RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Cheats

The Name Cheats
Type the cheats as guest names:

Melanie Warn – Maximizes happiness for that guest
Chris Sawyer – Photographs
Katie Brayshaw – Waves at other guests
Simon Foster – Paints
John Mace – Pays double for all rides
Tom Cruise – Visits all attractions NOTE: Unconfirmed.
Damon Hill – Drives Go-Karts very fast
Michael Schumacher – Drives Go-Karts even faster
Mr Bean – Drives Go-Karts really slow. NOTE: If it doesn't work try Mr. Bean
Bill Gates – Gives all guests unlimited money NOTE: Unconfirmed.
Tony Day - Hungry guest NOTE: Unconfirmed.
John Wardley – Constantly thinks: "Wow"
Elissa White – Thinks: "I'm so excited - It's an Intamin ride!" while riding on a Giga Coaster
Andy Hine – Thinks: "Nice ride! But not as good as the Phoenix..." upon exiting a coaster.
David Ellis – Thinks: "... and here we are on [ridename]!" while on [ridename].