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Surviving Horror 2013 Part IV – Game Of Thorns


As anybody even remotely familiar with big gaming series would know, survival horror games follow a different set of rules from most other genres. While other genres are more about killing things or simulating theme parks, survival horror games instead prefer to suck you into a dark atmosphere and dare you to enter that next room. Rule Of Rose is the epitome of this – its gameplay blows harder than Spinal Tap's stage fans. In fact, this would be an unmistakably bad game, had it not been for one thing – its story. No, honest to Jehovah, if it wasn't for the story, this game would be virtuall...


But with big sister dead in a pool of amber blood, who is there to read the letter to? Bah bah.


As the teen and young adult male populations tend to consume the profit-making minds of game developers, anything (even superficially) deemed too "kiddie" or "girly" is often left out. Females that aren't either boring sex ciphers, perky and cute anime archetypes, or unrealistic, token "strong women" are a rare sight in the video game universe. Young children in active roles are practically non-existent.

It's encouraging, then, to see Rule of Rose break these two annoying trends. The player takes control of Jennifer, an English schoolgirl who arrives in a bus at a big, spooky house. The prem...


Mostly Enjoyable

The good:

Characters, music, dog, scenes, the "find" feature.

The bad:

Long loading times, combat, backtracking, not much good stuff after you beat it.


Rule of Rose was actually a really fun game. I enjoyed it a lot.

The story is very confusing in the beginning and it may be confusing for a lot of people even in the end.

Jennifer is asleep on a bus when a little boy wakes her up, asking her to read a story to him. He hands her a book, then runs off. Jennifer goes to chase him, but as she steps off the bus, it drives away, leaving her alone with the book, and in search for the boy.

Jennifer is referred to as an "unlucky girl" through most of the game. And she certainly is unlucky.

Jennifer follows the boy to a mansion, where kids are beating s...

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