Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Defend Our Objective! Jawohl!

The good:

-- Totally free, standalone, downloadable first person shooter.
-- Popular, thriving online community nearly 4 years after original release date.
-- Multitude of servers and modifications available make for enormous amount of choices of gameplay when looking for matches.
-- Clan support and outstanding tournament/ladder/league play support.

The bad:

-- Cheaters are ever present but this can be said for any online shooter.
-- Other than that, no cons are unbearable.


Released in late May of 2003, Enemy Territory is still going strong as one of the most popular PC online shooters to date. While originally intended to an expansion pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, ET, as it is widely known in the online community, was released as a freeware and garnered outstanding critical acclaim from WWII shooter fans everywhere.

Players choose from Axis or Allies and then match up against one another to complete objective based missions over a series of maps, called a campaign. After choosing sides, players are given the opportunity to pick a class of soldier to...



The good:

The graphics, gameplay, different classes, the variation. Everything really.

The bad:

Only the lamers online. blah to them.


The Wolfenstein series is known for their great multiplayer, and this game doesnt let it down. Its only online and completly free. What more could you want?

There are 6 maps and all are very different. 2 different campaigns and a RPG style levelup system. the more experience you get from killing and using your special skills the more rewards you get. This provides for more insentive to use your stuff and play smart. There are 5 different classes and many different weapons. All in all the gameplay is great.

The graphics and sound are both top notch, and add to the game considerably.

I recommed...


RtCW: ET Review


Graphics: The RtCW engine is getting pretty dated now but the graphics are still very high quality and things such as draw distance, etc. are never really a problem. The character models are varied and well done and on top of that map designs are very detailed and do a fine job of not attracting too much attention.

Sound: Unfortunately there is no musical score to go along with ET but I suppose when the game is completely free of charge that doesn't give you much leverage to really complain about anything. Nonetheless, it's still a little bit of a downer but really doesn't take too much away...

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