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Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon cheat codes.


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[Updated!] Using Boss Skill
You know, you can use boss's signature attack! All you need is:
- Staff Lv. 1 (Any kind of staff will do. Remember! Lv. 1)
- Boss's Drops
- Forging Skill Minimum Lv. 65
To use Boss's Signature Attack, Upgrade your Lv. 1 Staff with boss's drops. Here's the list of Boss's Signature Attack that you can use. I also include the Boss's Name and what it's drop. Only the
Boss's Name=>Drops
Raccoon=>Raccoon Leaf
Skeleton Fang=>Dragon Bones
Crimsone & Aramantine=>Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur
Death Wall=>Ice Shard
Aquaticus=>Dragon Fin
Here's the Boss's signature attack.
Charge Lv.1: Shoot 1 Seed.
Charge Lv.2: Shoot 3/4 Seeds.
Charge Lv.3: Throw big leaf in round area.
Charge Lv.1: Any Elemental attack. For example: your staff is Wind type, so you will unleash 2 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lv.2: Any Elemental attack. For example: your staff is Wind type, so you will unleash 4 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lv.3: Skelefang's Core Thunder Attack.
Crimsone & Aramantine
Depend on your upgrade material.
Death Wall
Charge Lv.1: Icicle spear slowly spin around you.
Charge Lv.2: Unleash 9 up to 10 Icicle Spears that spin around enemy and attack it.
Charge Lv.3: Unleash a big Icicle Spear that will unleashed after few seconds.
Sorry... Figure it by yourself. It's hard to say it.
[Updated!] Using Boss Skill [Finale]
Well, sorry for the late post about Using Boss Skill Final Part <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />. I had a break from Rune Factory 3 because the final exam and now I've enter the college. Well, it almost 1 year for this post will be posted. Well, one of my friends said to me that where's the last part of my post, and here is the last part for [Updated!] Using Boss Skill. Sorry for the late post <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Charge Lvl 1: Summon a Fireball that will grow bigger and will hunt down enemies. [Pierce]
Charge Lvl 2: Summon a Portal thingie with Fireballs that will sucked anything in and damages anything near that Portal with those Fireballs for a set amount of time.
Charge Lvl 3: Summon a Fire Pillar that will expand and grow bigger. Will expand 2 or 3 times.

Charge Lvl 1: Summon 6 or 7 Thunders that will strike down enemy after few seconds. [Single Enemy only] [Can paralyze enemy]
Charge Lvl 2: Summon Earth Spike that will grow bigger as it moves.
Charge Lvl 3: Summon many Volcanic Balls to damage enemy.

Charge Lvl 1: Any Elemental Attack. Example: your Staff is Wind type, so you will unleash 2 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lvl 2: Summon 4 Water Lasers in front of you.
Charge Lvl 3: Summon Siren's Song. If hits, there's a chance inflict status ailments.

Charge Lvl 1: Summon Left Hand from Golem that will chase enemy in circle path. [Pierce] [Break after meet an obstacle like wall].
Charge Lvl 2: Summon Right Hand from Golem that will chase enemy in circle path. [Pierce] [Break after meet an obstacle like wall].
Charge Lvl 3: Summon many Fireballs to inflict damage.

Charge Lvl 1: Any Elemental Attack. Example: your Staff is Wind type, so you will unleash 2 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lvl 2: Summon Wind with Rock to push and damage enemies with Rock.
Charge Lvl 3: Summon a Wind Tornado which will unleash Wind Scythe for a period time.
[Updated!]Using Boss Skill [Part 2]
Just like the previous one, this is the continued version of "[Updated!]Using Boss Skill".
Here, I added some bosses. Here the list:
Greater Demon
Charge Lv.1: Shock wave. (One line)
Charge Lv.2: Shock wave. (Three line)
Charge Lv.3: Shock wave. (Eight line)
Charge Lv.1: Hurl one barrel.
Charge Lv.2: Hurl three barrels and it will explode after few seconds.
Charge Lv.3: Hurl a spiky orb that last for a minute or more.
Charge Lv.1: Release water laser from bottom.
Charge Lv.2: Release water laser from above.
Charge Lv.3: Release many water bubbles.
Crystal Mammoth
Charge Lv.1: Any elemental attack. For example: your staff is Wind type, so you will unleashes 2 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lv.2: Any elemental attack. For example: your staff is Wind type, so you will unleashes 4 Wind Scythes.
Charge Lv.3: Ice Spikes.
Bane Dragon
Charge Lv.1: *Sorry. Forget*
Charge Lv.2: Release some paralyzing gas.
Charge Lv.3: Release a thunder orb that chase enemy down for a set amount of time.
I'll post the final part once I figured the rest of the bosses attack.
Clip Wild Woolies!
When you go to the forest, and you see the woolie's there, you can brush them or do whatever you want, but! You can also use your clippers and clip them to get a free ball of fur! They just stand there, not knowing what just happened xD You can zone again and again to get more of the wool if you'd like :3 Although, it can be difficult, especially if the apple monsters are around, you're at a low level or have a companion with you. I wouldn't be surprised if you could do it on other monsters, but I haven't tried, and I don't know what else you could do such things on.

Another thing I found, once you brush a monster a few times, he's easier to capture using food :3 I hope this helps!
Defeating Aquaticus [SPOILER]?
Of the many people I've surveyed, the fastest way to defeat Aquaticus, the final boss, is to equip a very strong staff and "Big Fire" or any other strong fireball skill. Just continuously stand across the room from him, and start spamming your spell, he should be dwn in no time.

After you defeat his "beserk mode", and he starts shooting bubbles, wood, and rocks, continue spamming your spell when you have a chance.
Easy Skill UP!
There are some easy way to make your skill up. Just do this:
1. Continuous crop.
2. Cheat 1 day Crop (If needed).
3. Sickle. (You can upgrade your sickle to Quality Sickle to cut 3x3 square).

Okay, here goes.
First, you need plant the continuous crop, like Strawberry, Pineapple, Cucumber, Yam, Green Pepper in your field. You can use Cheat 1 day Crop to make it grow instantly in one day, then when its ready to harvested, cut it with your sickle and you can find some seeds, rune spirit, and rune.
P.S. With this, just only one month, my six skill is Lv. 99, stats : STR, VIT, INT is 999.
Hope you can use this tips.
Easy Skill UP! [Part 2][Final]
Just like the previous cheat about "Easy Skill UP!", I added some tips to complete that cheat.
1. Continuous Crop
2. Cheat 1 day crop
3. Sickle (Quality Sickle or higher recommended)
4. Weapon
Maybe, you will be confused, why weapon is needed. The reason is: to defeat all monster at the dungeon. Just like the previous one, plant your continuous crop at your field and field at dungeon. Use Cheat 1 day crop to grow it instantly. Then, cut it with your sickle. You will get some seeds, some Rune Spirit and some Rune.
P.S. You can also use "Rune Spirit always visit" code to make Rune Spirit and Rune always appear when you harvest or cut it. But, be warned. When you picked up something like: Branch, Weed, Colored Grass, Rune Spirit and Rune will appear.
Finding items or monsters for requests.
Have you ever got stuck on a request trying to find a monster or item your supposed to get? Well heres a few tips on how to find them. Listen to what the requester says! They give hints usaully. If they don't tell you by chance or you didn't understand it google is your friend! What if you know what monster but they aren't spawning? Well go to there most common location and walk in and out intul they do!

Good luck to you!
Free Items from the SharanceTree!
One morning, I was running down the stairs in front of the tree, with Raven with me, and she told me there there was something there. So I looked, and I found a bracelet, and a shield! I thought it was neat and wanted to share it with you :3 I'll check every morning and see if you get stuff every morning! I mean, who doesn't love free stuff?
Sacred Rod Rocks!
It's been long time since I logged in at Neoseeker. Well, for my experience for Rune Factory 3, my most deadly weapon is Sacred Rod <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />. With Sacred Rod, I able to defeat any boss easily. Why? I put 7 Legendary Scales and 3 Grimiore Scales at Sacred Rod's upgrade <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />. Also, my Sacred Rod is able to do more than any Sacred Rod's normal combos. Normally, Sacred Rod just only have 2 combos (one from it's pole,then one from it's bait), but with this, you can dish out devastating 10-12 combos. You need 2 Skill Runes to do that, first one is Dash Slash and Lv. 3 Skill Rune from Dual Blades. (forgot what's it called. Lv. 3 Skill has blue color), then equip those Skill Runes at X and Y button (it's up to you where you put it <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />). First, charge your pole. Then, release it and hurry press X or Y to continue the combo. (For e.x.: you put Dash Slash at X and Lv.3 Skill Rune from Dual Blade at Y. So, after 1 or 2 combo from your pole, press X to dash and slash the enemy and press Y continuously until Micah unleashes the final combo from Skill Rune.)
With Legendary Scale's effect, you can drain a lot of HP from your "victim", so you doesn't need to healing, except recover your RP with items or food. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Take advantage of shara's tutorial !
In the very beginning of the game shara will give you a tutorial teaching you the basics of farming and what not. Shara will tell you to to plow , seed ,and water the land. during this time you will not lose any rp or hp, I recommend plowing both lands so u will be able to make money as soon as possible. hope I helped <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Walking On Water
If you're tired of continuously using "Lotus Rider M.S." (MagicSeed), then check occasionally into Gaius/Raven's shop. Check into the "Special Deals" category often, and you may find "Ninja Shoes". These enable you to walk on water. These will cost around 50,000G, so be prepared to pay a lot.

Easter eggs

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Alternate Opening
After marrying an eligible girl, save your game and return to the title screen, where you can view a new version of the opening.