Rugrats: Search for Reptar review
A Great Game

The good:

The mingames are well thought out and really addictive, especially the one with the milk where it's like football (Forgot what it's called). There's a lot of variety in the minigames to, you could be playing golf or out with the evil TVs in space. The last level is awesome and you'll probably have more fun just roaming around then actually trying to complete it.

The bad:

The graphics are a bit dodgy and some minigames can get repetive or boring at times, like the mirrorland one (That's my opinion anyways) but other than that it's a pretty awesome game.


Definetely one to buy if you're a Rugrats fan, have a few friends to play against or would like something a little easier than most games. Unless you're a Rugrats fan then you probably aren't going to get much use out of it if you're over eleven cuz you'll beat the game really quickly, but still, even though it is a quick play it's also pretty fun. Like I said before, the minigames are awesome and if you can live with screwed graphics then it's all good. Fans will also recognise most minigames are adaptions from the show like Mirrorland, Toyland and tons of others so I guess that might influence some peoples decsision to buy it. Overall I'd say it's a pretty awesome game, but be warned it is a bit easy.

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