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Monsters and swords and crops, oh my!



    Before you read this review, you have to do something very important. Forget EVERYTHING that you know about a Harvest Moon game! That's right. Pretend that Harvest Moon does not exist. Harvest Moon? What's that? Never heard of such a thing.

    But why, you may ask, do you have to forget everything that you know? Well, because this game is so entirely different from the classic Harvest Moon game that if you try to compare the two, it will probably fall short of expectations.

    When Rune Factory first came out it was slated for "breaking the spirit of the Harvest Moon game" and being so...


Harvest Moon With A Fantasy Side


>> Initial Impressions

Video games certainly open up a realm of possibilities to us all. Be a hero slaying a fierce dragon to save a kingdom. Combat a conspiracy with nothing but your wits (and enough weapons to start a war). Rise to the tops of the rock charts regardless of actual musical talent.

In light of all these farming may seem like one of the least enjoyable activities to replicate, but that's exactly what the Harvest Moon series brings. These games have come a long way and now we have the Rune Factory offshoot. The key elements of the series are still here but now find themselves mi...


Rune Factory 2 Changes the Harvest Moon World... Again

The good:

~Improved graphics make the game look much more polished, and they look much more natural.
~The plot, although it is in part a rehash of the first RF's plot, is interesting and a pleasure to follow.
~The characters are every bit as lovable as they were in the first game.
~Nicely themed areas with more detail make exploring more interesting.
~Since you also play as your child in this game, it is a lot longer than its predecessor.
~More multiplayer modes are featured in this game.
~The bulletin board feature is fun to use and helps you raise your friendship levels with the townsfolk easily.

The bad:

~The game might seem too tedious to some players, as there is often not much to do between major tasks.
~The game lags at critical points, which is extremely frustrating and a disappointment compared to the first game.
~You must use a certain multiplayer location for each activity, which is a bit unnecessary.
~Grammatical errors, while less glaring than they were in the first game, detract from the experience.
~The plot is not very unique, since it was already used in part.


When the first Rune Factory game came out, it confused and excited gamers. On one hand, it was a Harvest Moon game, with the farming, the village, the animals, and the bachelorettes. On the other hand, the animals were not normal farm animals but monsters, the village had spellbooks for sale, and the bachelorettes were sometimes witches. There was even quite a bit a fighting to be done, which was a new concept for the always-happy series. It was a hit, and sold so well that a sequel - this game - was produced. Although it doesn't add much to the first game's concept, it does improve on...

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