Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Tips

Easy Bugfrags
To obtain Bugfrags quickly there is an easy method that you can do. Follow these steps and you will have Lots of bugfrags in no time.

Step 1: If you havent already obtained a virus battle card go to Class 1-2 in the cyber academy and jack in in the Board. There will be a red evil looking navi that will sell you a battle card and two viruses for 2000 zenny.

Step 2: Once again if you havent done this already Collect viruses and beat the virus battling machines from version 1-3. Dont worry if you have beat more of them you can Still Rematch them and thats the point.

Step 3: Get a Few rare fire Viruses like Haunted candle, Champy or even an EarthDragon if you are feeling lucky.

Step 4: Now go to the third Virus battling Machine wich is located in the Punishment Room in Greentown. Jack in the chair.

Step 5: Use your Fire viruses to beat that virus battling machine easily. The viruses there are Wood type and might even stand on Grass panels wich will make you have 4X Damege.

Step 6: Rematch The virus battling machine V3 over and over again and you have a 50-50 Chance of getting 6 Bugfrags! This wont take time at all as you win battle really quickly.

Virus Battler Locations:
1. Robodog outside Asuta Land.
2. Circular vending machines in the plaza in SeaSide Town.
3. Punishment chair in Green Town courthouse.
4. The air tanks inside the building in Sky Town.
5. Platform on the western side of Central Area 1 on the Net.