spends most of her time managing the Hot Springs and rarely leaves the building except for Fridays between 9am and 3pm. During that time you'll find her hanging out with her friend Sharron in front of Kasimir Ruins.

Birthday: Spring 11
Wife Gift: Curry Noodles
Favorite Gift: Relaxtea
Liked Gifts: Wild grasses (red, blue, green, etc.) Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

If you give her a gift you'll find out that it won't mean much to her. She's only impressed by people who like to take baths. To raise her LP you'll have to use the hot springs daily, which only costs 10 G each time. You can also invite her out on a date on Moonlit Eve or spend some time with her on Sacred Night, but talking to her on Spring Festival won't have any LP affect.

Marriage Requirements:

You don't have to hunt down any items or make your way through a specific cave. You just have to follow a conversation chain and collect the basic marriage requirements.

Step 1: On Fridays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Melody will be out by the Kasimir Ruins with Sharron. Talk to them both to hear some back story.

Step 2: Sharron heads off to the Inn after 9:00 pm every day, so go pay her a visit. You'll get to hear some more. You will need to raise LadyAnn's FP up to at least 3, and then talk to her again to gain permission to visit her Inn after 9pm.

Step 3: Before 3:00 pm, go to the Hot Springs and talk to Melody when she's upstairs in her room. Just like with LadyAnn, Melody will need to have 3 FP or more and have granted your access to her hot springs before opening hours.

At this point you've completed the steps necessary to marry Melody. When you're ready talk to her again to propose.

Okay. This is a guide for the Boss of Misty Bloom Cave.

Weapon to use:Cyclone blade(2 areials and a wind crystal.)
Items to bring:2-3 myestery potions, sleep or eat yourself to full RP. 4-5 Paragons would be nice too.
Stradergy:Okay. Stay at one of the four points it comes up, and charge attack. When it comes up, hit it! Then whack it a few times. If it summons the creature, stop everything and hit it! It is very hard to beat this boss with this creature hitting you frequently. The notes can be avoided by not bothering and eating Paragons, or just running to a difrent spot. But I brought 9 paragons, and 2 myestery potions. The water laser is easy to dodge. When it turns red, it will try to heal. Hit it once to stop the attack. Once it's red, don't stop moving, and hit it when you get the chance. It'll go fast with the cycole blade.
When you first arrived in Kardia Village, Mist was the one who took care of you. The land you live on is situated just north of her house. Mist is a very ordinary girl who just would like to see you regain your memories. She visits your farm every afternoon and on rainy days she'll even be inside your house. Mist gives you advice each time you enter a new Cave, so she's generally a very helpful girl.

Birthday: Fall 01
Wife Gifts: Tempura Udon, Tomato Seeds, Flour, Sardine
Favorite Gift: Emery Flower
Liked Gifts: Radish, Baked Apple, 4-Leaf Clover, Fried Udon, Cake
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Mist enjoys daily gifts and conversation, as well as the special holidays like Spring Festival and Beaches Open. The big bonus to Mist is her birthday. If you give her a birthday present you'll get a huge bonus to her LP.

Marriage Requirements:

Marrying the first girl you met isn't terribly difficult but it will take some time.

Step 1: You must clear the Danann Cave and defeat the boss at the end.

Step 2: Clear the field Mist loaned you of any debris such as weeds, rocks, stumps, and so on. You then must till every square of land, but you don't have to plant and raise crops on the soil.

Once you've finished the two steps, go inside her house when she's there to talk to her. After your conversation you can propose marriage.

Money In Spring And Levels
Money In Spring
Use the first year to save up LOADS of money you will need at least 10,000 to 20,000 here. Wait til 9:00AM if you dont have the friend level for the plant shop and buy as much Strawberry seeds. After buying bijilions of Strawberry seeds plant them in your farm AND caves (Carmite Cave I found was easist) Get meterials (3 Irons and 7 Silvers) to upgrade your Watering Can the first year. Charge up your wattering can so that blue square is in any of the areas shown as STARS below
@ * @
  • @ *
@ * @
charge up fully and let go it shoud water the whole 3x3 area. This will come in handy. Since strawberries are re-grows save BEFORE you go to bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT incase of hurricanes. BE SURE TO WATER THE STRAWBERRIES IN THE CAVES WHEN ITS RAINING MANY PEOPLE FORGET THIS.

My Profile Doing This
Strawberry seeds: 14
Areas For Seeds: 14
Money Beggining: 0
Money Ending: 186,435 (approximatly)


FARMING: Keep re-filling your watering can or refill-spill-refill-spill combination

MINING: Use any HAMMER and go to Carmite Cave/Toros Cave. [For Carmite] Run North and bash the rocks there. Go out and in untill you have 1 HP it should be around 3:00PM if you have enough HP. Anyway go to the Springs in town and get a bath, do this again untill your levels are getting up. [For Toros] go west and do the same in in Carmite PLUS you get saphires here 700G NOT BAD!

Swordmanship: Kill enemies NOT machines.
Money Making for Spring
ok you might want at least 5 monster huts

go to carnit cave and nab yourself 4 ants then go over to toros cave and nab your self 4-8 fire guys (the skull thing that shoots fire) it depends how much crops you want get the ants to harvest the crops and skull things to water the crops then plow 15 rows acroos and all the way down of land (or more if you want i don't like doing the whole thing for some reason) go out and buy 10 grazing grass and 20 strwaberry's (gotta feed monsters to you know) i have 800,000g right now so it's a fairly easy money making scheme i mean i never water my crops anymore they have it covered you can do this everyseason just substitute straberrys for anything elses (if you want money fast pineapple not reccomended and stuff that re-grows even more recomeneded because you don't have to go out and buy more seed

i hope this helps
money money money
if you have a seed maker and your growing radishes, instead of selling the radishes pick them and turn them to seeds and then sell the, because you can get 100g instead of just 60g.
Moonlit Eve [Fall 17]
If you have a girl with 4 Love Points or higher, talk to her in order to invite her to go out on a date with you. Between 6:00 pm and midnight meet her at the top of Mt. Clemens for a romantic conversation. Who you ask is as important as when you ask!

* After 6:00 am - Lynette and Sharron
* After 9:00 am - Bianca, Felicity, Lara, Mei, Rosetta, Tabatha, and Tori
* After Noon - Mist
* After 3:00 pm - Melody

Don't let the fact that you might be married stop you from going out on a date! Your wife won't even interfere with your evening stroll with another woman.

New Years Day [Spring 01]
Everyone is out and about in the village, and you'll even find Godwin giving you new year wishes in the village plaza. That's about all that occurs on this day. On your first year in the game you'll start out after the 1st of Spring, so you won't be able to see this until the beginning of your second year.

New Years Eve [Winter 30]
All of the villagers are out of their shops for you to talk about the upcoming year with. Once 6:00 pm comes around everyone heads back in and locks up for the night. You can't visit them in their homes and nothing else happens that evening.

OMG! A BABY! and the easiest girl( but needs alot of money for 7 monster huts and both basements)
I belive you have to wait 150 days after you get married to get your wife pregnent. I did it when I first got the game so I can't really remember... but I do know you get a child, but I dont think you can name it.



1. Det 50 animals (monsters)
2. Go to the ruins on a holiday around 9am-6pm (on the lily pad you cross to go to Dannan Cave)
3. Talk to her. If she hast yet told you then she will tell you she is an elf that came to this town looking for a man. she will say that you are that man and she will ask you to marry you. Say yes and you will be at the church.
Pay for house in 7 days.
Ok, I just realized how to get a house expansion in less then 7 days . Well the money at least.

Requirments: Finished Carmite and Toro's cave.
Some decent Hp and a cheap hammer... Which you need to finish Toro's.

Anywayz, go talk to godwin, he'll say he can't issue you the pass for clemens and some other junk.

Go to the library and Russell (I love him... )
Will be freaking out saying that Cereal, or whatever her name is has ran off, run to toro's. don't enter, go a bit more west, talk to russell. Then run back to Godwin, you'll ask for the pass and he'll give it to you.

Run to the top of the hill, go inside the cave, go west, you'll pass two monster machines, and 4 mine rocks, after you go west, go south, you'll see a scene where your trapped with a monster machine, destroy it and proceed south.
You'll find cereal and mist will come and take her back to the village... NOW THE MONeY MAKING BEGINZ!

There is a bunch of rocks there, mine them all.

You can get...

-scrap Iron
-Iron (HIGH LVL, like lvl 20 that you can sell for 1000 coins or whatever the hell the currency is)
-Silver, rare though
-Diamond Extremely common, you can sell lvl 15 ones for over 10.000
-Rubies common, almost as much diamonds
-Fire crystal, not worth much, I keep for crafting.

Do it once, you should have ATLEAST 5 diamonds.
Run to leo's, sell them ALL.

Ore/Gems have a lvl. The higher the lvl, the more they are worth.

Lvl 1 iron is 60 coins I think.
lvl 20 iron is 1000 coins.
lvl 1 Diamond is 980 coins or close to that.
lvl 20 Diamonds is over 22.000

Pickled Radish Recipe
[No Utensil]

Ingredients: Radish
Craft Skill: One
Sell Price: 70G
Minutes: 70

Other: Restores 3 RP
STR -2
Sealing DEF +20%
quick money
as soon as you get into carmite cave plant strawberry seeds in the feilds to the left then put a greenifer on one and wait until it grows as soon as it dose throw it in a seed maker (bought from Iven)and replant it. then throw another greenifer on the higher level crops until their lv 10 then you get 2000 a strawberry every two days(which = about 10,000 per patch per day with only 2 hours of work). the only problem is finding how to spend all the money.
Restore 100 RP in a cave without leaving
To restore 100 RP, all you have to do is eat food that restores RP, because you can't eat food for a while after eating food that restores RP, save your game turn your DS off, and then turn your DS back on, you'll notice that the little apple that is usually underneath your health/RP bar is gone, meaning you can eat more food! Repeat this step over and over again until you have 100RP, I do this all the time and I guarantee you it works.
Riding Wolves
Even when you are slow, when you ride on a wolf from Danaan Cave you will go at regular speed.
Rollabouti's purpose
A lot of people get Rollabouti and dunno what to do with it. Well befriend Emmet and when he is at fp, go see him in his store. Go before hours and talk to him. He will say something about wanting to try Rollabouti, give him the rare wine. He will ask where you got such a thing, or something similar. Don't think you just lostet a rare wine , in return Emmet will give you some ultimate curry!
Rosetta is Jean's daughter and she helps her father out at his General Store. She not a terribly helpful person, but everyday she comes to your farm to pick up the items you've placed in your Shipping Bin. Rosetta is very tom-boyish, and is the opposite of Mist. She has very little regard for your neighbor lady to the south as the two of them appear to be rivals.

Birthday: Fall 21
Wife Gift: Corn on Cob
Favorite Gift: Baked Potato
Liked Gifts: Strawberry, Corn, Hot Milk, Omelet, Corn on Cob, Hot Chocolate
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Rosetta is a classic Harvest Moon girl, as giving gifts will increase her Love Points. You can grow Strawberries inside of Carmite Cave and then give her one daily.

Marriage Requirements:

Marrying Rosetta requires you to wander into the 2nd mine, but other then that she's not very difficult.

Step 1: Visit the Library and read up on a book about the legendary White Stone. It'll be in the middle section of bookcases on the 1st floor, in the right area of the right-hand side shelves.

Step 2: Go to the General Store and talk to Rosetta when she is upstairs in her room, usually after 8:00 pm. She'll talk to you about the stone. You'll need to raise Jean's FP up to 3 before you can enter the store after hours.
white stone

Step 3: Head to the Toros Cave. In the ice covered areas on the first floor (Area9) you'll find a large, white stalagmite in the same area with the Little Wizard. Investigate the icy structure to find a White Stone.

Step 4: Give the White Stone to Rosetta.

After you have handed over the stone you can talk to her again and ask her to marry you.

Sacred Night [Winter 24]
This requires a girl to have 7 or more Love Points. You will go on a small date with a girl and it will raise her LP, pretty dramatically most of the time.

Salad Recipe
[No Utensil]

Ingredients: Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Cabbage
Craft Skill: 1
Sell Price: 130G
Minutes: 60

Other: Restores 10 HP and 6 RP
DEX +2
Water ATK +2
The beautiful maiden Sharron seems to be investigating mysterious power coming from the Kasimir Ruins. She is concerned about all of the monsters living inside. While she spends most of the day at the ruins, surrounded by giant lily pads, at night she stays in the far right guest room at the Inn. She is close friends with Melody.

Birthday: Winter 19
Wife Gift: Donut
Favorite Gift: Relaxtea Leaves
Liked Gifts: Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Water Crystal
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Sharron is one of the easiest girls to raise the Love Point value to 10. Once you have unlocked Clemens Cave, mine the rocks until you find Fire Crystals. Give the crystals to Sharron when she is outside of Kasimir Ruins and she'll be at 10 LP in no time. On Wednesdays she goes inside the ruins for the day, so if you don't have the permit from Godwin you can't talk to her until after 9pm at the Inn. You will need at least 3 FP with LadyAnn before you can visit the Inn late at night.

Marriage Requirements:

You need to reach Mt. Gigant before you can start the chain of events needed to marry Sharron.

Step 1: Clear the Mt. Gigant area and defeat the boss, Grimoire. Once the boss is finished you'll receive the item Grimoire's Scale.

Step 2: Take the scale to Leo the Blacksmith. When you give it to him he'll begin crafting a sword. Leo will give you the Grimoire Sword made from the scale of the dragon.

Step 3: Give the Grimoire Sword to Sharron.

After you've given her the sword, you can ask for her hand in marriage if she has 10 LP.

Spring Events/Birthdays
1st - New Years Day
3rd - Jean's Birthday
11th - Melody's Birthday
13th - Neumann's Birthday
18th - Spring Thanksgiving
20th - Russell's Birthday
23rd - Egg Festival
27th - Cooking Contest
30th - Emmett's Birthday
Spring Festival [Spring 18]
On this day you can gain big boosts in Love Points by giving the marriage candidates Cookies or Choco Cookies. You can buy the Chocolate from Emmett's shop, Spring Rabbit, for 600 G a piece and then you'll have to make Cookies yourself (with or withouth the Chocolate).

* Bianca - Plaza
* Felicity - In front of Godwin's house
* Lara - Plaza
* Mei - Beach
* Melody - In front of the mansion
* Mist - Beach, at the end of the dock
* Rosetta - Near the benches by Godwin's house
* Sharron - Kasimir Ruins
* Tabatha - Plaza
* Tori - In front of the Clinic

Nobody says you have to give just one present! *wink*

Summer Events/Birthdays
1st - Beach Opening
3rd - Jasper's Birthday
8th - Bianca's Birthday
12th - Cecelia's Birthday
13th - Zavier's Birthday
18th - Milk Contest
20th - LadyAnn's Birthday
23rd - Godwin's Birthday
26th - Exploration Tourney
30th - Nicholas's Birthday
Super Fishing!
Alrighty then! If you love fishing and making money, then you should try this cheat!

Upgrade your rod to the Willow rod or higher. Then, go fishing where the ruins are. This is where some rare fish live, and you'll probably get better fish if you upgrade your rod a few times. I got some fish (I forget their names) and they sold at Sabrina's store for a ton of money! Thanks for reading, and happy fishing! E-mail me if this cheat doesn't seem to work for you - I'll be happy to reply and help!
Tabatha is the maid who works for the Sainte-Coquille family. She takes care of Bianca and her father Jasper at the mansion, doing the cooking and cleaning. Tabatha doesn't mind taking care of those two and she rarely leaves the mansion except on the weekend day. What is she hiding under that big poofy hat of her's? You'll have to befriend her to find out!

Birthday: Fall 12
Wife Gift: Corn
Favorite Gift: Rice Porridge
Liked Gifts: Apple, Grape, 4-Leaf Clover, Flour, Mixed Juice, Mixed Ole
Disliked Gifts: None

Raising Love Points:

Tabatha likes gifts and conversation, but her main factor in increasing Love Points is your monsters. When you collect and take care of monsters you'll increase her LP.

Marriage Requirements:

Marrying Tabatha takes time and money.

Step 1: Build Monster Huts. Each level of a building you have Camus construct will cost you 1000 G and 100 wood. You can build 7 Monster Huts, and then add onto those huts to make 2 more basements in each one. Each floor of the hut can hold 4 animals that you've befriended. Every 4 monsters you capture will increase her affection by 1 heart.

Step 2: Take your Pet Gloves into the caves and capture monsters. Just let a monster beat on you while you continue to press the B button with the glove equipped. Once it has become your friend it'll transport to an empty space in your barn. You need at least 50 animals living on your property but these can easily be random easy to catch ones.

Step 3: On a weekend day when the weather is not raining, visit Kasimir Ruins between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. You will find Tabatha around in the area. Talk to he about your large herd of friendly monsters.

Once you've impressed Tabatha with your little zoo, you can ask her to marry you. Even after you've married Tabatha she won't take off her giant hat.
Tank glicth?
When you beat the game, Goto where the tank was then move above it, face it then press the A button. Your bars and equipped gear will disapear for a moment, as if you were moving through maps.
Tip For the Sake of Your File
When In Misty Bloom cave, Using the "Ride your Wolf Anywhere" Bug" During Spring to get in the cave Nullifiys this.

NEVER, And I Mean NEVER Use a Sleeping Bag on winter 30th In this cave. If you do, Your File will Corrupt.
Tori is the book learned lady of the available bachelorettes. She spends many days inside the Library among the bookcases. She is a shy girl and completely opposite of her brother Zavier. At night she goes back to her mother's Inn, or heads off to the Hot Spring to spend time with Melody. When you talk to her she'll struggle past her bashfulness but will always manage to wish for your safety. One day she would like to travel the world that she's only read about in books.

Birthday: Winter 26
Wife Gift: Baked Apple
Favorite Gift: Pump. Pudding
Liked Gifts: Strawberry, Grape, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Ole, Pink Cat, Pudding, L. Cheese
Disliked Gifts: None

Marrying Tori is fairly simple, but you will need a Buffamoo from the Mt. Gigant cave area.

Step 1: Walk into the Hot Spring on a clear evening Tuesday or Thursday. Tori will be inside.

Step 2: Raise a Buffamo up to 8 Friend Points. When you milk your Buffamoo you should start receiving L. Milk.

Step 3: On the weekend between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm Tori will be at the summit of Mt. Clemens. She'll be up the north path, before you walk west towards the bridge leading to Mt. Gigant. Take a L. Milk and hand it over to her.

Once she receives the large size Milk you've completed the steps needed to marry her. Just talk to her again to propose.

Tori is very fond of people who read books, so to raise her LP head to the library every day and read one of the books there. The only other ways to raise her LP are by taking part in the love-based festivals like Spring Festival, Moonlit Eve, and Starry Night.

Treasure Hunt [Summer 26]
Talk to Godwin in the Plaza and he will send you out to find a book called Sunset Road, an item he's hidden inside of Carmite Cave. The prizes you can select from will depend on how quickly you can find Sunset Road.

* Before 20 minutes = 200,000 G and 2000 Lumber
* 20 - 50 minutes = 100,000 G or 1000 Lumber
* 50 - 80 minutes = 50,000 G or 500 Lumber
* 80 - 100 minutes = 10,000 G or 100 Lumber
* 100 or more = 1000 G or 10 Lumber

If it's your first time placing in the tournament then you can choose to receive an Empty Bottle instead of money or wood. You are only rewarded with one bottle. In following years you'll only be able to choose one of the other two prizes. If you do complete the search in less than 20 minutes you won't get the option to choose the bottle.
Book Location

The nice thing about the book is its hidden in the same location every year! The book can be found on the 2nd floor of Carmite. From the staircase, run past the Save Spot and then follow the southern pathway until you reach a dead end with a machine that generates Ants. Investigate the rock at the end of the hall to pick up the book. You can then teleport out (or run if you must) back to Godwin and then give him the book. Be careful not to miss when handing him the Sunset Road or else you'll have to go back to Carmite for another copy.

Trouble Getting Started???
If your having trouble getting started or have started and are stuck then heres a few tips...

1.Two empty bottles can be found in the game at the Jasper's Manor Basement(Bianca's Dad) and/or in Mist House in her cupboard.
2.Two-Hand swords hit very high but don't improve your DEF while Single-Hand swords hit ok and let you hold Sheild(which improves your DEF).*Better to use a Sinlge-Hand sword in the beggining cave's*
3.The more upgrades you have the easier life on Rune Factory will start early and the game will flow much more smoothly.You can purchase upgrades at Leo's Sword Shop...He tells you what he needs,you go get it and he makes it...that simple...Once he upgrades your items two times he can no longer forge you must buy a HOUSE UPGRADE(200,000g and 2,000 wood) to continue forging...*You get other things in the HOUSE UPGRADE,BUT I HATE SPOILING SUPRISES...*
4.To level up just be patient...fight and run/heal.It takes time but its worth it if you stay with it.I found it easier to run behind the machine and attack it...the monster will chase you,and you can kill both...
Two Axes!
If you ever need to use an axe when your getting an upgrade on your axe or your in a cave with a lot of wood and don't wanna waste time switching from axe to sword, then here's a tip for you.

White Stone
if you go into toros cave after rosetta tells you about the white stone, theres a stream in the middle of the cave with a large pile of snow at the bottom if you walk up to it and press a, a menu will pop up asking you whether you should dig or leave it alone. if you choose dig, youll uncover the white stone. if you plan on marrying rosetta, you can give this to her if you want to marry her. if arent interested in her, you can either just give it to lukas and gain 8 friendship points, or you can sell it to him in the pub for 100,000G. this is good if your just starting out and need quick cash. hoped this helped!
Winter Events/Birthdays
1st - Lara's Birthday
4th - Sabrina's Birthday
6th - Winter Thanksgiving
8th - Edward's Birthday
11th - Leo's Birthday
17th - Wesley's Birthday
10th - Sharron's Birthday
24th - Starry Night
26th - Tori's Birthday
28th - Lukas's Birthday
30th - New Years Eve
Winter Festival [Winter 06]
If you have a girl at 5 or more Love Points, talking to her on this day might get you a piece of chocolate. Remember to keep available space in your Rucksack to receive their gift! If you are married you will receive your chocolate piece when you talk to your wife a second time after she gives you your daily meal.

Wooing Bianca fast
Don't talk to her everyday. It won't increase FP and LP fast. Use the festival instead. In year 2 she will be ready to marry you in no time!! Also befriend with her dad and Tabatha boast her FP < Unconfirmed >
Wool Show [Fall 24]
Bring a clipping of fur from a Woolly and give it to Godwin in the Plaza. You'll raise your Friendship if you are announced the winner.



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Easily Reach Cave Bosses
To get to a cave boss easily, use a power weapon, strike the device and rune then go to a different area and back making the monster dissappear and destroy the device taking virtually no damage.
Weather Control
Are the tsunamis going to destroy your fields? Not to worry, you don't have to deal with them. If you ever wake up in the middle of a storm, just turn off your DS without saving. Normally you'll get rain, but that's more than a fair trade-off.

NOTE: It's best to save each night in order to make sure your progress doesn't get deleted.

Easter eggs

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Lukas funny conversations!!!
Have you ever talked to Lukas for a while? He's yet very funny! When he is at the Inn, he will sometimes describe you girls from the town. When he is at Rosetta's home (Jean's shop), he will say a poem to Rosetta and she will be like: "Im here, you moron!"

I find that very funny!

~ Deidara
r button/closed ds/game boy
After you get a double bed look at the thing on the far right it looks like an R button/closed ds/gameboy.


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After You Die...
Have you ever wondered what it will be like after you die? Well now you can find out. When you die after fighting a boss, the "Try Again" screen comes up and you press A to proceed to the main screen. But instead of going straight to the main screen, don't press anything. You'll see the monster continue to try to beat you up, even after you've passed away! Note: This will also work if you die from a regular monster.
Clear and Organise your field without having time go by
At the beginning of the game, when you enter all your information and Mist tells you to meet her at the farm, you can clear and organise the field, without a single second going by.

When you reach your farm, DO NOT talk to Mist, instead, go to your field. pick up all the weeds and dead weeds, all the herbs, and all the bamboo shoots/wild grasses that may be there.

Nex, pick up all the branches scattered amongst your field, and put them in your rucksack. After that, one by one (They are stacked in groups of 9 in your rucksack) drop the branches in a column, do this on the very edge of your field, not the middle. Repeat this until no branch is left scattered, this will make it easier to cut them when you receive the axe.

Do the same with the stones that are scattered around the field, but place them on the other side of the field, so they will now be easy to break when you have the hammer.

After that, just ship all the weeds, grasses, and bamboo shoots for a bit of extra cash. (Herbs are useful, so keep them)

This only works at the beginning of the game, so good luck! This will help you get your farm going before you even start!
Earn moneye fast
After you get a hammer from Leo and upgrade it if you want. Cut up a lot of wood and ship it for 50g's each.
Hint: Changing weather!
Here's a tip: When you are ready for bed you should always save because if it's stormy the next day and you can't go out you will be able to reset your DS. When you turn it back on you will be at the previous night before bed. All you have to do is go to sleep and wake up to a sunny day, or rainy. Note: You should save in the morning in case you do something and can't take it back. Or you die without saving in a cave.
Invisibility Glitch
To execute it, go to the fourth floor of Greed Cave, wait for the fairy to spawn (don't move, as you need to be hit onto the stairs), and use the black teleport spell. When you get hit, you should go up one floor and be either invisible or very small.

To get out of the glitch, you just need to telepoort.
lets play!
after u get gigant i think talk to mist and she will say "okay you can go off to caves, but you still have to "play" attention to your farm work."

she meant pay, but she said play, so go out there and play with your farm things!
Lots o' money by finding a book!?! SIMPLE
Ok on the holiday where its the treasure hunt, i think its on the 27th of summer but i forgot.(You must have the teleport spell.Located in the Library 2000g) You wake up and go to the Plaza and find Mayor Godwin. Talk to him. He'll ask if you want to join te treasure hunt. Say Yes. Then he says start and your time begins. Then Use the Teleport spell to zap yourself to your house. Run and enter the carmite cave. Over the bridge to the left and over the other bridge above.
There are 2 ways to go. The one on the left is a quicker way but has poison traps. The one on the right is a longer way. Go to the right. When you hit poison dont cure it just yet. Then go up and a hallway is to the left. When you see the monster machine thingy go down and another hallway is to the right. Then go down and to the left.
There's another monster machine thing. Ignore the ants and you'll see a rock next to it. Press a when your next to it. YOU FOUND THE BOOK! Then use the teleport spell to zap your way back to your house. Then head back to the Plaza.

You win lotz of munny! Happy spendings!