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How to import you OWN music into the game
To play your own music on RCT2, download audacity (Free audio program) it is reliable and easy to find.

Once installed, import your music into audacity and do nothing to it. Now, click "File" and export as WAV. Find the RCT2 directory (Normally "C:\Program fliles\infrogrames" enter the "Data folder" find the list of files beginning with CSS (and then a number)

Chose anything after CSS3 and save it as the following example "css5.dat" remember the .dat. Overrite the previous file. Now go to the game and search through all the music on a ride. If you dont find yours, go back to audacity and choose another css file to overite!

PasswordWhat it does
cssOverrite with your song to replace the current song (Easy instructions provided)