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At first glance, many will dismiss Rollcage as just being another racing game that tries hard to be unique, but despite all of its efforts it is just that - another racing game. However, you must first pick up the game and try playing it... You will soon realize that Rollcage is an excellent game.

Rollcage is set in the future, and you must now race a whole new style of vehicles. They are indestructible and can go must faster than the normal cars that we are used to. They will fly through exotic environments that will appear as nothing but colorful blurs in your mind, while you are intensely focused on winning the race by any means necessary, and I do mean, by any means necessary. Weapons will allow you to blow your opponents away or just leave them severely crippled, as well as many other interesting things you can do. If someone tries to get in your way, just pull up on the wall or ceiling, because in Rollcage - gravity does not seem to apply (plus the game is Rollcage, if you fall - odds are that you will end up safe).

Graphically, Rollcage can be frustrating at times. Parts of the track have disappeared and reappeared numerous times leaving you not quite positive about what is going on. As earlier mentioned, backgrounds can often appear as a blur, but for the most part this is not a problem because you will be more focused on the track and the race then you will about what color the rock formation in the background is. The cars and tracks seem very outdated and blocky... after 5 years technology does that quite well.

The music for Rollcage can get annoying at times, but for the large majority of playing time, the music only enhances the experience of the game. Complimenting the game well is the sound effects of weapons used - when you attack and when you get hit. You will hear it and you will feel it.

Rollcage, for many who just started will be the hardest racing game for them to try to control. The intense speed of the game does not help out this difficult aspect of the game either. After around ten or fifteen races you will be used to the speed and the controls will have become second nature to you. They will also feel like they are better than most other games out there. If you are having a hard time with the controls at first, I urge you to push yourself on through a few more races, this game is definitely worth a little bit of struggle.

The struggle with controls, once conquered will leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment (well not really) but you will be able to experience this excellent game to the fullest. Rollcage, for many people, is just as fun and great of a game as most of the big names that have become household names i.e. Gran Tourismo - Ridge Racer - Need For Speed. All of these games are great for one reason, they are fun to play, and extremely addicting. Rollcage fits that description to a "T".

After five years of being on the market, and being a fairly unknown game to the majority, Rollcage is a must get for any racing game fan that is looking for a game on their old PSX.

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