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Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures HD Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.2 on
Version 1.2 12/11/12

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Royal Trouble
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. The Dungeon
  003b. The Kitchen Area
  003c. The Dining Hall and the Bridge
  003d. The Second Tower
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Royal Trouble", 
made by Orchid Games. It is also known as "Royal Trouble:
Hidden Adventures HD", for the iPad version. To contact me
about this guide, use my email address,


Prince Nathaniel and Princess Loreen have both been 
captured and locked in the same dungeon. They have never 
met each other before, but they'll have to work together in 
order to escape. 


003a-The Dungeon

The game starts with a tutorial, which is helpful for those 
of you who haven't played adventure games before. Prince 
Nathaniel must escape from his cell, and he must solve some 
puzzles in order to do so.

First, you'll want to get the various items here. On the 
bed is a bottle, and in the lower/left corner of the room 
is some powder. Underneath the pillow on the bed is a dirty 
lens, and if you click on the welcome mat, you get some 
loose strings.

Now, you want to solve puzzles with these items. Clean the 
dirty lens, but using it on the pan of water. Create a 
makeshift bomb, by using the powder on the bottle, then 
using the string on the bottle. Use the bomb on the door. 
Now, use the clean lens on the beam of sunlight to light 
the fuse of the bomb.

The bomb explodes, and it turns out that the door was 
unlocked the whole time. Oops. Well, it was a valiant 
escape effort on Nathaniel's part, anyway. 

The game switches to Princess Loreen, who is also trapped 
in a cell in the dungeon.

Pick up the pincers which are lying on the ground. Use them 
on the nail, which is stuck in the door. Try using the nail 
to pick the lock on the door. This works, but it's too dark 
for Loreen to see what's going on.

Pick up the candle to the left of the mirror. In the left 
desk drawer is a key, and in the right desk drawer is a 
candlestand. Pick up both items, then use the candle on the 
candlestand. Light the candle by using it on the already-
lit candle. Put the candle on the stool, and click on the 
stool to move it by the door.

Now Princess Loreen can see the keyhole just fine. Use the 
nail on the keyhole to see the puzzle. In this puzzle, you 
want to rotate the wheels, so all the items fit the 

Click the right wheel twice and the left wheel twice to 
solve the puzzle. I'm told another solution is to hit the 
right wheel once, the left wheel once, then the right wheel 

Now, exit through the doors. Princess Loreen meets with 
Prince Nathaniel, and the two of them develop an instant 
dislike for each other. In her haste to escape, Loreen gets 
rid of Nathaniel.
Use the key (from the left drawer of the dresser in 
Loreen's cell) on the lift. Loreen uses the lift to escape, 
but she gets stuck partway through.

Control switches back to Nathaniel, who decides to let 
Princess Loreen stay in midair for a while, as punishment 
for tricking him. Nathaniel needs to make a grappling hook 
to escape from here.

Pick up the wooden pole against the wall, then pick the 
iron bar (on the second-from-right doorway). Go inside 
Loreen's cell (to the left). Use the pole on the curtains 
to get them. An iron peg falls; don't forget to pick it up.

Use the iron bar on the stone to move it. The bar is now 
shaped like a grappling hook. Pick up the signet ring from 
inside the area where the stone was. 

Leave Loreen's cell. Use the curtains on the sharp iron 
bars (on the second-from-left doorway) to shred the 
curtain. Prince Nathaniel ties the strips together to form 
a rope. Use the rope on the hook to make a grappling hook, 
and use the hook on the small hole that is right of Loreen.

Nathaniel climbs up to the next level, where he finds an 
old man. This man destroyed the lift, so he could play a 
game of peg solitaire. Give the signet ring to the man, and 
he will let you play a game.

This game isn't TOO difficult. You can skip the puzzle 
(using the skip button in the lower/right) if it takes you 
too long.

Move the second-from-left peg left. Move the second-from-
right peg left. Move the topmost peg down. Move the peg in 
the center position left, then move the peg in the leftmost 
place right.

Move the bottommost peg up. Move the leftmost peg right, 
then move the rightmost peg left. Done!

The old man gives you some pegs. Fabulous. Pick up the 
wheel with holes, which is right of the man. Use the pegs 
on the wheel, and use the metal peg on the wheel. If you 
picked up the metal peg as Loreen, go down the lift shaft 
and ask her for it.

When all the pegs are on the wheel, use the wheel on the 
lift. Ring the bell to start the lift and open the door.

Things go wrong quickly. Click on the door. Nathaniel 
manages to make it through, onto a ship area. He needs to 
lower himself to the real ship, below.

Grab the crowbar in the lower/left and use it on the barrel 
in the lower/right. Those boards will make a suitable lift.

There are two boxes on the right. Open them both and look 
in them. Each box has items for you to find. One has gears 
and a belt, while the other has a hammer and nails. Find 
all the items (or just wait for the skip button to fill, 
then use that to skip the puzzle).

Use the nails on the boards you have, then use the hammer 
on the boards eight times, to hammer the nails. Use the 
gears on the leftmost pole, then use the belt on the top of 
the pole.

Right now, the lift is behind the middle pole. Click on the 
ropes to undo them. Prince Nathaniel hooks up his lift to 
the ropes. Now just click on the ropes in the middle of the 
screen, and Nathaniel lowers himself to the ship.

Meanwhile, Loreen is trying to escape. She's trapped in a 
small area, with a skeleton.

Take some roots from the left wall, then taking a fishing 
hook from the floor by the skeleton. The rightmost bar 
ahead is loose; pick it up.

Examine the drawing on the wall for a challenge. One slice 
of the wall here is blank. Can you fill it out, so every 
ring has the pattern on it?

To do this, color the rings like this (going from inside to 
outside): shade, shade, blank, shade, blank, shade.

A piece of stone falls away, revealing a knife in the hole. 
Take the knife and the stone. Use the stone on the loose 
bar to get a makeshift hammer. Use the roots on the hammer 
to keep it together, then use the hammer on the bars to 

Leave through the hole. Now you're close to the ship that 
Nathaniel is on. You just need to make a gangplank, using 
two planks. The first one is on the shore here. Pick it up.

The second plank is below the parrot in the lower/right. 
Use the knife on the vines (against the building wall) 
here. Pick up the fishing pole, which is leaning against 
the wall. Use the vines on the fishing hook and the fishing 
pole. Now you can fish!

Pick up a pebble from the beach and use it on the parrot. 
It flies upwards. Use the fishing pole on the plank to get 
it. Use both planks on the ship, and Princess Loreen 
daintily steps aboard.

She and Prince Nathaniel are soon recaptured after that.

003b-The Kitchen Area 

Nathaniel is locked inside a wine cellar. Pick up the 
corkscrew (on the side of a barrel to the right) and the 
silver coin in the lower/right.

Click on both crates to move them against the wall. This 
reveals a tiny box, by the wine barrels. Click on it for a 
puzzle. In this puzzle, you want to get all the various 
knobs to face upwards. One knob is in place, and it is 
highlight blue. The knob right of it is facing right a 
little bit. Click that knob seven times. Solving the puzzle 
gets you a gold coin.

There is a bedframe here. Each corner of the bedframe has a 
lose screw. Use the silver coin on all four screws to 
destroy the bedframe. Pick up the two parts of the bedframe 
and use them on each other to have a makeshift ladder. Use 
the screws on the ladder, then use the ladder on the two 
crates you moved against the wall.

The door leading out of the cellar is locked. Use the 
corkscrew on the lock. You have a puzzle, just like the one 
which locked Loreen's prison door, earlier. Rotate the 
various circles, until all the shapes are in the right 

One solution is the upper left, the upper right, the upper 
left and the upper right. The top part of the board is in 
place. Then, do the lower left once and the lower right 
twice. This unlocks the door, allowing you to leave.

Nathaniel ends up in a kitchen. There is a food lift built 
into the wall, which you want to operate. Click on the 
handles left of the lift for a randomized puzzle.

In this puzzle, if you click on a handle, it will switch 
positions. The handle directly left and right of the one 
you clicked also switch positions. Your goal is to get all 
the handles to reach up. The position of the handles when 
you start out is different each time you play. Play around 
with the handles until you get the solution, or just use 
the skip button to get through.

Once you're done, pick up the plate of food on the table. 
Put it in the lift and pull the handle.

A letter appears in the lift. It's from Princess Loreen! 
She wants silverware. Pick up the silverware from the 
table, then send it up through the lift. Loreen sends back 
a plate of crumbs. Pick it up.

Nathaniel wants to communicate with Loreen, by using the 
lift. Use the plate of crumbs on the dove in the upper/left 
to get a feather. Nathaniel can use this to write Loreen a 

Read the book on the table a few times to get a blank page. 
Pick up the scoop, which hangs on the hat rack against the 
right side of the screen. Use the scoop on the hole above 
the fireplace for soot.

Use the soot on the bottle of oil (on the table). This 
makes a dark, ink-like substance. Use the dove's feather on 
the oil, then use the feather on the piece of paper. 
Nathaniel writes a message. Use the lift to send the 
message to Loreen.

Princess Loreen is cautious about getting a letter from an 
unknown person, and she wants proof of Nathaniel's 
identity. Put Loreen's necklace in the life and send it up 
to her. She sends back down a letter and a vase.

Use the vase of water on the fire in the fireplace. Click 
on the fireplace, and Nathaniel will climb up it. In the 
meantime, let's check in with Princess Loreen.

The Princess is trapped in a room, with pictures of a man. 
Read the letter on the sidetable (below the rightmost 
picture) to learn that he is the Black Knight, and also the 
one who captured her.

There are some items to pick up. Below the lift is a 
capsule. Below the rightmost picture on the wall are 
flowers. Finally, on the desk is a piece of paper.

There's not much else to do in this room, so knock on the 
door three times. A guard comes in. He agrees to let Loreen 
upstairs, if she can give him something to make it look 
like they struggled. Give him her necklace.

Loreen and the guard go upstairs. Talk to him, and he says 
to send a message using the pigeon. He gives her a key. Go 
back downstairs and use the key on the drawer of the desk.

You get a jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces of the paper 
together to fix it. When a piece is in the right spot, it 
snaps into place. Once you're done, go upstairs and give 
the paper to the guard. He combines it with his half of the 

You get a math puzzle. Figure out what the four digits are, 
using math. For example, if the plus star equals four, you 
know that star has to be one. Every time you play this 
game, the square is one, the moon is five, the circle is 
seven and the triangle is four.

Now look at the cage with the pigeon. Enter your answers 
from above on the padlock. It will unlock. You can now look 
inside the cage to get a feather and the pigeon.

Go downstairs. Use the feather on the ink bottle on the 
desk to write a letter. Use the letter on the capsule to 
put it inside. Use the capsule on the pigeon. Go upstairs 
and use the pigeon on the sky. The pigeon flies off, 
carrying the capsule with it.

Meanwhile, Prince Nathaniel has finished his escape from 
the chimney. Click on the pigeon here to read Loreen's 
letter. She needs money to pay the guard, so she can 

Go through the open doorway. The old man from earlier is 
here, and once again, he has disabled a lift. He agrees to 
repair the lift if you find his rat friend and win a game 
of peg solitaire.

Take the cheese from on top of the stairs here, and take 
the wrench which is left of the upper doorway. Go back 
outside and use the wrench on the pigeon cage. You get a 
key and a thick stick.

Go back inside. Use the key on the lock to open the door. 
Go through the door to the kitchen. Now go down to the 
pantry. Use the cheese on the rat here, who is hiding on 
the shelves or on the barrel.

If you haven't done so already, open the locked chest by 
the barrels. The chest is full of coins. Pick up all the 
coins here. Prince Nathaniel saves one for the old man.

Go back to the old man. Give him the rat and give him the 
coin. When you give him the coin, you can play a game of 
peg solitaire. This time, the only missing peg is in the 
middle. You want four or more pegs to be left over when 
you're done; the ideal solution is to finish with one peg, 
in the middle of the board.

If you fail a few times, the man will have mercy and allow 
you to win with more than just four pegs left over.

Once you win peg solitaire and give the rat to the man, he 
fixes the lift. At least, he tries to. A part is too rusty. 
He gives it to Nathaniel. Go to the kitchen and use the 
part on lard pot. Go back to the old man and give the part 
to him.

The lift is fixed, and the old man gives you his cane as a 
reward! Go to the kitchen and put the pile of money (from 
the chest in the wine cellar) in the food lift. Send it up 
to Loreen.

Go back to the old man. Pick up the mop under the stairs, 
and the broom against the window. Now go upstairs. Take the 
flagpole, which is above the pigeon cage.

You might have noticed that Prince Nathaniel has a number 
of stick-like objects. Use them on the holes in the wall 
here, to form something like stairs, which lead to the 
dining room window.

Meanwhile, Loreen is waiting not so patiently. Open the 
food lift, and she'll get the money. Go upstairs and give 
the money to the guard. He agrees to let Loreen escape, and 
he gives her a rope ladder to help. 

Pick up the saw, which is on the ground by the doorway. Go 
downstairs and use the saw on the antlers of the trophy 
animal, hanging from the wall. Loreen saws off the antlers.

Go upstairs. See the two holes in the wall, in the 
lower/left? Use the antlers on the holes. They fit 
perfectly. Use the ladder on the antlers, then go down the 
ladder to reach the bridge.

003c-The Dining Hall and The Bridge

Loreen starts off at the bridge which leads to a second 
tower. She wants to inform Nathaniel of this.

Go inside. This room has a lot of dirty chains which block 
a trapdoor. In the lower/left corner, there is a chair. 
Pick up the key which is on the floor by the chair.

Go up the ladder here. Loreen ends up in the room with 
pictures of the Black Knight. Use the decorated key on the 
cabinet, below the rightmost picture. The cabinet opens. 
Take the quill, paper, knife and sharpening stone.

Use the quill on the ink container (on the desk), then use 
the quill on the paper to write a letter. Put the paper in 
the lift and send it down to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel finds himself in the dining area, with a worried 
waiter. The waiter doesn't want to talk. Take the wine 
glass from the table and use it on the barrel on the left 
to fill it. Give the full wine glass to the waiter.

The waiter says the Black Knight wants him to prepare the 
table for dinner. The table must look just like the picture 
in the upper/right part of the screen. The waiter gives 
Nathaniel some keys.

Let's start with the silverware and plates. Use the keys on 
the cabinet to the left. On the top part, you have the 
plates. On the bottom part, you have the silverware. In 
both cases, you need to find the correct items you're 
looking for.

There is a wooden splinter in the lower/right part of the 
screen. Use it on the lit candles, hanging from the wall to 
the left. Then use the splinter on the candles on the table 
to light them.

Use the keys to open the small cupboard by the food lift. 
Inside, you find a carafe, shears, and a cleaning fluid. 
Use the carafe on the wine bottle to fill it up, then put 
it on the table. Nathaniel accidentally spills some wine, 
so pick up the salt shaker and use salt on the stain to get 
rid of it.

The curtain in the corner is not like it is in the picture. 
Click on the curtain to untie it. Pick up the small rope 
that falls to the ground.

Okay, everything in the room looks just like the picture 
now! Well, except for the flowers. Loreen has them, so open 
up the food lift. Read Loreen's letter. Send the shears to 
her, then send the cleaning solution to her.

The game switches to Loreen. Get the cleaning solution, 
then go downstairs. Pick up the rag on the ladder, then use 
the cleaning solution on the rag. Use the rag on the large 
group of chains.

Click all over the chains to clean them. Clean up all the 
chains, and Princess Loreen discovers a few weak spots. If 
Nathaniel only sent the cleaning solution to Loreen, the 
game will switch back to him at this point, so he can send 
her the shears.

Once the chains are clean, use the shears to cut them. You 
must use the shears on the chains three times to break all 
the weak links. Now, click on the trapdoor to open it. 
Loreen will see Nathaniel below. He asks her for flowers.

Throw the flowers down the trap door (or use the food 
lift). Then, click on the loose chain, near the trap door 
to lower it to Nathaniel.

The game switches to Nathaniel. Use the flowers on the 
vase, then click on the chain to climb up to Loreen. Our 
two heroes are reunited at last!

On the ledge of the left window is a metallic device, and 
inside the clump of chains is a second metallic device. 
Pick both of them up. There is a wheel here, which is 
covered with ropes. Use the dagger on the wheel to get it. 
Then, go outside.

The bridge here rotates, but the mechanism is broken. Use 
the mechanical parts on the mechanism. This starts a 
minigame, in which you want to move the various latches 
around, so each latch is in the proper-sized spot.

In this game, whenever you click, the top latch will 
automatically be swapped with the latch that your cursor is 
on top of. Use that to get the latches where they should 

Once the machine is fixed, put the wheel on top of it. 
Click the machine. Loreen can't move this on her own. Talk 
to Nathaniel, and he will move the bridge.

Click on the gate to the second tower. Loreen walks inside. 
Unfortunately, a gate appears, preventing Nathaniel from 
following her.

Use the mechanism again to move the bridge. Take the rope 
off the bridge. Go inside, then go up twice to the area 
where the guard is. Prince Nathaniel scares away the guard.

Take the guard's spear. Use the bridge rope on the curtain 
rope (from the dining area) to make a lasso. Use the lasso 
on the top of the second tower. Using the spear to balance, 
Nathaniel walks across the rope and ends up in the 
Alchemist's Lab.

003d-The Second Tower

The alchemist asks Nathaniel to get the flask from the 
shelf in the upper/right. Pick it up and give it to him. He 
explains that it is Tummy Tonic, which helps with 

The alchemist talks for a while. Eventually, he tells 
Nathaniel to use the scurrying orb. Click on the orb, and 
Nathaniel talks to Princess Loreen. The game switches over 
to her, at the bottom of the tower.

Take the torch from the pillar and use it to light the 
three torches that the angel statues are holding. This 
lights up the areas below the statues. At the base of each 
statue is a bannister. Take all three bannisters.

Take the stone from the ground. It is just to the right of 
the circle design on the floor. Use the stone on the 
staircase three times. Put the three bannisters into the 
wood in the center of the screen. Pick up the rope left of 
the wood and use it on the wood. Ta-da! A ladder!

Pick up the ladder and use it where the staircase was. Take 
the torch if you don't have it already, then go upstairs. 
Use the torch on the statue here to light up the area to 
the left.

Click on the area lit up by the torch, which is covered in 
spider webs. Loreen pushes the webs aside to get a chain. 
Pick up the chain. Use the chain on the mirror to the right 
in order to break it. (You can break the mirror with other 
things, like the torch or logs). Pick up a piece of the 

Go downstairs. Use the chain on the hook to the left to go 
down a level. You have two cobwebs here. One is on a chair 
to the left. Click on it to get a key. The other cobweb is 
left of the right pillar. Click on it to get the blue 

On the chair in front of the door is a handkerchief. Pick 
it up and use it on the dirty mirror to clean it.

Zoom in on the mirror. Put the blue crystal in the slot 
above the door, and use the clean mirror on the symbols at 
the top. You want to press the six symbols as seen on the 
mirror, from left to right.

Before going forward to the library, click on the staircase 
remains (on the left) for logs. You can pick up a spare 
ladder in the lower/right. use it on the upper floor, and 
Loreen will put the ladder in place so she can climb 

Now go in the library. The librarian has stomach pains, 
too. Talk into the tube (left of the librarian), and Loreen 
will speak to Nathaniel. He will help her make tummy tonic 
for the librarian. First, he wants some logs. Put the logs 
into the lift (left of the tube) and send them up to him.

There are three weights here. One is on the counter, one is 
on a bookshelf to the right, and one is in the lower/left, 
by the stack of books. Pick all three up, then click on the 
green door that leads to the storeroom.

The librarian speaks up, because he dislikes the alchemist. 
He says you need to know the current astronomical 
conditions, before you can open the door. The game then 
switches to Prince Nathaniel.

The alchemist gives you a lens. Go out to the terrace and 
use the lens on the telescope. This starts a puzzle, in 
which you must find nine planets. To solve this puzzle, 
move the lens all over the screen. When it is above a 
planet, the planet pops into view. Click on the planet when 
this happens. Find all nine planets to finish.

Go back inside. Open the lift and take the logs. Put the 
planet configuration inside the lift and send it down to 
Loreen. The game switches to her.

The librarian will give Loreen the recipe for tummy tonic, 
and he reminds her to get the three weights in this room 
(if you haven't done so already). Open the lift to get the 
planets' configuration.

Click on the green door to the storeroom. This is a puzzle. 
You want to move the nine jewels around the board, so 
they're in the same configuration as the planets in the 
lower/left drawing. You don't need to worry about how close 
or far away a planet is to the center of the drawing.

Tap on a jewel, then tap on an empty spot to move it to 
that spot. Jewels cannot jump over each other. The three 
outside rings will help you get jewels in and out of a 
rotation. When a jewel is in the correct spot, it glows 

Once you finish the puzzle, or when you skip it, the door 
opens. Go inside to the storeroom.

This is a hidden objects challenge. Fascinating. To start 
with, find the three laboratory jars. Then find all the 
green leaves, all the red nuts and all the sugar piles.

When you think you've got what you need, it's weighing 
time! Put your three weights (from the inventory) onto the 
weights container. Put 14g of weight on the right, then 
pile on green leaves until the two sides are of equal 
weight. Loreen will say they balance, and you can take the 
leaves off.

Now weigh the red nuts. Put 28g on the right scale and pile 
red nuts onto the left until you find the correct amount of 
nuts. Take the nuts off the scale. Finish by putting 33g on 
the right and sugar on the left until you have a match.

Now Loreen has the ingredients. Leave the storeroom and put 
them in the lift. Send them up to Nathaniel, and the game 
switches to him.

The alchemist thinks that Nathaniel can make the tonic on 
his own. First, he wants him to boil an essence.

Open the lift and take the ingredients. Take the candle in 
the upper/right, and take a flask from the cabinet behind 
the alchemist. Use the flask on the water container hanging 
from the ceiling.

Zoom in on the stove. It says you need ground cocoa leaves 
and roasted cola nuts. Put the cocoa leaves in the mortar 
and pestle, in order to grind them.

Click the pan, and it gets put above the stove. Put the 
cola nuts in the pan. Put the logs in the stove, and use 
the candle on the logs to light them. Click on the bellows 
(left of the stove) many times to heat it up. Get the 
temperature into the red, roasting zone. Keep it there 
until the nuts are fully roasted. Take them out of the pan.

Now we need to boil everything in the cauldron. Click the 
cauldron to put it on the stove. Put the water inside the 
cauldron, then add the other ingredients. Use the bellows 
to keep the heat at yellow (boiling) temperature for at 
least 25 seconds.

When you're done, use the flask on the cauldron to get the 
essence. Talk to the alchemist, and he says you need to mix 
it with four liters of water. Click on the shelves behind 
him, and Nathaniel gets some flasks.
Nathaniel has a 3 liter, a 5 liter and an 8 liter flask. 
You want to move things around, until either the 5 or 8 
liter flask has 4 liters inside.

One solution is this: Move the 8 to 3, then the 3 to the 5. 
Move the 8 to the 3, then the 3 to the 5. Move 5 to 8 and 3 
to 5, then 8 to 3.

The 4 liters of water are added to Nathaniel's inventory. 
Combine it with the essence. Give the tonic to the 
alchemist, and he adds bubbles. Send the tonic downstairs, 
through the lift.

The game switches to Loreen. Pick up the tonic and use it 
on the librarian. He and the alchemist become friends 
again. He also gives Loreen some of the leftover tonic.

Leave the library and go up two ladders. Use the tonic on 
the rusty lock, then use the key on the lock. Loreen goes 
up to where Nathaniel is, but before she can leave, she has 
to make one final potion.

Go back down to the library and get the recipe from the 
librarian. Go to the storeroom. Just like earlier, find all 
the laboratory jars and find the two ingredients. Find all 
the lotus flowers, bluebells, cocoons and toadstools, too.

Once you have everything, it's weighing time. Use the 
weights to get the weight you want, then put the ingredient 
you want to weight on the left. For example, you want 15g 
of toadstools. Put 15g of weights on the scale, then put 
toadstools on the scale until the two scales balance.

When you have all the ingredients weighed out, leave the 
room. Go up to the alchemy lab. Time for Nathaniel to use 
his alchemy skills to make this potion that brings stone 
things to life.

Grab a flask from behind the alchemist and fill it with 
water from the tank on the ceiling. Then, zoom in on the 
stove area.

The lotus petals need to be ground, so use them on the 
mortar. Put the pan on the stove and put the silkworms 
inside. Use the bellows to bring them to red (roasting) 
level for the appropriate amount of time.

Put the cauldron on the stove. Fill it with water and put 
all the ingredients inside. Bring the cauldron to yellow 
(boiling) temperature for 25 seconds. Use the flask on the 
cauldron to get the essence.

Talk to the alchemist. He'll let you use the chemistry set. 
Use one of your three ingredients on the set to start the 
puzzle. Here, move the pipes around so all three 
ingredients connect at some point. The pipes much reach the 
flask at the bottom.

When you're done with the puzzle, or when you've skipped 
it, you get the Stone to Flesh potion. Go outside and use 
it on the giant stone gryphon. Prince Nathaniel and 
Princess Loreen will fly off together to safety, and the 
game ends.

If you want to, you can click on Loreen while you're inside 
the alchemist's lab to give her the potion, so SHE can't 
use it on the stone gryphon. Either way, the ending to the 
game is the same.

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).