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Rune Factory Frontier ~ Live, Love, Fight

The good:

The dungeons are larger
Graphics and animation are well done
More of a plot than most HM games
Voices are good
More than 80 hours of gameplay
Characters seem more realistic
You can fight the bosses as again as much as you want

The bad:

Lots of short loading times
Runeys can be a pain


Rune Factory Frontier is part of the Harvest Moon series that involves fantasy and mild violence, the perfect game for those who like the series, but want more action.
I can honestly say that this game is remarkable. Rune Factory Frontier easily became one of my top 3 most favorite Harvest Moon games, with only a few minor faults bringing it down. I've only played a few games from the Harvest Moon series, but on most of them, I'd run out of things to do before the clock hit 3:00 in game time. But Rune Factory Frontier gives me a big list to do. This is probably the largest game I've ever pl...


A Twist on an Old Favorite!


If your a battle devoted hard-core gamer then your probably ashamed to even think about purchasing a game about farming and relationships, but Rune Factory Frontier is nothing like that. Although Rune Factory is spin-off series from the highly popular casual game series Harvest Moon, Rune Factory adds a twist non-existent in Harvest Moon: combat! Rune Factory appeals to both casual gamers and hard-core games because of its mixed game play.

In the past, Rune Factory has been a Nintendo DS exclusive. Both past Rune Factory games were on the handheld system, but Rune Factory Frontier makes its ...

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