Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Passwords

These are the passwords for the lottery machine on Easter land.
PasswordWhat it does
71757977AirWheel3 O
51702791AquaMan *
69544569BambooLance *
70741543Beat Support (Blue NCP)
24616497BlastMan *
97049899BlizzardBall H
28271002Body Pack (Pink NCP)
19790420Buster Pack (Red NCP)
94305487Charge MAX (Blue NCP)
92070765ChargeMan *
51378085CircleGun V
44892547ColonelArmy *
23722234CountBomb3 M
38116449DeathMatch *
32310827DiveMan *
60884138DrillArm M
79814666DustMan *
30424514ElecMan *
08789369ElementWrap *
87341489Full Energy SubChip
39345472Full Energy SubChip
45566783Full Energy SubChip
04789479Get "Unlocker"
10414878GroundMan *
14212857GunDelSol3 W
12404002HeatMan *
49951337HP+100 (White NCP)
24823665HP+200 (White NCP)
54654618HP+300 (Pink NCP)
08749780HP+400 (Green NCP)
55031325HP+500 (White NCP)
84387543KillerMan *
98766899Lock Enemy SubChip
68008194Lock Enemy SubChip
16336487Lock Enemy SubChip
37495453Lock Enemy SubChip
88674125MegaBoomerang M
12046210Rapid MAX (Green NCP)
59485971Receive an Untrap subchip
37889678Receive HP+50 Navi Cust program
77837421Receive SpinRed
75641392Recovery300 Y
32132348Rush Support (Yellow NCP)
79459146Shinobi Dash SubChip
74198795Shinobi Dash SubChip
15511679Shinobi Dash SubChip
55910601SlashMan *
09256524Spin Green
41976910Spin Yellow
69548756Tango Support (Green NCP)
00297421TenguMan *
67520179TomahawkMan *
97403000Uninstall G
99910954Unlocker SubChip
82564319Unlocker SubChip
41161139Unlocker SubChip
22812406Untrap SubChip
09000465Untrap SubChip
13345646protoman *