RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack Passwords

In-game Passwords
Name a Guest in your park these names to have it do different kinds of things.
PasswordWhat it does
Andy HineGuest says weird stuff after getting off a ride
Chris SawyerTakes Pictures of Other guests
David EllisWhile in queue for a ride they will say: Here we are on *Ride Name*
Michael SchumacherDrives Go-Karts faster
Mr. BeanDrives Go-Karts Slower
Simon FosterPaints Pictures of guests
Nancy StillwagonWhen this person gets in a queue lines, they will give the people in front of them ice cream cones
Tony DayMakes guest Hungry
Katie BrayshawGuest waves
John MaceGuest Pays double for rides
Orville RedenbacherEats a lot of popcorn
Damon HillFaster on Go-karts, but 'Michael Schumacher' is even faster.