Rugby 2004 (PS2) Cheats

Rugby 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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complete all challenges
choose the team you are going to be and make them amazing in roster manegement and when you make one it keeps the record of the player you just created and then make all the other teams poorly you will complete all cups and challenges with ease
Making them hurt
During gameplay, when a player is down (time-off) press start. 99% of the time, that player will have to be replaced and considered injured. To get them down, do double tackles, i.e. 0 and x. Easiest ones to injure are speedstars like Caucau, Ohata, and also that creep, Wilkinson.


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Get Streakers
Play6 then push pause. After that hold R2&L2 together. Then push x,triangle,square,down,right and then up
Win all matches
Go to the hall of fame and hold R2 + L2 then press x,triangle,o,x,square,x,o then wait. A screen will come up saying cheat enabled.