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Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Tips

Bosses Strategy: Getting the SP chips, and Easy Gregar.
Now, we all want high-powered chips, right? in order to get all the SP-ranked LinkNavis, you must be on the Expo Chapter. Before fighting Gregar, you can fight all the LinkNavis. Here's a bit of strategy for each one. FastGuage (FstGuage) is reccomended.
HeatMan SP:
This hot-headed NetNavi will beg for mercy when you start spamming Aqua Chips. However, you'll also want to go into a cross, like HeatCross. Because when you start running low on chips, how are you gonna do enough damage? A simple strategy is to wait until he uses his Heat Wave. Use DoublePoint (DblPoint), and back up. Make sure you have DblPoint and TurnArrow 3 (TrnArrow3). This combo is set to deal around 6 hits or so of 220, which is enough to severely handicap HeatMan.
SlashMan SP:
SlashMan's weak to Breaking-Type attacks. I hope you've used the Number Trader to get GroundMan (GrndMan), cuz it'll help. Pack yourself with WaveArm3, AirHocky, DrillArm, and IronShell3 (IrnShel3), because they'll deal massive damage. Careful, however. SlashMan is the fastest boss, and has a few trumps. Pack some trump cards of your own; Recovery 200 (Recov200), and Reflecter3 (Reflctr3), in case he corners you with his Double-Claw. KillerCross helps.
ElecMan SP:
Aww... the little kitty cat wants to fight? Well, he's kinda fast, but he's low in the HP pool. Use the DoublePoint chip with RiskyHoney3 (RskyHny3) to annihalate him. As for Crosses, ElecCross or KillerCross (EraseCross) works fine. This guy's actually... kinda easy.
KillerMan (EraseMan) SP:
The man of two names... KillerMan will be a nuisance, but he's got some very low HP. Wind-element chips deal a striking amount of damage, so I hope you've got the special TenguMan * chip from the NumberTrader... KillerMan's got some short-range moves, as well, so Reflecter3 is a great backup. As for crosses, Stick with KillerCross, or maybe ChargeCross if you want.
ChargeMan SP:
Out of the frying pan, into the fire. This steam-powered locomotive might look old-timey, but he's got 2000 health! That's as much as the Final Boss of BN2-5 have! ChargeMan's also very fast, even rivaling SlashMan. Now, here's the catch. KillerCross and ElecCross work damn well against him. Use the same DoublePoint-TurnArrow3 combo, but add an Attack+10 (Atk+10) to ensure. Make sure you time it right, because at ChargeMan's speed, it's hard to get the Max number of hits.
A whopping 2500 Hp puts the others to shame. He's big, and fast. Don't expect to hit him all that often. DO NOT pack TimeBomb, AreaGrab, or -Point chips. They will A) not work, or B) screw you over. Keep on the assault with ChargeMan EX/SP, ElecMan EX/SP, HeatMan EX/SP, KillerMan EX/SP, Yo-Yo, and the LifeSword (LifeSwrd) Program advance. He's got two points that you can hurt him in, so... hit it where it hurts.
The thing about this guy that separates him from other final bosses is the constant spamming of his attacks. Each time he some much as moves, rocks will fall. And they hurt like a bitch. He's also got a ThunderBolt and FireBreath attacks that do 100 damage each, and Missiles. But the biggest attack is "GregarRay". He'll separate his head and limbs in an attempt to combo you. And it works well. 3 hits, high damage, breaks chips...
Now, he did roar before I killed him, and I'm not exactly sure if it was an attack or not, but I killed him too fast to find out.

Use these tips and enjoy.