Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends FAQ/Walkthrough Final
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: : : : Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends FAQ/Walkthrough

Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends FAQ/Walkthrough

by antseezee   Updated to vFinal on
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                       For Sony Playstation
                          Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 07/10/04
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Adventure games are always pleasant to both the gamer and the imagination as
well. Players are tossed into an entiresome story that consumes their
vigilance into completing a quest for a royal cause. When you combine features
of action games with those of an adventure game, you're rewarded with titles
like Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths, & Legends. Originally based off of
the FOX kids show, you'll take the role of two key agents who undercover some
of the hideous alien secrets hidden by the government. Along the way, you'll
travel various landscapes full of dangerous obstacles, treacherous enemies,
and use a plethora of advanced weaponry. This guide will provide a full
walkthrough for the game, along with codes, any available secrets, weapon
ratings, and the basics. Spoilers will be avoided at all costs. Find out the
true cause for alien beings on this planet, and be a hero at the same time!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=12/31/05= v Final
Final update for this guide. Can't expect much from this low-budget game, but
it was fun to play through once.

=07/14/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Took a lot less time than expected, and the game was quick
as well. This was the first game I FAQed with my new TV next to my computer,
which THOROUGHLY quickened the writing process. Maybe I can cut my time in
half on all games in the future.

=07/10/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Expecting to finish this within 10 days, hopefully before the
release of Sudeki.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Character Backgrounds
             > Basic Training
             > Weapons
          3) Walkthrough
             > The Beginning          (3.1)
             > The Dye Factory        (3.2)
             > Underground Resistance (3.3)
             > Ruck                   (3.4)
             > The Beach              (3.5)
             > Precious Elements      (3.6)
             > Crystal Chambers       (3.7)
             > Khan Mort              (3.8)
             > The Bay                (3.9)
             > The Rock               (3.10)
             > Baron Samedi           (3.11)
             > Crash Site             (3.12)
             > The Diversion          (3.13)
             > Power Up               (3.14)
             > Descent                (3.15)
             > Guardian Angel         (3.16)
             > The Shadoen            (3.17)
          4) Codes
          5) Common Questions
          6) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          7) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Action-adventure games are always an enjoyable playthrough for any type of
gamer out there. These hybrid games manage to combine the elements found in
many third-person games such as Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, but add a
mystical story element that inspires the player. Roswell Conspiracies is one
of those games that manages to combine many essential qualifications into this
category, but also follows its role after the FOX cartoon show. By moving
around as an all-out seeker for the truth, the player will move to uncover the
hidden secret beneath Roswell. Can you dig deep enough into the sheets of
lies, or will you simply fail in your mission?

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Red Storm

On July 4th, 1947, an unidentified flying object (UFO) crashed in a rancher's
field outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The Air Force spent what seemed to be
endless amounts of people and money covering up this crash and the alien body
reportedly found among the debris. They reported that it was merely a downed
weather balloon: The body, simply a test dummy. They discredited those that
witnessed the crash, and had a cover-up story for each report. They even had
cover-up stories for their cover-up stories.

In actuality, the crashed UFO was a fake. So were the stories the witnesses,
and the Air Force concealments. All concocted by a secret multi-national
agency called the Global Alliance. Why would this group go to such lengths and
expenses to construct such an elaborate lie? They created this illusion
because the aliens were already here. The lie was simply a diversion to make
people look for "little green" aliens who seemed harmless instead of the
bloodthirsty group already living among us. They've been here for many years
and are much deadlier than anyone could imagine.

Why have we not heard of or seen the real aliens? We have. Well, some of us
have. The legends of lore, terrifying mythical monsters like vampires,
werewolves, banshees, evil spirits...and worse, are all too real. Each year,
the number of such creature sightings reported increases. This is not a
coincidence. The Alliance believes these extraterrestrials have only begun
their infestation of Earth. Because of their space travel limitations and
Earth's distant location in the galaxy, it literally takes decades, if not
centuries, to reach here once scout ships have sent word. Some of our alien
foes have been around for centuries already.

That is why the Alliance desperately needs your help. You are Nick Logan,
former bounty hunter. Your father and grandfather were born with an innate
sense of seeing through alien deceptions. James Rinaker, the Alliance's
current Executive Officer, believes your proven record in tracking as a bounty
hunter, and your grandfather's traits give you an advantage in detecting
aliens. Your talent and skills will be tested. The aliens possess the ability
to morph into human form at will. That means they can be nearly anywhere...or
anyone. Capture as many of them as you can.

Keep in mind that this must be kept secret. The reason for the elaborate UFO
crash was to keep the public eye turned toward frail, peaceful
extraterrestrials and away from the truth of the dangerous aliens in creature
forms. If factual evidence leaks to the general public that such dangeorus
aliens or creatures actually exist on Earth, mayhem would most certainly


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Released: 2001
Rarity: fairly rare
Special Features: vibration function compatible
ESRB: Teen
Cover Art on box:
- Shows two alien hunters with a dark creature in the background


- 2) Game Basics           -
The Playstation controller has always been a versatile accessory when it comes
to most games. Its symmetric design allows players to control ships during
shooting games, action games, or simple RPGs. Thankfully, most of the shoulder
buttons and key features are used during the game. The layout is simple enough
for even the youngsters to understand.

/Game Controls/
          L2 - strafe left
          R2 - strafe right
          L1 - walk modifier
          R1 - enter first-person view
    TRIANGLE - draw your weapon, holster it
           X - action button, punch nearby monsters, climb, fire weapon
       START - pause
    JOYSTICK - move character (if ANALOG is turned on)
 DIRECTIONAL - move character

- Simply put, most of these actions are basic commands which can be understood
easily. Strafing allows you to sidestep, usually to avoid oncoming projectiles
or as another way of movement. The action button will be used often for
interacting with doors, ladders, and nearby monsters. It's necessary to
defeating aliens as well. You may draw your weapon by hitting the triangle
key. Aside from that, most of these buttons are self explanatory.

/Character Backgrounds/
Throughout the game of Roswell Conspiracies, you'll primarily control one main
character. It's best to understand the key elements behind these characters,
to determine their true motives, and reasoning for going out and kicking alien
butt. This section will briefly describe their backgrounds. I'd like to give
credit to Red Storm Entertainment for providing this information from the

           .< NICK LOGAN >.

        AGE: 25
       RANK: Detection Agent
  ABILITIES: Can distinguish aliens in disguise
DESCRIPTION: A former bounty hunter, Nick has joined the Alliance to discover
             the truth about his past and the disappearance of his real
             father - a founding member of the Alliance.

           .< SH'LAINN BLAZE >.

        AGE: Appears 19, actually around 80
       RANK: Detection Agent
  ABILITIES: Can predict imminent danger, Banshee abilities
DESCRIPTION: Sh'Lainn is a rogue Banshee who believes there is enough room on
             the planet for human and Benshee to peacefully co-exist. Working
             with the Alliance, she has grown close to her partner Nick - the
             combination of their abilities makes them the Alliance's premiere
             detection team.

           .< JAMES RINAKER >.

        AGE: 70
       RANK: Executive Officer
  ABILITIES: Efficient, firm leadership. Sharp insight into all alien matters.
             A keen strategist.
DESCRIPTION: Rinaker helped create the Alliance in 1947 and has devoted his
             life to it. Wise yet cold, he is a grandfather figure to his

/Basic Training/
Before you can leap right into the intense action of alien blast-away game,
there are a few elements you have to grasp a hold of. Not knowing the
essentials could prove to be a costy matter. This section will go over the
matters quickly to ensure you're ready for your adventure throughout various

  == MOVEMENT ==
- You may easily move your character by using either the four directional
buttons, or the analog joysticks if they're turned on. If you want to walk
(rather than running most of the time), hold down the L1 key while pressing a

- To climb ladders, shuddle over a box, or shimmy across a ledge, simply press
the X button to grab a hold. From here on, use the directional buttons to
shimmy or climb in a specific direction.

  == COMBAT ==
- It's highly recommended that you use weapons at all costs. When engaging
targets, draw your weapon by pressing the Triangle button, then fire by
pressing X. Certain weapons may have ammo restrictions or not, so be cautious.
If you get close to an enemy, you may punch them in melee combat by tapping X
as well. After a creature has been disabled, and is prone on the ground, you
must run up to them and press X over their body in order to capture them.
Otherwise they will rise up as if nothing happened.

- The lower left isignia on the screen represents your health, the alien's,
and your weapon's charge. The right portion colored purple shows your main
character's life. The red section on the left shows the alien's health.
Finally, the middle arrow shows how much charge the weapon has.

- During missions, you will receive important hints from your Alliance usually
depicting new objectives, or ways of getting past certain areas. To read these
messages, press the Select key. The X key will open individual messages up so
that you may listen to them.

- All items collected, weapons gathered, and artifacts archived are stored
into your special inventory screen. To access it, simply press the SELECT key.
You may then equip certain items by highlighting them and pressing X. You can
also examine items for a little background information, and a better object
view. Some items may be combined with others in order to complete puzzles or
get past a certain part.

Without weapons in Roswell Conspiracies, you would be nothing more than an
unarmed commoner being pelted by rubber bullets during a riot. Most of the
intense action during this game will come strictly from your weapons, and not
hand-to-hand combat as stated on the back of the game case. This section will
briefly describe each weapon, with their advantages and disadvantages.


- Your typical issued blaster weapon to agents of Alliance HQ. This pistol-
like weapon can fire several blasts before running dry and recharging. Great
for rapid fire on the move, and the perfect mobile weapon.

     ADVANTAGES: + Fast rate of fire         DISADVANTAGES: - Weak power
                 + Several shots per charge                 - Mediocre Zoom


   >>|+| LYCANTHROPE LASER |+|<<

- This is the default weapon for the Lycanthropes. It fires bright red laser
beams, usually 2-3 per clip. They're fairly powerful, and the gun itself has a
decent range of mobility.

     ADVANTAGES: + Slightly Powerful         DISADVANTAGES: - Mediocre RoF
                                                            - Lower clip



- This is the default weapon for the Banshee ghosts that roam most of Ireland.
This formidable staff can charge up for extremely powerful shots, but has
hardly any mobility, or rapid fire.

     ADVANTAGES: + Very Powerful         DISADVANTAGES: - No fire on the move
                                                        - Must charge shots
                                                        - No succession shots



- This is a much better choice for those looking to "blast" away opponents in
a breeze. The Alliance Plasma Cannon launches one ball of giant energy that
causes tremendous damage, at the cost of your energy bar.

     ADVANTAGES: + Extremely Powerful     DISADVANTAGES: - Eats all energy
                                                         - No succession shots


   >>|+| VAMPIRE SUN CANNON |+|<<

- This is the default weapon for the Vampires, and also happens to be the best
weapon in the game. It launches pink plasmic balls that explode for a rippling
effect, and critical damage. It also has maximum zoom.

     ADVANTAGES: + Far zoom               DISADVANTAGES: - Mediocre RoF
                 + Three shots per clip
                 + Powerful


- 3) Walkthrough           -
Some action/adventure games can get fairly complex in intense situations.
Often, bosses and challenging enemies will attempt to block your path from
moving up ahead to complete your objective. This is where walkthroughs come
into play. This section will provide strategies to defeating tougher enemies,
along with ways of completing each level in the game.

/The Beginning (3.1)/
STATUS: There have been unconfirmed reports of strange events in a derelict
        industrial area of London. You are to travel to an old Victorian
        dye factory located near the river Thames. Your orders are to
        investigate the area for the presence of aliens...

You'll start off in a dark stormy alley right next to the factory. Move ahead
up to the door, and read your communicator message. The door is locked, but
you can breach it if you can somehow cut it off. Go left down the narrow
alley, and turn going right. Continue down until you reach the solid brick
wall. Press X to climb up it. Jump over to the other side. Keep moving to the

   *A brief cutscene will show an alien creature walking into a dark pathway.
    You have to figure out a way to get the fire escape ladder down.*

Make sure you grab the health pack in the corner of the room. Continue ahead
to your left, and climb over the boxes. All of these actions are accomplished
thanks to the X button. Look into the slight building indentation, and climb
it. Then, grab the other health pack lying on the ground. Now, go back out,
and continue up ahead. Suddenly, an alien creature will pop from around the
corner. Draw your weapon by pressing the triangle key, then fire by pressing
X. It's life bar should appear as a bright red bar in the lower left corner.
Keep firing till it falls to the ground, then run up, and press X over its
body to capture it. Move up ahead, and climb up the ledge. Then, hit the lever
in the Fire Box to drop down the Fire Ladder.

Now, go back to where the Fire Ladder was. Press X next to the small fire
switch, and it should drop the ladder. Climb the ladder. Suddenly, you'll
start taking fire from your right side. Dispatch of the alien around the
corner, and then capture him. You can finally climb up and go into the dark
pathway. You'll be on the roof of the dye factory. Around the middle angled
roof is a door part on the ground. Make sure you pick it up. Now, go all the
way right, and a quick message will tell you that the rooftop antenna looks a
bit unsafe. Hold down R1 to enter first-person view, and snipe away the
antenna with a shot at the upper portion. It should collapse over to the other
building. Use it as a boost to reach the other side. Around the corner is a
lone alien. Rid of him, then grab the gun on the ground. The Lycanthrope Laser
is a tad more powerful than your previous blaster, but it absorbs more energy
per shot.

Move ahead through the zig-zagging patterns on the rooftop. Kill the alien
near the middle, and you'll notice that the new laser is much more effective.
Proceed forward as usual, and take care of the next alien in the next wide-
open space. Go left around the wallish corner. Continue ahead. Here comes the
tough part. When you reach the two small boxes in the corner, aim up with your
gun, and take out the lone alien. Now, you'll have to quickly shimmy across
the wall using the boxes for a boost, then drop down, and reclimb up on the
adjacent wall. Meanwhile, the alien will most likely rise and lower half of
your health. Just make sure you shoot him a second time, and capture him. Use
one of your medpacks too. Go into the corner and grab the Oxy-Acetylene Torch.
Just what we need to breach the door out front. To take a quick little
shortcut, look into the corner for a dark opening. Drop down, then drop down
right, and drop down to ground level. Now, go left all the way back to the
front door with the lock. Press X on the door to torch the lock off.

Once inside, quickly dispatch of the central alien. The main door up ahead has
a jammed lock. Go right down the narrow alley. This next catwalk area will
have 4 aliens on giant towers shooting down at you. You can either shoot them
off one-by-one or simply run by as there's no way of reaching them. In the
room up ahead, take care of the lone alien, and grab the healthpack. Climb the
three boxes on the right. Pick up the boxy door mechanism, and now head back
to the factory entrance. Now, go to the inventory screen by pressing SELECT.
Combine the door part from the roof before, and the box mechanism to get a
working door mechanism. Now press X on the entrance to open it up. You should
now be able to save your game!

/The Dye Factory (3.2)/
STATUS: Update Report - The place is crawling with lycanthropes. Something is
        going on at the Dye Factory. Investigate!

Now that we're inside the actual facility, we can prepare to engage lots of
more wolf-like creatures. The level will begin with an alien above attempting
to engage you. Quickly go left, and a message will tell you that it's going to
be extremely hard to make it past the steam. Go away from the steam and you'll
run into 3 valves. Use the action button on all three of them in order to shut
off the steam. Proceed forward and snatch the medpack off the ground. Go left
into the tunnel. In the new room, quickly take out the 2 Lycanthropes in the
central part. The dark box on the right operates a lift somewhere else. Press
X to lower the lift farther ahead in the room. Board the elevator up, then go
right. Take out the first lycanthrope you encountered right at the beginning
of the level, and sprint to the far wall. Shimmy up and over to the other side
of the room. On the other side, make sure you pick up the medpack near the end
of the railing. Go right down the caution tunnel.

   *Suddenly, our character will notice a large hole in the structure. It looks
    like some underground lair where the lycanthropes are hiding. You've got
    to figure a way down there.*

Move ahead ensuring that you don't fall down the pit. At the doorway, pick up
the Lycanthrope Limpet Mine. Take out the alien below the steps. Now, our
character will also note that the floor looks fairly unstable. Walk up to the
nearby heating vat, and press the action button. Nick will plant the limpet
mine next to it. Quickly run away, and watch it explode to reveal a large
hole. Drop down. Go into the next hall and take out the lycanthrope. He's
fairly close, so watch for close combat attacks. Move ahead. At the bricked up
wall, plant another limpet mine, and watch it go poof. The next hallway will
have another enemy, and will also be VERY dark. Your flashlight will turn on,
but only provide a limited radius of view. At the next bricked door, plant
another mine. Go through. Drop down the two larger steps and watch for the
lasers. If you use first person view, your reticle will turn red when the
enemy is highlighted. Fire a few shots, then charge and capture him. Continue
onward around the bend.

Climb the two larger steps, and pick up the medpack near top. Proceed forward.
Continue down the large steps below, and an enemy will be around the corner.
Try to take him out by either rushing or aiming manually. You'll now have two
choices up ahead. Go left first and up the hill. Pick up the medpack in the
center of the room, and continue left. Take out another lycanthrope below. You
will find another narrow shaft ahead with another guy. Take him out. Go
through the purple door up ahead, and you'll see a poor lycanthrope get shock-
killed. You have to avoid the ring of electricity before it hits you. There
are supposed ladders that you are to use in order to get in the "middle" of
the ring. However, on your run up, you'll most likely be hit by 2 or 3
electric rings. So, keep using your medpacks after each hit to heal, and grab
the keycard at the end of the tunnel. Time your runs back (you should be able
to use the ladders efficiently), and go back to the point where the path split
into two. Go into the doorway to the tall green elevator with the green light.
Interact with the light to place the keycard in.

   *The young Nick Logan will then be carried down to the depths below.*

/Underground Resistance (3.3)/
STATUS: Something is going on in there. You will need to take the elevator to
        continue your investigation!

Move ahead in the dark cult area, and take out the lycanthrope to your right.
Continue down the halls weaving left and right. You'll eventually reach a room
with a cargo elevator. Unfortunately, a control panel is missing in order to
operate it. Go left down the new hallway. Drop the alien in the far distance
firing lasers at you. Go to the far end of the room, and check the right
corner for a medpack. Now head back, and take the right dark tunnels. The
entrance is up top. In the new area, a giant hole in the wall will reveal a
Lycanthrope Mothership. Nick ponders their reason for being at this location.
Grab the Optical Cord in the corner of the room and head back to where the
cargo elevator was. Now go down the right hallway. At the end, you'll reach a
large room with lots of cargo cases. Take out the lycanthrope at the far end.
Continue all the way to the end, and make a left down the narrow spaceway.
Grab the Lift Controller off the ground. Go to the inventory screen and
combine the cord with the controller. It should form a Lift Control Mechanism.
Head all the way back to the lift. Interact with the control box to use the
mechanism, and Nick will go down with the elevator.

Now that you're at the bottom, quickly dispatch of the lone patrol. There
should be two circular halls to your left and right, with a locked door in
front of you. Start off by going down the left hall. Take out the lycanthrope
you encounter. There will be another one at the end, along with two splitting
doors to your left and right. Go into the left one first. You'll actually be
in the Mothership's Bridge. You can open various doors and proceed ahead by
marking off the correct points. Make sure you grab the two healthpacks as
well. Just mark off all the doors, and proceed back. You'll encounter about 3
lycanthropes along the way. After the third one, take a left into the narrow
doorway. It should be marked with a "11" sign. Hit the button on the control
pad to get launched via en elevator to a rotating beam room. Walk up to the
panel, and press the action key. Suddenly, a Bomb Defusion mode will be
activated. Match the key on the Playstation controller along with the correct
direction on the control pad to defuse one tick off of the bomb. After you
have defused it, head back on the ship to the central core.

Make your way to the Mothership bridge, and hit the buttons to unlock two more
doors. Head into the door directly behind the bridge door, and use the
transportation ship. Defuse the second bomb using the same methods from
before. Once that bomb is defused, head back, and unlock another door. Proceed
to that door to defuse yet another bomb. Repeat the process to unlock the last
door and head on in. Defuse the final bomb and head out. Go back to the Bridge
room, and our buddy will be rising up via a floating elevator to the next
level. How convenient.

/Ruck (3.4)/
STATUS: Lycanthrope - A fierce warrior with green hair. Ruck wears a formidable
        exosuit which enhances his physical strength and defences.

This mission is fairly quick and simple. Ruck is the major boss of the
Lycanthrope species. He's basically a large green mech that walks around
slowly with a giant, damaging flame thrower. The stage is divided with three
slabs dividing the arena into narrow alleyways. There are also tall red beams
that shoot up at random spots. The idea is to lure Ruck towards one of the
slots so that it takes tremendous damage from his life bar. You may also shoot
him with your Alliance Blaster, but the damage is fairly minimal, and must be
aimed at the head opening for minute HP loss. Once you lure him into the red
beam, he should die briefly, and you'll be brought to a complete scene.

   *Cover-Up successful! Ruck successfully captured and detained at high
    security detainment facility beneath Bikini Atoll. Lycanthrope threat
    nullified. The fake story says a quake hit London - yeah right!*

/The Beach (3.5)/
STATUS: Agent Sh'Lainn has disappeared from Alliance HQ. We believe she has
        transformed into her banshee state after watching a news report on
        the theft of Celtic artifacts from a Dublin museum. Our agents have
        tracked her to the west coast of Ireland. You will be taken there by
        Heli-Jet. Find out what she is up to. Use any means necessary!

As usual, Nick Logan will start off in a mysterious location. Check the nearby
engraving. It will tell you to go east to find the door. Look to the left for
a dark tunnel which may not be visible. Go down through, then continue down
the next side scapeway. Take out the Banshee around the corner, and the next
engraving will tell you to go west to open the door. However, check the nearby
cove and proceed inside. Take out the Banshee, and then pick up the health
pack. Walk up to the blue stone, and it will open up a sealed cave door from
before. Head back seeking out for the door. It should be the spot where you
landed at first. Check the cave for a lone Banshee, along with a health pack
to the right, and a device to open the middle cave door. Go to the middle cave
door and head inside. You'll notice a blue shining pedestal in the middle,
along with various symbols, and a path leading straight upward.

Notice that the monolith in the center has a facet, with each side
representing a specific symbol. Look at the stone platform up ahead, and it
will tell you to continue in the "right order."

In order to get past this, look along the right wall for 4 engraved symbols.
Mark them down. They should be the way you input them via the 4 monolith
symbols, in order to unlock the bridge. So, press the action button on each
side of the monolith as follows, based on the individual symbol:

   (#1) -> Shattered Pebbles
   (#2) -> Scorpion
   (#3) -> Fiery Comet
   (#4) -> Ocean Waves

If placed in the correct order, then the drawbridge will lower to permit
access up ahead. Nail the Banshee to your left as you approach the bridge,
then cross it. Make a left, and you'll notice streaming blue lasers crossing
your path. You must time your pattern to make it past them without getting
hit. You'll now be in a stone structure. Go left and twirl through the halls.
Pick up the health pack at the beginning. Take out the Banshee on the path
along the dirt, and continue up the hill. You should eventually reach another
stone structure. Grab the medpack on the ground. Up ahead will be lasers that
strike you when you move. They're mostly unavoidable, although walking helps
make you slightly evasive. You might have to use a medpack or two. Continue up
ahead. Two more Banshees will plague the path up ahead. Inside the stone
structure, snatch the medpack to the right, and take out the Banshee to your
left. The tough part is up ahead. Step on the stone depression to open the
stone doorway. Now, you must make it past the invisible blue lasers by walking
and AVOIDING special white stones on the floor. They should be abnormally
larger than the others. Do not step on these, otherwise you will be shocked.
Once you make it across, grab the health pack, and continue to the right.

Drop down to the pit below, and take out the lone Banshee. Then, look for a
nearby ledge, and double climb up top. Walk up to the blue portal, and Nick
will walk into a warp zone.

/Precious Elements (3.6)/
STATUS: Good work but keep looking for Sh'Lainn. Logan - be careful!

In traditional styling, our super-agent will start off in another puzzling
atmosphere. To enter the forbidden lair, you must collect all of
the "elements."

Start off by going into the tunnel LEFT of the warping point that brought you
to this puzzle room. You can tell by the brown dirt on the ground right near
the entrance. Continue down the path, and ensure that you take out the threat
of the two Banshee ghosts. Then, pick up the Banshee Crystal Staff weapon near
the middle of the Y-split. This staff launches neato fireballs, and does hefty
damage. The only disadvantage is that you must charge it up first before
firing. Hold down the X button and release. Now that you're at the Y, go down
the right path. You'll reach a message at the end which warns you about a
Forest Guardian. Up ahead is going to be tricky. The Forest Guardian is a lone
Banshee that has enhanced powers. It will launch fire columns beneath your
feet, while launching blue fireballs at you. Equip the Alliance Laser, and try
to lure the guardian to the cave entrance. Keep firing lasers at it till it
collapses, then capture it, and grab the Earth Symbol off the podium. Go back
but take the other path now.

Once you're inside the blue hall, take out the Banshees to your left and
right.  Continue down the right hall, and the fire message will tell you that
you must go back in order to proceed forward. If you want to, you can attempt
to get this symbol now. Simply sprint across the fire bridge. You will take
about 2/3 damage, however, there's a medpack next to the Fire Symbol. Pick it
up, and continue onward. Turn back and take the other blue tunnel from before.
Continue up and take out the 2 targets on the ledges. Climb up each ledge and
capture them, then continue around the corner. Take out the lone Banshee,
climb up the ledge, and the nearby message will tell you that water has the
power to move mountains. Go into the next room. Pick up the 2 health packs,
along with the Water Symbol. Now, head back down the Y-split you came from
before, and back to the main room. Now, go into the small tunnel to the left
of the wide-gapped pit. There are two more Banshees around the corner to your
left. Contine up ahead, and the message will tell you that things do come up
from thin air. Dispatch of the lone enemy, and continue forth. Pick up the
health pack, and enter the dark room. Another Banshee will try to harm you
down a long narrow hallway. You will find yet another health pack. Move ahead
as usual. Two more Banshees will act as pesky nuisances. There will be one
more finale Banshee, and then a room filled with spiraling leaves. Run around,
and pick up the Wind Symbol. Head all the way back to the main room. Place the
4 Symbols in their slots around the plinth.

Another portal will open up. Head inside. You'll be warped across the pit,
with another teleport in front of you. Proceed inside that one as well, to be
warped to the next dimension!

/Crystal Chambers (3.7)/
STATUS: Those Banshee are cunning. Have you found anything useful?

You will be placed into a small room with two long messages on the sides of
the room. Read the right one and it tells you to witness the destruction of
traitors to our people and to our ways. Head inside the portal when it opens
up. In the next room, take out the Banshee threat, and the new message says to
harness the power of air. Pick up the health pack too. Go into the next
portal. The next area will be extremely dark. Head to the dark wall, and climb
it. Keep shooting the center cystal with your Alliance Laser while strafing
from the streaming laser. Once it is destroyed, you will drop down a center
platform. Jump off to the side, then take out the surrounding Banshees. A new
portal will open up. Proceed onward. Take out the next Banshee in the room,
and the next message tells you that they are trying to wash the diseased from
the Earth. Pick up the health pack in the room, then go enter the next portal.

Destroy the next cystal by using the same method from before. As usual, drop
down, take out the Banshees, and enter the next portal. The same process will
repeat for the next two element tests. You will have a lone banshee, a powerup
to pick up, a portal to enter, another crystal to destroy, and a few more
Banshees. Do this process two more times for the remaining elements. The fire
portal will warp you ahead to your next location.

/Khan Mort (3.8)/
STATUS: Minotauri - Enslaved by the Banshee. Khan fights to earn his freedom.
        He is an almost unstoppable engine of destruction and a fearsome,
        aggressive opponent.

The level will start off by warping you into a room with Sh'Lainn trapped up
top in a continuum portal. Khan will then warp in as a Minotaur with a giant
axe. You must finish him off by evading his close-range attacks, while running
over little buttons surrounding the portal. There are four buttons with lasers
running to the center. Each time you step on the button, a laser will cease to
fire out. However, Khan will try to re-set the lasers by running over them.
You have to shoot Khan with your laser to temporarily stun him, and deactivate
all four lasers. Sh'Lainn will then fire a column at him, and do damage.
Repeat the process until he dies.

   *Cover-Up successful. Khan successfully detained. No sign of the allusive
    Queen Mab, Banshee hideout now permanently shut down. According to news
    reports, a fierce storm hits Ireland. Yeah, right!*

/The Bay (3.9)/
STATUS: We have received a message from a source in the San Francisco Police
        Department. They are on full alert after a spate of abductions. They
        have a suspect - "A tall dark man in a two-piece suit. A top hat and
        walking stick. He has strange markings on his face!" - It could be
        Samedi! All the abductions have occurred in a storage area of the San
        Francisco Docks. Go there and find out what's happening!

You'll start off in one of the warehouses near the docks. The beginning
message says that it looks like a maze in here, which could prove to be one
heck of a problem. You'll also notice that Nick Logan is souped up for the
occasion, with a well-armored suit, rather than a typical suit and stretched
long coat. You'll also have an Alliance Plasma Cannon in your inventory, which
can be used whenever you desire. The big gun fires a large blast that eats up
all of your energy right away, but does maximum damage.

The left pathway is a dead end, so go straight ahead. At the T, make a left,
and you'll eventually reach another T-split. Go right, and pick up the medkit.
Now, head back, and down the left path. At the next split, take the left
route. You will see some electrified wires up ahead. You have to get a fuse in
order to operate the elevator near the beginning of the level. Start moving
forward. Avoid the blue flames that shoot out, and go into the door up ahead.
Look at the right wall, and hit the switch near the corner to turn off the
electricity. Then, interact with the second switch right next to it to grab a
fuse. Unfortunately, the electricity will be turned back on, and it will now
be streaming in vertical patterns. You must avoid the lasers, and make your
way back to the beginning portion of the level. On the way, you'll start to
see some bright lights flashing. A robot/alien will pop out. Quickly shoot him
and capture it.

   *Samedi definitely has something going on in this facility, and you're going
    to be the one to stop him.*

Regardless, once you reach the elevator, interact with the control panel to
place a fuse in. Now you can use the lift. Go up, and turn the right corner.
Be careful for the lone robot, and ensure that you take it out. Inside the
room, Nick will discover a shipping log which says one ship went out recently
to Alcatraz. Aboard was some bio-hazardous waste. The situation is looking
depressing. Make sure you pick up the medpack off the ground. Look along the
right wall for a keycard insert. Interact with it, and there will be another
defusing mode. Simply press the directional key along with the button and it
should be disabled quite quickly. Now, leave the room and head down the left
hall. In the next room will be more door locks to deactivate. Check the two on
the right side, and the 3 on the left to open each of the cargo doors. You can
find a medkit in the left corner door, a medkit in the first left door, and
the middle left door opens passage to the next area. You'll also find a medkit
right in the middle hall door. Head into this area.

Take out the robot up ahead, and take a left around the corner. The noisy
ships will make quite a ruckus in the background.

   *When you reach a certain point, Samedi will run off in the background after
    hearing your presence. Chase the man before he escapes!*

Enter the right little hole down the narrow tunnel. Move ahead, and take out
the 2 alien robots. Suddenly, the Helo-Jet will lower from above, and you can
get extracted to your next location.

/The Rock (3.10)/
STATUS: Samedi is definitely hiding out here. Track him down!

Now you're at the world famous Alcatraz prison, where our villain is
supposedly hiding out. The Helo-Jet will drop you off near a roof access
point, to make it easier to breach security. Go to the hole at the end of the
roof, and drop down the two ledges. Continue ahead down the stairs. Suddenly,
when you reach a dead end, you'll be surrounded by two zombies! Quickly equip
your Plasma Cannon, and blast them down! Go into the hall up ahead. Enter the
first left doorway, and pick up the object behind the table. You'll now have
Diagram #1. If you examine the Diagram, you'll notice that there are two
arrows pointing up, with one pointing down splitting the two. There are also 6
levers in this room. Hit the levers in the following order:

      DIAGRAM 1
   |              |              - After hitting the levers, continue up ahead.
  X     TABLE      O               All doors on the right side of the room will
   |              |                now be open. Head into each of them. The
  O                X               first room has Diagram #2. In the third
   |              |                room, walk up to the electric generator, and
  X                O               shoot the glass until it explodes. Examine
   |____      ____|                Diagram #2.

  X - means to hit that switch
  O - do not hit

      DIAGRAM 2
   |              |             - Now all of the left doors will be open.
  O      TABLE     X              Destroy the generator in the first room
   |              |               on the left, and the force field generator
  O                X              will flash out. Now you can get to the top
   |              |               secret area.
  X                O
   |____      ____|

Drop down the hole, and go left. In the next room, Nick will activate his
flashlight. Take out the nearby two robots, and continue up ahead. Go to the
center island ledge and pick up the medkit. Go right. Make another sharp right
at the end, and climb the ladder. This next room will be filled with barrels
and 4 medkits. However, you'll immediately be surrounded by two robots.
Quickly dispatch of them both, and use the medpacks on the ground if
necessary. Pick them all up for the future battle. Anyhow, from your starting
point, go down the left tunnel where the robot came from. You'll engage two
more robots in the back tunnel. Make a right at the opening, and continue
right down the narrow hall. In the extremely dark room, make a right towards
the blue glowing aura.

   *It appears that Samedi has been using Alcatraz as a base to spawn his own
    army of zombies. The large peculiar device is the impregnator used to
    create the ionic creatures. Continue ahead.*

Climb the ladder against the dark wall behind the machine, and you'll now be
in a more "lit" area. Go up the stairs, and then climb the ladder. However,
time your climb because five steam jets will shoot out and attempt to injure
you. After completing the climb, you will proceed to the next area.

/Baron Samedi (3.11)/
STATUS: Vodun - The only living Vodun vessel. Samedi uses the combination of
        his tactical genius and the armoury of his ship to destroy anyone who
        stands in the way of his people's survival.

This battle takes place atop the Alcatraz light tower, and is fairly easy.
Baron will rotate around the tower in a clockwise pattern. All you have to do
is strafe right and keep firing your laser AHEAD OF his position. He will
eventually rotate and hit the lasers from your Alliance Blaster. After enough
hits, the ship will go down. His only attack consts of a three red primary
fire. The lasers are slow and avoidable.

   *Cover-Up Successful. The Voduns have suffered a major blow after the
    destruction of their base and one of their crafts. The news story says
    there's a toxic spill from a grounded ship.*

/Crash Site (3.12)/
STATUS: We have just got some reports of alien activity within Mayan temples.
        Hanek has intracom agents posted there. Logan. Check it out!

Our valiant hero, Nick Logan, will be dropped off near the sites of the
temples during the night. So expect a lot of spooky surprises along the way.
Start off by moving forward toward the temple entrance with the "Up" arrow to
the left of the doorway. Inside to the left will be a Satellite Fragment that
you need. Leave this area, and go to the entrance opposite of it. Pick up the
medkit down the tunnel. Proceed onward. You'll run into your first resistance,
one being an intracom agent. Take him out, and search the new room. Go into
the right doorway. Take out the 2 agents around the corner. Move forward, go
left, and pick up the second fragment of satellite. Now go back to the room
where you first encountered the lone agent, and move in his direction. At the
T, take out the agent to your left. Go down the right pathway and make another
sharp right. Enter the new doorway.

There will be a single agent ahead. Take him out, and enter the large open
area. Take out the two guards at the shrine up ahead. Be weary of their cross-
firing patterns. Enter the enclosed building via the front entrance. Move
onward and go down the left tunnel. Enter the new opening, and take out the
guard. Then, pick up the health pack and third satellite fragment. Leave the
temple and make your way back to the spot where you turned right. This time,
we'll take the path opposite of it. In the next wide-open area, take out the
two guards. Enter the temple via the lower entrance. Grab the fourth satellite
fragment. Now, exit the temple. Head back to the area where you first met the
Intracom guard. This time, go right again. Go to the temple, but enter it from
the secret right side entrance. Take out the two Intracom guards and proceed
on in. Climb on the ledge and grab the Satellite.

   *The message will then tell you to return to the drop-off point to get
    extracted. If you are missing some of the satellite fragments, you will
    have to search for them.*

Get back to the starting point on the level, and you will be picked up by the

   *Cover-Up Successful. Satellite components recovered. Alien threat
    eliminated. The newspapers say a Meteor Shower was seen over South
    America. It was more than a robust imaginary twirl of lighting!*

/The Diversion (3.13)/
STATUS: We are tracking a train on a disused rail track which passes within 1.5
        miles of the Alliance HQ. We believe it is a ploy by the lycanthropes -
        but we are not sure what their intentions are. Intelligence believes
        there is an EMP bomb on-board. Do not fire upon it! Try to stop the
        train and disable the bomb.

This mission is VERY different from your other encounters. You'll actually
start off in a special rail-shooting mode via the Helo-Jet. Your goal is to
take out the outer defenses of the train, specifically the turrets and
Lycanthropes that pop up. Aim using the inverted crosshair, and sometimes you
might have to aim slightly below the target so the lasers actually hit the
targets specified. You'll keep rotating the train until the defenses are
destroyed. Then, it will flash a message to shoot out the engines. These are
the three orange boxes at the head of the train. Try your best to hit the
engines and not the train. Once the engines are destroyed, the next objective
comes into play. You are to defuse the complex EMP bomb aboard the train. It
uses the same defuse mode as the previous ones, except you have to get it
right about 10 times in a row. Not too hard. After that, you've got a mission

/Power Up (3.14)/
STATUS: Logan. The EMP bomb was a distraction - The base is under attack!
        Get here as quickly as you can!

Nick Logan will start off by landing at the HQ's landing zone. If you check
your inventory, you'll notice that you have access to a Vampire Plasma Cannon.
This weapon certainly has its ups and downs. You can get off three pink shells
before it drains all energy, and it has extremely high zoom. Plus, it will
leech a small amount of life when needed, so use it in tough situations.
Continue up ahead and the door will slam behind you. Up ahead are several
Lycanthropes at various doorways. There will also be emergency turrets that
open up and fire at you when you get close. Thankfully their slow rotation
means they can easily be avoided. However, the Vampire Cannon seems to work
best against the enemies, so use it frequently. Continue past the first two
doorways. When you reach the closed door, pick up the medpack, and go to the
left console. Interact with the computer to set off an alarm.

Suddenly, two Lycanthropes will attempt to ambush you from behind. Dispatch of
them quickly, and a brief cutscene will show a giant ship ripped through the
Alliance HQ. Apparently a blimp has made the appearance. Go through the newly
opened doorway (make sure to capture those 2 lycanthropes). Once inside, take
care of the wolf to your left, and pick up the medpack along the wall. Go
around the blimp, and take care of the next enemy, and pick up the medpack at
the far end. Now go back and up the north door. Hit the console to the right
of the door, and a pattern will appear:


You must now light the red ones green so that the door will open. However,
some lycanthropes will appear to interrupt the party. Eliminate the threats
first, then make your way to the consoles. Here's the correct input to get the
door to open:

   ...(Going from left to right, from the left side of the blimp)...


- This will open the door for you to proceed ahead.

Now that you've breached the Alliance HQ perimeter, head inside, and look at
the one panel of walling that looks different from the rest. It should have an
Up arrow on it. Blast it away with your Alliance Blaster to reveal a hidden
opening. Climb down the shaft, but watch for the charging red lasers that
blast out from the sides. Pick up the two health packs at the bottom of the
shaft. Head through the opening. Make a right at the nearest door, and
interact with the command console. You'll have to do another defuse mode in
order to turn the power on. Power will then be restored to the facility after
about 8 consecutive presses. Time for a new level.

/Descent (3.15)/
STATUS: Nick. We need your help. We have a detected a huge fleet of Vampire
        Sun Ships in a low Earth orbit. They are poised to attack the base at
        any moment. Sh'Lainn will get access to Command Control - She will
        need to re-activate the outer defenses. But she is surrounded by
        aliens. If you could get to security control you can help her from
        there. You will need to take the elevator to level B2.

Leave the power control room, and turn a right. Go through the door up ahead.
After a few doors, nail the Lycanthrope, and make your way past the swinging
lasers. In the next large circular room, the elevator in the center will give
you a malfunction if you attempt to use it. Instead, you must go and seek for
parts to reset the elevator. Anyhow, go the right open door and grab the
Battery Controller on the ground. There will be Lycanthropes that snipe from
above, along with ones on the ground level. You can find 2 medpacks by the
elevator entrance if you need health. After snatching the controller, head to
the upper door. It will open to reveal a command console and medpack. Snatch
the pack and interact with the computer. The Lift Control System will then be
activated. Head back to the elevator, and now you can go down. You'll then
arrive a floor below.

Head around the back part of the room, and a door will slowly open. However, 2
Lycanthropes will attempt to stop you in your tracks. Dispatch of them with
the tasty vampire gun. Check one of the nearby rooms for a Power Conduit. Head
through the newly opened door. Again, a series of doors will reveal a dead
end. However, go to your inventory screen. Combine the Power conduit with the
battery controller to form a Weapon Generator. Now, walk up to the console
along the left wall. The Weapon Generator will blast away the debris blocking
your path to the doorway. Head through the door now. Rid of the Lycanthrope,
and watch the pattern of the three swinging lasers. Check the room on the
left. You're now at the Security Control. Thankfully, the level ends there.

/Guardian Angel (3.16)/
STATUS: Nick. You should now have control of the base's auto security system.
        You can take control of any of the sentry guns located throughout the
        base from the consoles in front of you. I will start making my way to
        command control when you activate the security system. S. Blaze

This next stage is extremely difficult. You will have to guide turrets in the
facility, and hit the Lycanthropes as Sh'Lainn runs by them. The problem is
that glitchy programming forces her to get shot in doorways where you have a
blind angle. You have no way of switching the cameras manually either. Just
try to memorize the location of each monster at each angle. The toughest part
is at the beginning. Use the analog joystick to quickly swivel around corners
and eliminate the corner threats. The toughest part is where she enters the
swivel room. There will be a Lycanthrope to the left of her which HAS TO BE
dispatched of quickly, or else, you will fail. After she reaches the top door,
she'll be in.

/The Shadoen (3.17)/
STATUS: One of the deadliest creatures in the universe. The Shadoen is a
        walking arsenal of close range weaponry. Every limb of this spider-
        scorpion like hybrid is a potentially lethal weapon. Its strength and
        agility making it a terrifying, almost unstoppable foe.

Nick will enter a cybernetic room thanks to a robotic suit that gives him
enhanced armor and powers. However, you're pretty much facing the boss of the
game, so don't be too confident yet. Start off by marching to the center
arena. If you'll notice, bright blue beams will launch down from above. The
idea is to lure this strange creature into the shining beam to destroy it. The
only problem is your firepower is limited to a blaster, and your close range
punch sucks against the fiery melee attacks of the spider. Try your best to
avoid him, and simply lure him towards the "light."

The most efficient strategy is to simply run from him in circles around the
center arena. Run with the strafe button held down. He can never get close
enough to attack you. Then, hopefully, one of the blue areas will shine right
in your path, and simply run through it. The spider should get caught in the
crossfire of the beam, and die immediately.

   *Cover-Up Successful. Deadly alien threat neutralized. Clean up operation
    under way. The news reports state that strange lights were witnessed over


   *A cutscene will show a space craft on fire, fleeing off into the distance
    from the helpful Alliance HQ defenses. Thankfully, the invasion attempts
    of the Vampire Suns was repelled in a quick manner. The credits will then
    scroll by to show the development team, and all.*

                                [[ THE END ]]


- 4) Codes                  -
As usual, codes are the key difference in whether simple one-time through
games can morph into replayable adventures. While Roswell Conspiracies isn't
exactly a top-notch game, some of the codes help make it more enjoyable. This
section will tell you the only known code for the game. I'd like to thank:

- for providing this cheat code.

   ))))))))]]]]]]]] CHEAT MODE [[[[[[[[((((((((
   Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Down + R3 (press right analog stick down) for about
   15 seconds. At the main screen, all levels will be unlocked. If you pause
   the game, a special Cheat menu will be at the bottom. You can check off
   certain cheats such as Infinite Armor, Big Head, Top Camera, Fly, Torch,
   and Low Friction.


- 5) Common Questions     -

)) Gameplay ((

<< Where can I obtain Roswell Conspiracies? >>

- Believe it or not, this game is rare for the Playstation. Because of its
recent release around 2001, a time when the PS2 was a big debut. The developer
decided not to produce too many copies for an unfortunate loss. Combine that
with the fact that they were published by Red Storm Entertainment, and for a
kids' designed game, there aren't an overabundance on the market. Your best
chance of finding this game is on eBay, where you can get it very cheap
because of its low-quality value. Regardless, it's a decent one-time
playthrough, but not worth renting or buying unless you're a diehard fan.

<< Have you ever watched the TV show? >>

- No, I've actually never watched this TV show which supposedly was on Fox
Kids during Saturday mornings. Of course, this show probably debuted during
2000/2001, which was a few years ago. It sounds neat from the get go, but this
game doesn't seem to really capture any action-esque elements. I'm guessing
the show sucked as well, which is why it doesn't air anymore.

<< Is there only one character in the game? >>

- Yes, and it's unfortunate too. At a first glance, I thought it would be
similar to Resident Evil 2, where you could select from two different
characters. However, Sh'Lainn only acts as a supporting role character, and
there isn't even a polygon appearance of Rinaker anywhere in the game. You're
basically lone and about as Nick Logan, the big tough guy who wears a 24-hour
raincoat. I was extremely shocked at the limited amount of enemies too, with
only Lycanthropes, stale robots, and basic human guards. There were no "REAL"
aliens, or even an appearance in the sand dunes of Roswell. Believe it or not,
two out of 3 screenshots on the back of the game case are NOT in the actual
game. There must've been a quick budget rush to get the game out.

<< Is this game really great, or no? >>

- It's definitely not great. If you want a perfect view, check the only review
for this game on GameFAQs; it describes it perfectly. Most of the in-game
action involves taking down two or less opponents at the same time. You'll
never see large groups, or get different scenarios. The game tries to pace it
up with various switcharoo modes, such as a helicopter-shooting part, and bomb
defusal. However, the graphics are VERY dark. Framerate is horrendously slow
(although nice polygonal wise for a third-person adventure). Voice acting is
great, but it just seems too flawed. There are rampant adjustments in
difficulty, with some levels being easy, and the end being VERY hard. There's
no excitement. It just isn't a great game.

<< Are there any other versions of this game? >>

- There's only one other version for the Game Boy Color. From what I hear, it
plays out much like any expected 2D platformer.


- 6) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:



- 7) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners (( for providing a single cheat code for this game. It's truly
one of the more positive moments I had with the game, and I'd like to thank
them for providing it.

)) (( for producing the ASCII art of this guide with their
ASCII generator. While I sort of did the custom positioning and selecting,
their generator did a good majority of the work, and deserves credit.

)) Premiere Video (( for having this game in their pre-owned section. While it
wasn't worth the $9.99 price tag, it saved me a hassle of purchasing a copy on

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)