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Rugby Challenge 2006

The good:

If you liked WCR you will like this game. Its pretty much the same game but with a few extra details in the gameplay and tournament modes.
New gameplay features include.
The pop pass in the tackle and the different types of tackles. They are really massive and incredibly dangerous tackles. (dont try them on the pitch!) Turning guys upside down, clothes lining them etc... Whats improved in this game is the fact that the big guys really are difficult to knock down and even if they are knocked down you dont always lose the ball.
The loose rucks are much better. The mechanism of having to press the button at exactly the right moment to win a scrum is a good solution. It beats the yoghurt out of haveing to perpetually tap your A button like a woodpecker.
The sidesteps have a lot more variety which is cool. You have the little arm lifting matador style dodge and then the classic "Fred Astaire tap dance" manouvre.
The "Campese Shuffle" would be a nice touch but we can't have it all.
The league table is something we've all been looking forward too. Especially training individual players and being able to choose what you want to spend on the coaches. This really a great feature.

The bad:

Still there is a bit of drone running. It's better than EA Rugby 2005 but I still miss players looping or running on at different angles. The off-ball control feature would be great for the rugby gaming world. Stop everyone moving in the same direction with the same precision as a Michael Jackson dance crew.
Defensive players seem to have an X-men ability of tacking you from a meter away. One second they're far from you next minute they´re all over you. This niggle was in the previous game too.
The replays are abysmal. I even wrote an email about them in WCR to Swordfish studios pointing it out to them and to teach me a lesson they made the replays even shorter with no option to see it during the game and no slow-mo or angle control. Even the 4 sec clip of your guy crossing the line is kind of jerkey. -10 points guys.
Still no online options – this keeps all rugby games in the dark ages.
I still can't work out how to dummy pass or jump for high kicks. The CPU seems to be able to jump for the kick but the manual makes no mention of these features. I hope it's me, if its not then that's really weak.
Another annoying feature reminiscent of its predecesor is the way your moronic team defends when on their own line, choosing to run in the opposite direction of the action creating a gaping hole for the try scorer.
Another issue is the fact that the game can't pick up the offside rule. So players retreating to behind their advantage line can tackle you if you choose to run the ball quickly.


The shape of the rugby ball looks wrong on the main page. It looks like an acorn.
The challenges are a nice touch, especially when you get to play classic matches from the 20's and 60's except the rules where different then. E.g you could kick the ball out directly from anywhere on the field and grab people by the neck and swing around on them. Also they use the same new bodybuilder characters for players from the 1940's which doesn't quite work.

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