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Possibly the most overlooked game of the year


Rogue Galaxy

Recommending It: This is a great RPG for all players regardless of experience. I recommend you have a slim version of PS2 for this game. If you don't have one, this game is well worth buying a slim PS2 just to play. (see note at bottom of review.)

Controls: Well designed game controls. It is easy to move your characters around in this 3-D world due to excellent control of camera angles. The auto-lock onto a target feature is well designed. The direction pad is used to turn auto-lock on and off as well as cycle through enemy targets. The AI in the game can also be given diff...


The Galaxy is Waiting...

The good:

1. Not a short game, but not so long that it gets boring. The main story lasts for quite a while with plenty to do afterwards.
2. A fair amount of cutscenes. Not all of them are as splended as the first, but the details and graphics really do come out in those special scenes.
3. Action Fighting. It is not turn based, but it still allows you a chance to think. Bringing up the menu to use abilities and items is like pausing the game, so as not to worry about the enemy attacking.
4. Over 2,000 additional voice lines available compared to the Japanese version.
5. A whole new planet has been added in as part of the sidequests compared to the Japanese version.
6. Insectron mini-game is just another sidequest in which you capture bugs and have them battle each other.
7. Boss battles sometimes require strategy rather then just trying to kill them.
8. There are almost no loading times, and the only loading that is in the game last less than 10 seconds.
9. Use your environment to your advantage.
10. No transferring screens when running into random encounters.

The bad:

1. Some of the dungeons are rather linear, and easy, however, some are quite difficult.
2. The game is not terribly difficult, where the battle focuses, strategy is more or less replaced with common sense.
3. For hard-core gamers, it may be a bit easy, but for others, it is just what they need.


Rogue Galaxy is unfortunatly underrated. It is the next biggest game by the Level 5 corperation since Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King. Although not seeming to get the credit that it deserves, there are plenty of reasons why this is the next game for you.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is fantastic. Even I myself have never been able to handle an Action Based RPG, and this one is something that I can play and enjoy. The battle system is great, and you never have to worry about loading screens. Just play, play, play, straight through the journey! There are also many sidequests to do eve...

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