RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Tips

Best Rollercoaster
To design a fantastic rollercoster, follow these tips:

Have the rollercoaster go underground many times. Guests love the thrill.

Make the ride fly down over water then shoot back up. Water is great ride scenery.

Have many drops, but be careful with the G forces.

Place Jurassic Scenery in creative detail. Jurassic seems to be a very exciting scenery if used properly.

Place scenery and walkways as well as other rides near or over your track. Make the pieces fit the scenery for maximum effect.

Have some parts of the track hidden do your guests will be surprised.

Place On Ride Photos in the best spots for maximum sales.

The Giga coaster works best. Make tall drops and smooth hills and the intensity will only range from 5-7.

Following these tips will create a fantastic coaster. My best is this:

E: 13.98
I: 7.02
N: 2.06