Rugby 2005 User Reviews


Rousing Rugby

The good:

Great Graphics
Wide selection of Teams
World League Mode

The bad:

Terrible forward passes
Limited camera angle on drop kicking


Rugby 2005 is EA's latest franchise, and is somewhat of a minor priority to them alongside the likes of Cricket, games that cannot compete with the likes of FIFA, Madden and NHL.

The game is great. Although the controls are hard to get used to at first, they are easy to pick up, and soon you'll be hitting the opponents line with clever runs and long passes.

With a whole host of teams, there are tonnes of tournament and league play to get through, with no fewer than 8 competitions to get through. Another great feature is World League Mode, very similar to Master League on Pro Evolution Soccer ...


Rugby 2005

The good:

Graphics and have improved a lot form Rugby 2004.Gameplay is much better and more adaptable.

News moves added which are tackle,sidestep.

The bad:

When you a drop kick the you cant see where your kicking it.


I was a bit worried of buying this game as I had Rugby 2004 and thaat to me was rushed and didn't turn out to well. But I went ahead after reading a few comments about the game of Neo which where saying how well improved it is. So I went out and bought it.

What a great game I find it so addicting. I'm playing it everyday.

They have added many more moves in to the game which make it much better and with a tutorial "Rugby 101" that tells you everything you would need to do if you don't follow rugby or you just not to sure on to the rules. Then another great feature before you can play a tournam...

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