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Romance of the Three Kingdoms X review by Shemmykins

The good:

This is the tenth installment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series by KOEI. If you have played the previous installments, then you'll be no "newb" to it.
The general gameplay is the same, except you can CHOOSE to play as a ruler or an officer which was not a feature in IX or VIII. Many new features have been included - the duel system. The duel system is probably one of the best features implemented as you can have your character have a chance at taking an enemy out with many moves at your disposal depending on your war. Unlike RoTK VII or VIII where you could just get an item which would make Zhuge Liang do damage to Lu Bu if that had duels, however, in RTK X obtaining a sword that gives +7 war wouldn't help the likes of Zhuge Liang or Cao Cao thrash Lu Bu or even Sun Ce, if the enemy has a higher war, then you lose 75% of the time.
More strategy is involved, too. It's not about charging anymore as now there are sometimes traps already on the battlefield, weather conditions and number of troops affect the tide of the battle. Also, the characters have different traits, so whereas you could taunt Lu Bu easily, you'd have a more impossible job of getting a rouse of say, Cao Cao.
I would rate the music to be 10/10. Depending on what is happening, many different tunes allude to a particular event, e.g. in battle, you hear men charging within the piece of music. Some of the music is quite tense, deep and full of beat that enhances the experience.
The sound effects are very real and very nice to hear; I rather like the dueling sounds and the sounds of the ploys you can use in battle, e.g. wind or bolt.

The bad:

Graphics wise - they could be better in parts like the world map or campaign, but it has extraordinary attention to the what detail it has like grass, mounds and rocks. But on the contrary, the portraits of the characters are exquisite and so life-like.


The most highlighted feature in my opinion though is the more customisable character creations and a much easier time of having a family. It's so life-like that if you have a custom character who's has a role to that of a lord, you can have children (Must create them first) and they will be loyal to you straight the way, they won't defect or leave you.
This is a game I'd choose over something like Age of Empires anyway, simply because of how complex it is. There are many more features, but too many to list and go into detail. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy or who would ...


Good Work

The good:

Mixes the good of VIII and the good of IX, also throws in
new stuff.

The simulation system of the series is back (check VII and VIII). The revised war system is back (check VII and VIII). HUGE map of china is back (Check IX).

Story is VERY VERY accurate to the book!

The bad:

*bleep*ed reinforcments AI- they don't do what they should do

pisses you off in a Non-realistic way

Bad translations in the request area.


great game, a must for any war/simulation/ROTK/DW fan.

Theres more to unlock in this game.

Revised new officer personality creation

Biography is now based on both your personality and your achievements in the game file.

Travel around china and Duel against bandits, pirates, brigands, burglars, and many others.

Newly refined duels, paper rock Scissors with a twist!

New thing, Debates.

Go to taverns and do others bidding's to help rise your fame.

This game is pretty much all the others good stuff compiled into one, plus some new stuff KOEI threw in! Its a must!

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