Rugby League 2 (PS2) Cheats

Rugby League 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy tries
When you play state of origion with queensland put matty bowen and billy slater on each wing. About 4th tackle one of them goes into dummy half, scoot from dummy half and go through the defence and 95% of the time you will score!!!
Easy Try or Meter Gained
If you have a fast Scrum Half i play with Leeds Rhinos and use Rob Burrows, when you get a scrum near your own try line once the ball has exited the scrum punt the ball downfield and sprint after it, use the red triangle at the bottom of the screen to direct you as you chase the ball. this works 90% you either pick the ball up and go over for a try or make mega meters from which you can try and get over. If you dont make it first to the ball at least you can pressure them into a mistake near their line.
more money in franchise mode
first you have to create 25 players then you get a first grade team and take all the players out then put in all of the players you created then go to franchise mode and you will have around 4 million dollers
Unlock Beach Stadium..
To unlock the beach stadium, you must either complete 8 hours of gameplay or keep an opponent scoreless in a high scoring game (i unlocked it in a game 40-0)
Unlock everything without cheats
Just play rugby league 2 for at least 25 hours or more, or play franchise mode 3 times with full 80 minutes/per game


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25 Years Of Origin video
Win a State Of Origin competition on Legend or Greater difficulty.
Cheerleaders video
Do 20 hours of game play and you will unlock a video based around the Cheerleaders of Rugby.
NRL 2004 Season Highlights video
Do 4 hours of game play or you can win the NRL competition.
Score A Try Or Tacke In The Ingoal
When you feed a scrum 20 metres out from the oppositions line kick the ball over to the far corner and chase with the winger or center.You should collect the ball and score or tackle them in the ingoal area.It works 96% of the time you try it
Small Heads
Enter Micro Noggin at edit player name.
Turn off Matrix kicking system
Enter There Is No Spoon at edit player name.
Unlock Aime Giral Stadium
To unlock the Aime Giral Stadium, home of Les Catalans, complete 5 hours of gameplay.
Unlock City vs Country
To unlock the City vs Country competition (Australia) complete 2 hours gameplay.
Unlock County of Origin
To unlock the County of Origin (UK: Yorkshire v Lancashire) competition, complete 3 hours gameplay.
Unlock everything
Enter Darren Unlockyer in edit player name.

That will get you all the unlockable items on the game.
Unlock NRL Season Review 2004 Video
To unlock the NRL Season Review 2004 video, complete 4 hours of gameplay.
Unlock State of Origin
To unlock the State of Origin Competition (Australia: NSW v Queensland), complete 1 hours gameplay.
Unlock Superleague Video
To unlock the Superleague Video, complete 6 hours of gameplay or win Superleague in Franchise Mode.
Unlocking International Sides
To unlock International sides, you have to play the game for eleven hours OR win State of Origin OR win the World Club Championship.
Unlocking League God Difficulty
To unlock 'League God' difficulty, play the game for thirteen hours, or win a three match or longer competition on 'Legend' mode.
Win Competition Easier
when you choose your team in nrl or super league in competition its easier to win if you pick all of the teams