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Runaway: A Road Adventure Walkthrough

by outofline   Updated to v1.0 on
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		    WALKTHROUGH v1.0

Game:  Runaway:  A Road Adventure

Document Type:  Full Walkthrough

Version:  1.0

Author:  outofline

Contact:  baxter (AT) moscowmail (DOT) com

Comment:  I liked this game.  The puzzle's were well thought out and
innovative.  The graphics were great (except the lips when speaking!).  Really
the only problem I had was it's length.  I guess they figured everyone would
get stuck at some point and that would make the game seem like it took forever
to beat.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

// General Tips //

- Double clicking when exiting or entering a location will do it instantly; you
won't have to wait for Brian to walk slowly to the exit.
- Some dialog can be fast forwarded through by clicking, some can't.
- You cannot die.  The only way you lose in this game is by giving up because
you can't figure out what to do next.

// So You're Stuck? //

Don't worry, that happens a lot in games like this.  The good thing is you
can't die or screw up in this game.  But it can frustrate you to the point that
want to destroy something, like a cat.  Here are a few options to explore:

1.  Talk to everyone in depth, certain characters speech will trigger events.
2.  Objects are often VERY hard to find.  Double and Triple check every room
before giving up.
3.  Try combining objects in your inventory.  Sometimes the oddest combinations
yield results.
4.  Try using objects on other characters.
5.  Don't assume that because you've checked something out once that you know
everything about it.  Try checking things again if you're stuck.
6.  Pay attention to other character's speech, they usually give you huge clues
as to what you need to do.

// Walkthrough //

Chapter 1:  Wake Me Before Dying

You start out in Gina's hospital room.  Grab the Glass and the Package of Pills
from the table next to Gina's bed.  Grab the Sheet that is on top of the
empty bed and grab Gina's Bag that is on top of the locker.  Next examine the
map on the bathroom door.  Now you can go to the storeroom by going out the

In the storeroom there are the following items you must grab:
Pillows (lower left corner between shelves)
Syringe (taken from a box of syringes in the shelf on the left, closest to the
Spray Bottle (above the box of syringes)
Book aka Vademecum (on top of the filing cabinet next to the window)
Medical Chart (in the open file cabinet drawer... very hard to see)
Head (from the body in the corner)

Once you have all of that go back to Gina's room via the window.

Head into the bathroom and grab the Alcohol Bottle that is on the shelf under
the mirror.  Now open the wastebasket and get the Marker Pen.  Look in Gina's
bag twice and you will pull out a Matchbox and a Wig.

Now you're ready to go.  Use the Wig on the Head and then use the Head with the
Wig on the empty bed next to Gina.  You will automatically create a fake person
using the Sheet, Pillows, and the Head with a Wig.  Use the Syringe with the
Alcohol Bottle to fill the Syringe with alcohol.  Then use the Syringe with the
Marker Pen to create an Alcohol-filled Marker Pen.  Use that Pen on the Blank
Medical Chart you have to create a Fake Medical Chart.  Now use the Fake
Medical Chart on Gina's Chart to swap them, and then use Gina's Chart on the
empty chart holder on the bed next to hers to make it seem as if she was the
fake person in it.  Head to the bathroom and... cut scene.

To finish chapter 1 you have to wake Gina.  Look at the Vademecum (aka the book
in your inventory) to find that a cold shower will do the trick.  So use the
Spray Can (its flammable) you found in the storeroom on the fire sprinkler (the
red blinking dot on the ceiling).  Now you're treated to a cut scene and the
end of chapter 1.

Chapter 2:  The Mysterious Crucifix

You start out in the Restoration Lab with Dr. Susan Olivaw.  Ignore her for now
and use the Crucifix in your inventory on the shelf next to her.  You trade the
Crucifix for a Strange Mayan Object.  Head to the other side of the room and
grab the Talcum Powder Brush next to the blinds.  Also look in the briefcase
next to the skeleton and grab some Colorless Varnish.  Head out of the
Restoration Lab and go downstairs so you can talk to the janitor.

Talk to Willy the janitor.  He'll give you his business card with his cell
phone number on it.  He'll get a phone call and go into the Analysis
To get him to return quickly go into the Mayan Exhibition and then back into
the Exhibition Hall and he will be back in his chair rockin' away.  Head

Use the Colorless Varnish on the panel (keypad thing) next to the Analysis Lab
door.  Then use the telephone at the end of the hallway to call Willy.  You
will place an order with Willy and he will key in the code on the panel as he
enters the Analysis Lab.  Again, enter the Restoration Lab and then exit back
to the hallway to get Willy to go back to his seat.  Now use the Talcum Powder
Brush on the panel.  The code is 8137.  Enter the Analysis Lab.

First grab the Golden Object (Key) on the desk underneath the fire
extinguisher.  Next, push the button on the thermal chamber which holds a mask
inside of it to try and open it.  You won't be able to but it will show you
what you need.  Exit to the hallway and then go down to Clive's Office.

Grab the Pair of Books from the top of his desk and you will reveal a crack. 
Use the Key you found in the Analysis Lab on the crack to open a hidden safe.
Grab the Device (Voice Recorder) from the safe.  Close the safe back up with
the Key.  Head back to the Restoration Lab.

Use the Voice Recorder on Dr. Olivaw to record her name.  Then head to the
Analysis Lab.

Use the Voice Recorder on the button.  Your batteries will fail and you will
remove the Battery from the Voice Recorder.  Head to the far side of the lab
and grab the Ladle which is on the wall under the security camera.  Use the
Ladle on the Battery and then use the Ladle on the tank of liquid nitrogen
which is right next to where you found the Ladle.  Put the Frozen Battery back
into the Voice Recorder and use it on the button again.  Grab the Mayan Mask
out of the thermal chamber.  Use the Strange Mayan Object in your inventory on
the Mayan Mask to get the Ruby out of it.  Head to the Restoration Lab.

Use the Ruby on the laser which is on the table in front of the skeleton.  Dr.
Olivaw will use the laser, destroy her work and flip out.

Head out into the hallway and go past Clive's Office.  Examine the Coffee
Machine to find it is out of coffee.  Now go to the Mayan Exhibition.

Grab at the Mayan Objects at the base of the statue in the middle of the room
to get a Bowl of Coffee Beans.  Head back to the Exhibition Hall.

Use the Bowl of Coffee Beans on Willy.  You need to grind the beans.  Head to
the Restoration Lab and use the electric lathe on the desk Dr, Olivaw usually
sits at to grind the beans.  Try to use the Ground Beans on Willy but he still
won't help.  Go back upstairs into the hallway and look in the wastebasket
underneath the fire extinguisher.  Grab the empty Package of Coffee from it. 
Use the Ground Coffee on the empty Package of Coffee to create a full Package
of Coffee.  Use that Package of Coffee on Willy and he will refill the Coffee

Use the Coffee Machine to get a Cup of Coffee.  Give the Coffee to Dr. Olivaw
and you'll see a cut scene.  After it is over head into the Analysis Lab to
scan the Crucifix.  Now you've finished chapter 2.

Chapter 3:  The Great Escape

You wake up locked in a cabin.  Grab the following items:
Bellows (on top of box on left side of room)
Bottle aka All Purpose Cleanser (shelf in middle of room next to phone)
Crowbar (right side of the large bookcase)
Rag aka Chamois (on top of barrel right side of room)
Coat Rack Peg (on floor next to crowbar location)

Use the Bottle of Cleanser on the Chamois.  Then use the Chamois on the small
window on the right side of the room.  Open the freezer lid and then you can
unplug the freezer.  The ice will melt and you can open the freezer drain to
let it out of the freezer.  Now that the freezer is empty you can move it to
reveal a trapped door.  Use the crowbar on the trap door and make your escape.

Cut scene

Enter the bus.  Check out the axle in the middle of the screen.  Before you
leave grab the Lipstick from the shelf on the right side of the bus, the
Sunglasses which are almost underneath the Lipstick shelf, and a Handheld
Vacuum from under the bed on the left side of the bus.  Head to the back of the
bus to check out the refrigerator and its lock.  Grab the Needle and Thread
from the small table with the big white boots on it.  Talk to Carla to hear
some funny stuff.
In the middle of the bus in the back there is a grate on the floor.  Use the
Handheld Vacuum on the grating to get Carla's dropped pill.  Leave the bus.

Outside of the bus look in the trunk to find a deflated Basketball.  Use the
Needle and Thread on the Basketball to repair it.  Use the Bellows on the
Basketball to fill it with air.  Talk to Mariola and Lula if you like and exit
stage right.

First thing, go to the upper left hand corner of the map which is an oil well. 
Use your Sunglasses on the puddle of oil on the ground.  Go to the map screen.

At the map head on over to the lower left hand corner which is an airplane
graveyard.  You can pick up the Helmet that is sitting on top of the destroyed
wing, the Bullet Belt that is under the machine gun in the plane.  Be sure to
check out the machine gun before you go.

Next go to the Thug's Cabin and grab the Bucket which is underneath the cabin. 
Now head to the upper right hand corner of the map which is an old train car.
 Check out the empty explosives crate and the locked shed door.  Enter the old
train car.  After scoping the car, take a screw from the bucket on the floor.
Use the Coat Rack Peg on the Screw, use the Bucket on the barrel of gunpowder
in the back of the train car, and then use the Makeshift Corkscrew on the
barrel of gunpowder to obtain a bucket full of gunpowder.  Before you go use
your crowbar on the only closed barrel in the middle of the car.  Inside is a
bag of Peanuts.

Now go back to the drag queen bus.  Get on the bus.  Use the Lipstick on the
Bucket of Gunpowder to create Lipstick Ammo.  Use the Makeshift Lipstick Ammo
on the Bullet Belt to figure something out.  Now grab the remaining pile of
Lipstick from the bus, use it on the Bucket of Gunpowder, and fill up the
Bullet Belt.  Outside of the bus, swap the Oiled Sunglasses with the ones lying
next to Mariola.  Now you can borrow her Tanning Oil.  Once you have the
Tanning Oil go back to the airplane graveyard.  Use the Tanning Oil on the
machine gun and add the Bullet Belt to the machine gun.  Plan part 2 done.

Head to the last unvisited area in the middle of the map.  It is a Hanger. 
Peek through the barn doors to check out a helicopter.  You can enter the
hanger through the rear to spy on the guard.  Notice he takes out a can of
beer, sets it down for a sec, and then crushes it and tosses it into a bin.  Go
back to the bus and use the Basketball on Lula.  You'll find out she's an
ex-NBA player turned drag queen.  She'll distract the guard and you can spike
his beer with the pill you found in the bus.  Plan part 3 done.  Before you
leave you'll need to grab the Peanut Butter jar that is on the barrel next to
the guard and use the crowbar on the motorcycle, which will loose a Foot Rest
from it which you can take.

Don't worry, almost done.  Use the Motorcycle Foot Rest on the axel in bus to
fix it.  Turn the crank to close the bus door and then get the Refrigerator Key
from the pocket on the door.  Go to the back of the bus open the fridge with
the key to get the Butter.  Use the Butter on the Helmet in your inventory. 
Then use the Peanuts you found earlier on the Helmet.  You're now ready to rock
and roll.

Go to the Thug's Cabin and place the Helmet on top of the freezer lid to cook
the peanut butter.  Head to the old train car and use the Peanut Butter on the
locked shed.  Get the Explosives, go to the oil well, and attach the Explosives
to the oil well.  Plan part 4 done.  Cut scene.  Chapter 3 over.

Chapter 4:  Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

You start in a ghost town.  Leave the town and head back to the abandoned mine
where Gina fell in.  Grab the Oil Can that is on the left part of the screen.

Go to the lower right hand corner of the map to meet Mama Dorita.  Grab the
Vessel which looks like a bowl and is sitting next to the ladder.  As you walk
away from the house you'll notice a well there.  Grab the Stone that is on the
ground next to the well.  Leave and go to Douglasville.

Go into the Saloon, which is on the right hand side of the screen.  As you
stand outside of it, examine the horse trough.  Go inside the saloon and get
the Flower Pot from under the stairs.  Check out the small room past the stairs
to get Pruning Shears.  Back outside, use the Pruning Shears on the Wagon
between the Sheriff's Office and the Hotel.  Now to the Sheriff's Office. 
Inside you'll find Firewood by the stove.  Head to the bank.  Inside on a shelf
can be found an Ancient Stapler, and in the back on a desk is a Bank Stamp. 
Now go to the map screen.

Heading to the upper right hand corner of the map will take you to a Crater. 
Talk to Joshua, the alien nut.  Use the Strap on the motorcycle to find that
you have to join the ends of the Strap together.  Use the Stapler on the Strap.
 Use the Mended Strap on the motorcycle.  Leave the crater and come back to
allow Joshua to finish his telepathic communication.  Find out he needs a #10
Wrench.  Go to Douglasville.

Upstairs in the saloon you'll find Saturn's workshop.  Examine the tool board
on the wall.  Talk to Saturn and he'll let you borrow his wrench.  Remember
that horse trough you checked out before?  That's where your Wrench is.  Go
back to Saturn's workshop and then outside to the balcony.  Drop the Flower Pot
in your inventory off of the balcony.  Grab the Sanding Block which is by the
closest balcony door.  Back in Saturn's shop, pull the lever on the catapult in
the middle of the room.  Leave and on your way grab the Wrench.  Go to the

After Joshua has another telepathic communication you'll learn you need gas. 
Back to Saturn.

Check out the gas container on the left side of the tool bench.  You'll have to
trade for it.  Try giving him the Stone you found earlier.  Ok, now you have to
polish it with the Sanding Block.  Still no go.  Use your piece of Amber on the
Polished Stone.  Give the Stone of Light to Saturn.  Now examine the water tank
on the opposite side of the workbench.  Use your Oil Can on it, get Saturn’s

Now to dilute the Gasoline.  Here is how:
1.  Use the Gasoline on the 30-c.c. tube.
2.  Use the 30-c.c. tube on the 50-c.c. tube.
3.  Use the Gasoline on the 30-c.c. tube.
4.  Use the 30-c.c. tube on the 50-c.c. tube.
5.  Use the 50-c.c. tube on the Gasoline container to empty it.
6.  Use the 30-c.c. tube on the 50-c.c. tube.
7.  Use the Gasoline on the 30-c.c. tube.
8.  Use the 30-c.c tube on the 50-c.c. tube to give you 40-c.c. of Gasoline in
the 50-c.c. tube.

Use the Oil Can full of water on the 1 Liter bottle to fill it.  Use the
50-c.c. tube (which has 40-c.c. of Gas in it) on the 1 Liter bottle to create
the correct-strength Gasoline.  Now use the 1 Liter of Gas on the motorcycle at
the Crater.  Next you have to guess the combination for Joshua.  The correct
combination is:  C-G-E-B-A.  With Joshua gone you can grab his Telepathic
Helmet from the ground, and the Miner's Light and Climbing Rope from his tent. 
Go to Saturn.

Give Joshua's Helmet to Saturn.  With Saturn gone you can grab his Blow Torch
he set down.  Next activate the crane controls.  Shoot the catapult.  Refill
your Oil Can with water.  On your way out of town go to the Bank and check out
the damage you did with the statue.  Go down into the basement and examine the

Go to the Locomotive.  Put the Firewood into the boiler.  Empty the Oil Can
full of water into the water tank opening on the outside of the locomotive.
You'll have to repeat this process of adding water 5 more times (6 total). 
Once you're done adding water, use the Blow Torch on the boiler.  Turn the
"Increase Pressure" wheel at the top of the cab.  Next activate the steam
outlet level.  Go outside of the locomotive and grab the hard to see key which
is laying on the ground right above the bush.  Head to the Sheriff's Office.

Open the prison cell with the key you just got.  Enter the cell and grab the
Bottle of Liniment and the Stethoscope from the briefcase.  Back to the Bank.
Use the Stethoscope on the safe.  The combination is:  85 right, 29 left, 54
right.  Grab the Map of the Mine.  Go to the Saloon in the store room and
you'll get some tobacco leaves.  Use the Liniment on the tobacco leaves.  Use
the Bank Stamp on the Bowl in your inventory.  Now use the Tobacco Leaves on
the Makeshift Mortar and Pestle to create Menthol Chewing Tobacco.  Give it to
Oscar.  He'll move the boulder in your way and chapter 4 is over.

Chapter 5:  Gifts from the Crypt

First head back toward the entrance to the mines.  Grab the Long Piece of Wood
from off the ground, and then the Head of Mining Tool which is underneath it.
Check out the skeleton.  You'll be able to grab the skeleton's Femur.  Use the
Mining Tool Head on the Femur.  Use the Makeshift Mining Tool on the Nail
sticking out of the wood at the mine's entrance.  Use the Nail on the edge of
the cliff and then use your rope on the Nail in the ground.

First, notice Gina's cleavage.  Enter the cave by the large statue.  Inside the
cave grab the Tomahawk that is resting on a rock on the ground (right side).
Use the Tomahawk on the Board in your inventory to split it in two.  Head to
the left and into the unexplored area.  Try using the Crucifix on the
monolith's mouth.  Pull a Branch off of the bush.  Use the Branch on the
monolith's mouth.  Use the Crucifix on the monolith's mouth.  Enter the cave. 
Cut scene.

Go back by Gina.  On the far left part of this screen is a door that you can
enter.  Keep going through doors until you end up near the rope.  Use the
Tomahawk on the rope.  Now use the rope on Gina to make a splint for her.

Chapter 6:  The Indian, the Nun, and the Finger

You need a medium.  Head back to Douglasville and into the Saloon.  Meet
Rutger.  Give him the Tomahawk.  He'll puff puff pass.  It won't be enough
though so after seeing Mama Dorita, go and talk to Rutger again.  So now you
have the seeds but they're in pods you can't open.  Head to the Sheriff's
Office and check the doctor's bag to find a scalpel.  Try using the scalpel on
the pods... no dice.  Head to the Hotel and talk to Sushi.  Go to the fire
place on the lower hotel level and take the Poker that is next to it.  Use the
Scalpel on the fire place to heat it up.  Once it's heated use the scalpel on
the pods.  Now you have Seeds.  Give them to Rutger.  Cut scene.

Go to Douglasville.  You automatically talk to Sushi, then talk to Saturn about
the trailer.  He'll tell you where the trailer is.  On your make take the Path
to Johnny's Trailer.  Use the Poker on the door to open it.  Inspect the tray
on the now-open door and get the Bank Advertisement.  Inside of the trailer
just check out the nun's habit.  Go and give the Bank Advertisement to Sushi. 
Leave the hotel for a while and then head back in, Sushi will talk to you when
she is done analyzing the brochure.

Head to the trailer and grab the Nun's Habit.  Mafia goons will show up.  Go to
the locomotive and hit the steam level once again.  This time a Sheriff's Badge
will come out of the smokestack.  Head to Mama Doritas and give the Sheriff's
Badge to Oscar.  After the goons are locked up, go to see them at the Sheriff's
Office.  Pick up the bag holding their stuff and examine it.  Show the bag to
Sushi.  Take a walk and come back to her.  When you talk to her about the bag
she will start talking about movies.  When she asks who your favorite director
is, say "Woody Allen".  When she asks which of his movies you like best, say
"Manhatten Murder Mystery".  Now Sushi will have a bright idea.  How nice.

Ok let’s finish this up.  Go to the jail and use the MP3 Recorder on the thugs.
 Now head to Mama Dorita's house and get Gina's voice.  Go give the Recorder to
Sushi.  Next you… oh wait.  That's it.  Enjoy the ending!  I hope you didn't
have to use this walkthrough too much. ;)