RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Tips

THE ULTIMATE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go into sandbox mode and put 1 of each type of coaster (if there is a preset coaster) along the fence. DO NOT OPEN THEM YET. IT WOULD BE BEST TO KEEP THE PARK CLOSED. This way, while you build, if the park is closed for a year while you are building still, you'd get $1,000,000 and the grand opening of "The Ultimate Park" (your park) if you wanted to call it that. Keep up the building until 1 of each coaster, only the ones with presets, are through. Then begin with the next set of rides along the inside of the park. Keep the rides as close as you can to the other rides without blocking the entrances or exits. When you are in the very center of your park, put an observation tower all the way up. Elevators are also helpful for the peeps when you have high paths. If the elevator doesn't go high enough, put in the unlimited heights cheat. When all rides are in (including water rides), make room for shops and stalls and ATMs, and Health offices, and so on. Then connect all the paths to the main path or to other rides paths. Then hire staff. Open your park by going to the menu where you can open the all at once. Watch the peeps explore the wonders of your park and have the time of their lives! Zoom out all the way and you will see barely any green (grass) within the parameters of your park. Just a huge tangle of rides, rides, and rides galore! Congratulations, and welcome to [your park name here]!