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[edit] Background

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is the fourth game in the Rune Factory series, the game follows the mission of the main character as he fights to reconnect the two main races in the world so that they settle their differences and resume a peaceful existence.

It is a role-playing simulation game where the player joins the town and is tasked with growing crops and dealing with other farming activities.

It was developed by Neverland Co and had several publishers for different regions, the game was released exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

[edit] Gameplay

One of the main aspects of the game is farming which can be done for profit; the player can grow crops, catch fish and gather resources. Later in the game the player will gain access to crafting and forging to create new and better items with, there is also an option to mix liquids. The player is able to grow plants under the special tree they live in, crops can only grow when they are properly cared for or they will die otherwise.

Dungeons are the second main aspect of the game, there are various dungeons for the player to explore for loot. Each dungeons is filled with monsters which the player must deal with by defeating them in combat. The player can also tame monsters which can then be used as fighting partners, resource gatherers and also farm hands.

Combat is an essential part of the game and the player has access to different types of weapons such as hammers, swords and magic. In addition to this, the player can equip armor and equipment which can be used in battle.

There is a request system where the AI will leave their requests for the player to complete, the player can collect requests from various locations however they can only select one request from each area per day; the requests are varied and can be cancelled. Friendship levels directly affect the request system and it is possible to pursue a romantic relationship with some female characters.

There are various skills for the player to level up including farming and cooking; cooking allows the player to make more experienced recipes with have different affects on the player. Gathering resources is an important part of the game and there are many different types of resources to gather such as lumber which can be gained by harvesting wood.

[edit] What's New

The game begins like all others in the series, it starts with a character who has lost their memory and has just entered a new town. This game however features several changes and upgrades to the previous games, the AI now have dynamic schedules which can change over time. The AI can now be interacted with in more ways and can also join the player in battles where their actions can be controlled.

Another new addition to the series is the multiplayer mode, players can team up with others to explore and complete dungeons together.

[edit] Features

Farming – Earn money by growing crops, catching fish and gathering resources

Craft and Forge – Create new and better items by crafting or forging resources

Explore Dungeons – Delve into the monster infested dungeons in search of loot

Tame monsters – Gain new allies by taming monsters and set them to work on the farm or send them to gather resources

Combat – Fight off monsters alongside the AI villagers and friendly monsters

Find friendship and love – Become friends with the different villagers and go on dates with eligible characters

Fill requests – Keep everyone happy and give them what they need

Level up – Grow skills to become a skilled farmer, warrior and more

Co-op – Team up with other players and take on dungeons together

[edit] Players liked:

  • High replay value
  • Good graphics
  • Ability to tame monsters

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Repetitive
  • A lot to manage
  • Does not add much new content to the series

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