Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Tips

Bugfrag !
There are couple way to get bugfrag, and here they are.

1. Go to the Punishment chair and jack in, then talk to the yellow mr. prog and start a virus battle. ( 6 bugfrag )

2. Get some loc enemy and go to underground, undernet , or gravezard and find a virus battle with a GMD ( green mystery data ). Then after battle, just use the loc enemy to keep fighting the virus again. Thus giving you more Bugfrag, money, or powerful chip. ( note that after the loc enemy run out, just use anotherone to keep on fighting that virus with the GMD )

3. Get sliprun and sneakrun program, install them and run around getting GMD. Have protoman or bigbomb as regular chip, just incase some virus break through.